Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


14. Mom

    “He's lying...” I turn to her. “Right? He's lying.”
    “Um... well, you see. Not entirely.” she took a step back.”
    “You killed our mother?” I snatch the gun from Holland and point it at Rachel.
    “Whoa!” she put her hands in the air.
    “Easy...” Holland grabbed my arm.
    “Why? What did she do to you that was so bad? She...” I sigh and let my tears fall. “Why would you do that?”
    “Please, Lyza, put the gun down so I can explain.”
    “You killed her!” I screamed but lower it. “You killed mom.” I whisper. Holland takes it back and Rachel comes over and hugs me.
    “I know, but she was going through some things and it was her wish... to end her pain. I'm sorry, we didn't tell you because we know you'd be hurt.”
    “What kind of pain, what do you mean?”
    “The emotional strain from being married to dad for so long finally got to her. I came home from Gregg's that night and saw her sitting on the porch with the gun to her head, she told me she was ready to go. After I told her I didn't want her to kill herself, she asked me to do it for her. I told her I wasn't going to do it but then she told me she wanted it done out of love instead of hate.”
    “Rachel, no...” I started crying even harder. I look over at Holland, even he had tears in his eyes.
    “And... being I was drunk, I did it.” she cried. “As soon as I did it I freaked and went and got dad, he said we couldn't let you or JD find out so we blamed it on Uncle Jack. Since he's never around, we thought it would make the perfect cover up.”
    “How do you kill your own mother?” Holland's voice cracked a little.
    “You have no right to judge, you know damn well if you had the chance, you'd kill your mother too. She treated you like garbage.”
    “Doesn't mean I would disrespect her enough to kill her.” he shakes his head. “Now my father... he's a different story.”    
    “Guys, if we leave we'll seem more guilty then we already are.” I wipe my tears away, I don't look at JD or dad, I just can't.
    “We can't stay here though.”
    “Myles... as long as we aren't loud his parents won't care.” Holland looks at me. “You think you could talk to him?”
    Before I could answer Rachel protests. “No. No way. There is no way I'm going to live with that piece of shit. Absolutely not.”
    “We don't have a choice!” Holland points to JD and looks at me again. “You in?”
    I don't want to do it either but Holland is right so I nod and call Myles. I don't tell him the whole story, just that Holland, Rachel and I got into some trouble and we need to lay low for a while. He tells me as long as I stay in the basement, that would be fine.

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