Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


20. E.R Visit #2

    Williams didn't even wait for the ambulance to come. “I'll take you myself, in my car.” he gestured for me to follow him. It hurts to get up, to move but I didn't want him touching me so I do and we get there in less than 5 minutes. “We need some help here!” he yelled when we got in.
    My arm hurt like hell and my hand hurt still too but I didn't want to attract any more attention than what I'm about to get in like 2 seconds so I try to stay as quiet as possible and suck it up.
    About 5 nurses came over and started asking a billion questions. “What's your name?” “How did this happen?” “What happen?” not one of them said, “Are you okay?” but that's no shocker, you can clearly see I'm a hood.
    I just shake my head and follow one of the dark haired nurses back into a room. Doctor Irenic, the doctor that helped me with my shot, met us there. “Two hospital visits in 2 days, Lyza? Wow, that's gotta be some type of record, am I right?” he smiled. The wrinkles around his eye seemed to deepen when he did. “The way you're holding your arm here suggests it's something to do with your shoulder. May I?” he points to my shoulder.
    I flinch and shake my head.
    “It's okay.” he says softly. He puts his hand over my collarbone just next to the pain. It hurt as much as I thought it would, maybe even worse. “Good news though.” he pulled away and sat in the stool next to the bed. “It's not broken, just popped out of it socket.”
    “And...” I groan, it so much to talk. “You know this without taking any X-rays?” I snap.
    He chuckled a little, I don't think he minded my being bitchy. “Well, when you've been doing this for as long as I have. You can tell a broken bone from just a sprain, I will have to pop it back in it's place though.”
    “It’ll hurt... right?”
    He sighed. “Yeah. To be honest with you here, it'll hurt more than actually pulling it out. But I promise you, it'll take 2 seconds and you'll feel much, much better. Okay?”
    “Don't talk to me like I'm a child. Okay? I'll be fine, just get it over with.” I bite the inside of my cheek.
    “Alright, I understand. I'm just trying to prepare you for what you're going to feel in a minute, just trying to help you.”
    “Right now your job to help me is to fix my shoulder. So do your damn job already!” I raised my voice. It hurt, everything single thing I did hurt but he was starting to make me more mad then I already am.
    He nods and stands up. Placing one hand in front of my shoulder and one behind it, she looks at me. “You ready?”
    I don't say anything, I just look the other way.
    “1...2...” he says.
    I hear a pop, and I feel a powerful, excruciating pain that made me scream.
    “Okay, okay, okay.” he puts an ice pack on my shoulder. “All done, all right? It's good now.” he sits back down. “Now... would you like to tell me how this even happen?”
    I scoff and roll my eyes. “Leave me alone.” I mumble. “Can I go now?”
    “Officer Josh Williams.” he came in and showed Dr. Irenic his badge. “Head investigator of this case. She's ready, I assume?”
    “Case?”  Irenic looked at me, eye brows raised as his eyes were filled with shocked. “Lyza...?”

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