Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


5. Eavesdropping

By the time Myles let me leave his house, it was too late to go back to school so I just headed home. And Myles was too high to want to drive me so I was stuck walking 5 miles in thew pouring rain. I didn't have a jacket so I was cold.
    About a miles or so of walking, a dark car pulls beside me and starts driving at me speed. I walk faster and the car speeds up too to stay beside me. This is a terrible place to be walking around by myself, day or night. They roll down their window and yell something obscene at me. I hear them laughing so I flip them off then try to walk even faster. Praying that they don't get out of their car. The laughing stops and the speed past me. “Bitch!” one yelled and flicked a cigarette at me. It happens all the time to the girls in my neighborhood, so I just shake it off and keep walking.
    A few minutes later I saw Seth, Carter and Kym on the sidewalk. I heard them yelling so I hid behind the nearest car I could to eavesdrop.
    “I can't believe you!” Carter yelled.
    “I didn't do anything.” Seth answered calmly. He likes to stay calm when it comes to confrontation because it would make him seem less guilty, but the way he was leaned against Kym's shiny black BMW, I knew he was high.
    “Yeah. Carter, he was just picking me up from the park.” Kym added.
    I laugh quietly. The park? Really? That's the best she could come up with?
    “Oh, that's bull. Why were you at the park?” she looked at Kym but Kym stared at her blankly, then Carter turned to Seth. “And you! You had Lyza and Holland lie for you.”
    “I didn't tell them to.” he stood up straight, crossing his arms. But he knew damn well, just like everyone else, we'd lie to the fuzz for each other if it ever came to it.
    “But they did. I was so worried about you. God, Seth? I thought you got picked up again.”
    “Oh, would you just shut up about that? Okay? You need to mind your own damn business and stop worrying about me for once.”
    “You're my boyfriend, you are my business! And, someone obviously needs to because your parents don't give two shits about you.” she pointed to his stomach.
    She pointed to his stomach because when he was fourteen, his mom shot him. Thinking he was dead, she killed his father then herself. He saw it all. So needless to say, he's pretty messed up in the head. But then again... what hood isn't?
    Seth lost it. He pushed Carter in the rusty metal fence. Hard and Kym took a few steps back. “Don't you ever...” he screamed, sending chills down my spin and making Kym back up more. “Ever! Talk about my parents. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?”
    I thought for sure he was gonna pull a blade on her or put a bullet between her eyes. But to my surprise, and Carter's, he let her go. She kept back her tears, I knew she would. That's a sign of weakness. Defeat. “I'm sorry, I was out of line.” she replied. I was shocked to the point of having to sit down, because I knew she had to swallow her pride in the midst of it.
    She went over to Kym. “Stay away from my boyfriend, you little slut.”
    Carter turned to walk the other way, passing Seth, she pushed him out of her way. I knew she was on the edge of crying so she had to get away from them. “We're through.” she said just loud enough then walked off. Head held high as tears slid down her face. I wanted to go talk to her but I knew I couldn't. Did I feel bad? Of course, I'm not that heartless. But Seth was more of my friend that Carter and if I was picking sides, I had to be on Seth's.

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