Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


9. Carter and Seth

After getting the cuffs unlocked, I thought of calling JD and telling him to come back but I changed my mind because it would only make him more angry. I felt a little bad though because I was really the one who brought up what happen to Dylan and now he's gonna pay the price... again. Just as I was going inside, JD's truck pulls back into the driveway, he gets out and slams his door. “He's lucky I'm still on probation.”
    I was gonna reply with 'Since when has that stopped you to do anything before?' but I didn't think he wanted to hear that especially now. So I just follow him inside. “I'm sorry.” I mumbled just high enough for him to hear.
    He stopped, sighed, shook his head and started walking again. Going into his room in the basement. Whatever.
*    *    *
    The next day, the whole ride to school, Seth and Holland were talking but I blocked them out. I kept thinking about JD because I felt bad for making him so angry. He had already left for work when Holland came to pick me up and he's ignored all of my texts so I haven't really been able to talk to him about it. In reality though, it was none of his business and I had no thought of it for a while until Dylan called me. So really, instead of making myself feel the unnecessary guilt, I should be blaming it on Dylan. It's all his fault JD is angry with me.
    Kym came with a black eye and a bruised lip. It wasn't to hard to figure out Carter came to her house last night and kicked her ass... and I wouldn't blame her either. She was still pissed at Kym and Seth and didn't hide it either. When we walked in, she was standing by the doors talking to Myles, Jerrod and Aileen. As soon as she saw Seth, she threw a pair of scissors at him and cursed.
    “Whatever, bitch, I don't need you.” he scoffed. Stopping.
    Holland and I look at each other, we knew it was a bad idea stopping but we have to back him no matter what – so we stop too.
    “We'll see how well that statements stands.” her face was turning red. Saying she was mad was basically an understatement.
    She's usually perky and happy, I've never really seen her 'hood' side... I like it. But you'd think she'd get used to Seth's ways, we all have. No, not Carter though, she's got a heart that hasn't been frozen. She trusts. She thinks everyone has good in them. Even Seth. He ruined that though, I think she is officially done with him and his ways. The veins on Seth's arms started to show them twitch, he was going to hit her if she didn't step back down to her size. Holland knew it. Jerrod and Aileen knew it. I knew it. Carter knew it.
    “Seth...” I say calmly.
    “Bro, come on. She's not worth it.” Holland grabbed his arm and pulled him.
    “We're not done here.” Seth growled.
    “Didn't think we were.” she didn't flinch this time. Not once.
    What scares me now is Seth's anger. Carter stood her ground this time and none of us like that done to us so Seth is going to after Carter. Everyone knows it, whether we like it or not; it's going to happen. I just kinda hope Carter is ready.

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