Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


11. An Accident?

    I don't know exactly what happen, but I remember waking up in a hospital bed feeling numb in my lower back. I see Holland, dad, JD and Rachel in my room. I hear someone talking to the doctors but I was really tired so I went back to sleep. I had a weird dream. A few people were standing outside, it was dark and kind of cold, we were all standing in front of something on the ground. I couldn't tell what we were standing around and through all the darkness, I look up and see Seth and he looks like he has something on his face. Blood? I try to ask him what happen but I can't speak. Then I wake up on the couch in my living room.
    “Seth!” I'm finally able to call but I scream it out loud.
    “Lyza, Seth isn't here. What happen? Are you okay?” my dad stood up from the chair, he seemed to be crying but I couldn't tell. I was still out of it, I guess they gave me something for the pain.
    “Where is he?”
    “You're worried about Seth? You were the one shot.” Holland snapped. His hands were folded in front of his face and he was sitting on the coffee table in front of me.
    “I.. yeah, where is he?”
    “How are you?” my dad tried to feel my forehead but I push her away and shake my head.
    “Can someone just answer me?” I sit up.
    “Why?” Hollands voice was cold and I wasn't too sure why. He's never cold with me.
    “I had a weird dream about him. He was covered in blood or something and I was just making sure he was okay.”
    “He's fine, Lyza.” he nodded.
    “What happen to me?” I try to touch my back but it hurts, I wince.
    “Don't touch it!” Holland yelled but calmed down right away. “It's still pretty sore.”
    “Honey, what do you remember?” dad said. Why is he suddenly trying being so nice?    
    “Uh... Seth and Carter were fighting.” I look at Holland. “Did she actually shoot me?”
    “Yeah, she said it was an accident though.”
    “But then where is Seth?”
    My dad grabbed his beer bottle off the window and went back downstairs, I guess the 5 seconds of caring was too much for him. That's fine by me though, I'd rather be talking to someone I know isn't going to lie to me anyways.
    “He sorta took off.”
    “What do you mean he took off? Took off where? Why?”    
    “I mean he ran out the window. I don't know where or why. As soon as the gun fired, he jumped out.” he took the blanket that was hanging over the back of the couch and put it on my lap. “Why are you so worried about him though?”
    “I told you already. I just wanna make sure he is okay.”
    “But-” before he could finish, JD rushed in with Dylan.
    JD had a gun pointed to Dylan's back, his hands were handcuffed in front of him. Seeing that gun made me think of what actually happen and I close my eyes and try to choke back my tears, hiding my face in Hollands chest. “Tell her!” JD screamed and I tense up and grab on to Hollands shirt.
    “I didn't do anything, man! Leave me alone!” Dylan yelled back.
    “Stop! What the hell is going on?” Holland yelled.
    “I wanna know why this bastard thought it was a good idea to shoot my sister.”
    “I didn't!” Dylan screamed, his voice was shaky.
    “He didn't.” I stood up, shaking like hell but I didn't want anymore shooting going on around me. “JD I promise he didn't. Carter did, and it was an accident, okay?”
    “Carter?” he looked at me. His blue eyes were scared but of course he would say or show it.
    “JD! Oh my god, put it down! You can't get into any trouble right now, they'll lock you up this time.” Rachel came running downstairs.
    “I...” he shook his head. “Why did she shoot you?”
    Before any more warning, Dylan pulled a kitchen knife out of his front pocket and swung at JD, luckily JD moved back in time just to get a scratch. Holland pushed Rachel and I behind the couch at the same time and tackled Dylan to the ground. Somehow Dylan had gotten out of his cuffs as well and the three of the started wrestling. I hear a scream and Holland stood up.
    “What happen?” Rachel and I say at the same time.
    “JD...” he dropped back down as Dylan ran out the front door.
    We run over to them and JD was blood coming out of stomach. “No, JD.” Rachel yelled. She tried to shake him but Holland pulled her back.
    “Rachel stop.” he says.
    I grab JD's hand and start to tear up. “Why...” I mumble then hug him, crying, not even caring who might see or hear me. My brother is dying.
    “Lyza...” Holland grabbed my hand to pull me upstairs with them. I grab the knife and put it in my pocket, if the police show up, I don't need them having anymore prints on who exactly killed him. If they do, Dylan will talk about Carter and somehow, someway, Seth is going to get picked up.

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