The Battle of Siron

Welcome to Planet 5002 , or to put it simply, Planet Vadican. Here is where all of us are born, Humans, Demi-gods and all other creatures. In Vadican, everyone wears the same uniform, all children wear jackets and adults receive coats at the age of 21, all uniforms are specially designed to be combat-ready. In this era, no other military uniform meant anything except for the one belonging to the Nova Fleet. At the age of 14, all children are to go for mandatory training for 7 years before they are given a rank and posted to their respective headquarters in Karlos, Pluto or even back in here, Vadican. They say, if you are lucky enough, you would be posted to the Enterprise, the spaceship where all interplanetary commands take place. However, unlucky Silvers who do not make the mark during basic military training would be sent down to Earth, where they would serve and fight. Follow the characters as they move closer to a war of revenge by the Alliance.


13. Training (Part 1)

Once Ru Hui, Xue Hui, Charmaine and Alexander received notification of their promotion, they were moved to another room outside of the cylindrical bunk area they were familiar with. The new room was spacious, like a suite. In it were personal virtual training capsules, climbing walls, a gym and even a pool. They had 6 new toon mates from different generations:

55th Gen: Zack, Ashley
53rd Gen: Christian, Chloe
50th Gen: Kenneth, Seoyeon
“You must be the chosen new silvers… huh…” A lady greeted the group of four as they entered the EIT suite, she stood up from the couch in the middle of the room and walked towards them. Although modestly clothed in t shirt and shorts, the lady walked with utmost elegance. Her eyes were a deep hazel, nose tapered gently to a point and her smile revealed a perfect set of white teeth. Her skin was flawless and her legs long and slim. ” Ye-ac-uh-um…blegh…gah” Alexander stuttered in awe as his eyes followed her around the room. The lady raised one of her (light and straight) brow questioningly. “Apologies, he means yes.” Charmaine said, rolling her eyes at Alexander. The lady chuckled ” Don’t worry, I’ve seen many like him.” she gestures to the people looking over the couch before reaching out her hand “Hi, I am SeoYeon. Number 5 from the 50th Generation.” Charmaine shook her hand firmly, followed by everyone else. Seoyeon led them to their bunks to leave their bags before leading them out to the couch area again.

“Well, since there are new trainees, lets go around and introduce ourselves. Name, Generation and one other interest?” Seo Yeon said cheerily. Xue Hui leaned over to Charmaine and whispered “I’m betting Seo Yeon has Korean ancestry, if she is human that is.” Charmaine looked over and frowned a little before looking away. ” Right, you probably already knew from her name.” Xue Hui pouted and moved slightly away.

After the introductory session ended the rooms had dimmed a fair bit. So the trainees trickled back into their rooms. The boys were in one room while the girls were split into threes. SeoYeon followed Ru Hui, Xue Hui and Charmaine to their room before briefing them about the schedule for the month ahead. They were to wake at 0500 everyday and there was no need to move to the messhall, food would be sent to their room. SeoYeon pressed the button to close the door to their room and headed down the corridor towards another door. By this time the only light illuminating the suite were emergency floor lights and the large screen depicting the Nova Fleet Insignia. SeoYeon pressed her thumb on the reader of the door which opened to a room full of screens. She walked onto the platform, triggering a large screen to switch on. On it was a live video feed of a woman in a suit, her insignia badge had a sparkling light blue eye. A vadican coat with blue, yellow, green and red stripes hung from her chair. She sat against large windows that revealed countless numbers of stars.

SeoYeon stood at attention and saluted. “Good evening, General Minshil”

The woman on the screen revealed a forced smile.

Ru Hui stood in the darkness of the corridor, her eyes frozen on the slowly closing door. “…”

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