The Battle of Siron

Welcome to Planet 5002 , or to put it simply, Planet Vadican. Here is where all of us are born, Humans, Demi-gods and all other creatures. In Vadican, everyone wears the same uniform, all children wear jackets and adults receive coats at the age of 21, all uniforms are specially designed to be combat-ready. In this era, no other military uniform meant anything except for the one belonging to the Nova Fleet. At the age of 14, all children are to go for mandatory training for 7 years before they are given a rank and posted to their respective headquarters in Karlos, Pluto or even back in here, Vadican. They say, if you are lucky enough, you would be posted to the Enterprise, the spaceship where all interplanetary commands take place. However, unlucky Silvers who do not make the mark during basic military training would be sent down to Earth, where they would serve and fight. Follow the characters as they move closer to a war of revenge by the Alliance.


7. Orientation (Part 4)

That evening the wall showed a list of the launchers portraits with their names beside it. Ru Hui scanned the list, only interested to find one person. And indeed, She spotted the leo’s portrait. Beside it read his name and species. ” ah… Alexander …so that’s his name.” she looked to his bunk, only to see him, as usual, busy typing things into his personal screen, uninterested about his surroundings. She looked back to the wall. Many of the launchers were humans, occasional hybrids of lions and such. One of the launchers, whose name was charlotte, was the descendant of Aphrodite. ” wow… Rare.” ru Hui commented. Looking around to find the girl that fit the picture. While she was busy looking for the pretty face in semi darkness, some girl gasped and shouted, bringing her attention immediately back to the wall. “Oh my goodness!” everyone turned to look at her before following her finger’s direction to see at that the top of the table were two profiles ru Hui had not, surprisingly, noticed bafore. The launchers immediately saw what had caused her shock.


They now saw Megan in a completely different light. “descendant of athena!” they thought. ” the god of wisdom!”

The launchers were shocked, they hadn’t expected someone who was so short and had glasses on all day, to actually be the descendant of the great god of wisdom. ” well that explains the harshness..” a girl named xue Hui commented. ” … And the protocol.” some other launchers nodded in agreement.

Just before curfew, for the first time, ru Hui took the screen from her cupboard and switched it on. She configured it quickly. She smiled at how easily she had accomplished it. It was one of her very minimal number of forte’s. On the screen she had installed a security system which she knew was the most important thing when it came to private screens. After doing all the necessary installation, she started to explore its functions. There was nothing really interesting, just a load of information and a map of the siron base. Only now had she realized just how big the base was, exploring it by bringing up a hologram. She was indefinitely amazed. Next she opened an instruction manual which told her the different sets for clothing, proper protocol and the rules and regulations while in the base. ” wow, I really should have read this sooner…” she mumbled to herself.
The room got progressively dimmer, many of the launchers tucked themselves into bed, drifting into a deep slumber. They no longer thought of their families, only the base, the mechanics and the ranks.


The room was dark. Ru Hui looked up from her screen, content with the knowledge she had acquired. Alexander was still propped up in his bunk, it wasn’t surprising anymore. What surprised her was that right below him, Charmaine was still on her screen flipping through the thick e,book which she had just closed. Ru Hui typed into her screen.

Not sleeping yet? Its pretty late.

She sent it. Charmaine frowned at her screen before looking across the room at ru Hui on the top bunk.

Nope, busy doing some work. Rest early.

A beep signified the receiving of message on ru huis screen. Charmaine flashed a smile at ruhui which the girl happily returned, she had earned her first real friend. She pulled up the sheets and leaned on her side thinking about what she had just learnt from the e book, slowing drifting off.

” 56th generation reporting at 0600 sirs!” the group recited the line that was now a habit. It was one week into the training and the group and gone into countless rooms each specifically designed to train their strength and agility. One of which was a stimulator, with capsules that worked like a super scan to create a virtual avatar. Transporting them into a completely other world which they could explore without worrying to get injured using quantum mechanics. That was charmaine’s favorite room, it allowed her ample space to practice and put forth her skills, it was obvious that she and a few other launchers ,especially Alexander, were inclined in terms of combat. Ru Hui, on the other hand was extremely weak and often was the first to be devirtualized. She was very frustrated with her inability and sterted working later and later into the night on her screen, studying hard on what she did best. Soon enough, she had memorized most of the galactic space and could draw a map out from memory. But, her combat still remained extremely bad.

There were subtle signs of a crack up within the toon. Many flocked to the capable Alexander, he becoming the alpha of the toon. Ru Hui didn’t like him, he had not the least bit of humility, so much that she wanted very badly to one day walk up to him and give him a piece of her mind. But it wasn’t now, its not the time.

The 2nd week passed by in a flash, and today was declared a rest day, however all must stay in their dorms. Alexander remained at the top with his own loyal pack.
“dogs.. They all… Big, smelly, blind dogs hungry for popularity and power.” ru Hui grumbled.

“ten a penny.” Charmaine said, lying comfortably on her bunk, not looking up from her screen.

” well easy for you to ignore. The leaders love you, and the pack doesnt pick on you.”

Dejectedly, she picked up her screen and trudged back to her bunk. Charmaine looked up and watched as her friend left, then looked back down to her own screen and continued studying. Leos werent too much a species for emotion.

Ruhui looked around the room, spotting around two to three other roommates who were alone on their beds. Well at least there are some sane people… She thought, and made a mental note to approach them tomorrow during breakfast. Friends will always come in handy.

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