The Battle of Siron

Welcome to Planet 5002 , or to put it simply, Planet Vadican. Here is where all of us are born, Humans, Demi-gods and all other creatures. In Vadican, everyone wears the same uniform, all children wear jackets and adults receive coats at the age of 21, all uniforms are specially designed to be combat-ready. In this era, no other military uniform meant anything except for the one belonging to the Nova Fleet. At the age of 14, all children are to go for mandatory training for 7 years before they are given a rank and posted to their respective headquarters in Karlos, Pluto or even back in here, Vadican. They say, if you are lucky enough, you would be posted to the Enterprise, the spaceship where all interplanetary commands take place. However, unlucky Silvers who do not make the mark during basic military training would be sent down to Earth, where they would serve and fight. Follow the characters as they move closer to a war of revenge by the Alliance.


5. Orientation (Part 2)

The launchers quickly unpacked their things into the cupboard by the side of their bunks. Two to one cupboard, a brightly lit walk in capsule which they hung their clothes on either side. A small shower room was situated at the end of it. Below the hangers were two drawers that were locked, a small slip of paper instructed the new silvers to place their finger on the scanner and say open. Same went with the showers. When the drawers opened, it revealed a full sets of clothing neatly piled on one another, a screen tucked at the side. On a pile was a stainless steel metal badge, reflecting the warm  light, an eagles head. Its eye was different from Shiva’s, it was not emerald, but silver.

They took the most comfortable looking set and showered, still trying to avoid thinking about the aching pain from earlier before. Their vadican clothing, they threw into a washer by the side and somehow managed to get it to work. Soon after, they appeared out of the capsule In loose grey t shirts and cargo pants, identical to the one Shiva was wearing. As usual the shirt had the nova fleet insignia printed on it, it made them wonder when they would actually be able to wear the badge itself. The dorm was absolutely dark by now, and the only lights were there to indicate the bunks location. They laid on their beds, thinking about the day and started to get, just slightly, homesick. Soon after, everyone had drifted to sleep. Only one was propped up on his bunk, his screen on his lap, busily working late into the night.

A siren woke the newly formed generation of silvers. The siren went on for about 5 minutes non-stop, persistent to get everyone in the hall awake. A digital clock appeared on the wall at the end of the dorm that they realized now, was a screen.

6:00 AM

Below the time flashed a message


There was alot of confusion, set 1? They didn’t know what that meant, so they decided to just go in what they were currently wearing, expecting the toon leaders to understand. When they got to the mess hall, they saw Megan and Shiva sitting at a long table, both wearing green t shirts and shorts. The launchers went over, and waited for the toon leaders to allow them to get their breakfast. Megan continued eating with disregard, as if they were invisible. The girl, Charmaine stood up and said

” Good morning toon leaders.”

She was ignored by Megan, but Shiva turned to them before silently turning back to Megan, as if expecting her to say something. Megan, not looking up from her food, said sternly, “Protocol, Shiva.” Shiva sighed and turned to the launchers and whispered,” say 56th generation reporting at..” she glanced at the clock ” 6:08 am, sirs. ”

Sirs? They questioned the use of vocabulary a little, but they got the hint and repeated the sentence. Finally, Megan responded, by looking up nonchalantly. She scanned the attire of the group before looking back down, and coldly she said “Change. I said Set 1.”  The launchers stood  for awhile, blinking, looking expectantly at Shiva for an answer. Shiva gestured to her own attire. Megan spoke again,” 3 minutes, go.” the group of 20 launchers dashed through the corridors of the base as fast as their legs could carry them, occasionally bumping into older generations and their toon leaders who shouted at them.

2 minutes.

They sprinted up the slope and Charmaine, at the front of the pack pressed her thumb to the scanner and opened the door. They ran to their cupboards and quickly unlocked the drawers, grabbing the shorts and stripping inside the cupboard itself. No one really cared since they were rushing for time. They threw their cargo pants on their beds and ran out of the dorm. The last person pressing the button to close the door. When they reached the mess hall again, properly attired, the toon leaders have finished eating already and were waiting for them beside the door. The door was closed. No one was allowed in after ten minutes except the commanders and toon leaders until lunch time. The launchers had to go without breakfast, they hated it, they hated Megan.

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