The Battle of Siron

Welcome to Planet 5002 , or to put it simply, Planet Vadican. Here is where all of us are born, Humans, Demi-gods and all other creatures. In Vadican, everyone wears the same uniform, all children wear jackets and adults receive coats at the age of 21, all uniforms are specially designed to be combat-ready. In this era, no other military uniform meant anything except for the one belonging to the Nova Fleet. At the age of 14, all children are to go for mandatory training for 7 years before they are given a rank and posted to their respective headquarters in Karlos, Pluto or even back in here, Vadican. They say, if you are lucky enough, you would be posted to the Enterprise, the spaceship where all interplanetary commands take place. However, unlucky Silvers who do not make the mark during basic military training would be sent down to Earth, where they would serve and fight. Follow the characters as they move closer to a war of revenge by the Alliance.


1. Launch

It was mid-winter , December, and snow was falling lightly on the lands of Planet Vadican. Everyone was assembled together in the Capitol to witness the annual departure of the 14-year-old Launchers ( new Silvers). The Launchers arranged themselves in a line before the stage which was a simple raised metal platform. It was like Christmas, everyone gathered around and reunited which distant relatives, parents of this year’s Launchers coming together to brag and inflict much expectations on their children. Whom they might not see ever again.

A few minutes later, there was a blinding flash of light before a ship appeared in the skies of Vadican. It decelerated and docked at the edge of the Capitol’s starship platform. The ship was huge, pearly white and gleaming in the sunlight. A woman dressed in the formal attire of the Nova Fleets alighted the ship and gracefully made her way to the platform. Upon her entrance to the hall, all chatters halted and everyone hushed. Silence.


” Greetings Vadicans, I am the Commander of Silvers, Varsha.”


” We greet and salute you, Commander.” The chorus of voices resonated around the hall as the population before the commander stood at attention, before re-assuming their relaxed position.


At a glance, Commander Varsha could see that the 56th generation of Silvers were a unusually small group, less than 40 strong, she could safely assume. The commander gave the usual Speech of Departure and ushered the Launchers to the ship. As the 14-year-olds disappeared  one by one, they looked back at their families to wave and say their final goodbyes.

“Move in, place your luggage’s in the compartments above and take a seat, strap yourselves up and get ready for launch. ” A robotic woman’s voice echoed through the chamber.

The seats in the chamber faced a single alleyway, with a row on either side. The Launchers sat down and pushed a button on the right side of their seats, which activated metal plates that buckled from the chair to their shoulders, across their chests and all the way down to their crotch area and back onto the seat. It held them tightly to the seats and the Launchers were almost immobile.

It was their first ever interplanetary launchoff and it was to be exhilarating. Some of the boys grinned to each other in excitement while others solemnly sat in their seats, waiting for launch. Some were so nervous that they started to whimper and one girl even started to burst out crying.

” We are ready for launch.”

” Roger. Launching in 3…2…1…”

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