The Battle of Siron

Welcome to Planet 5002 , or to put it simply, Planet Vadican. Here is where all of us are born, Humans, Demi-gods and all other creatures. In Vadican, everyone wears the same uniform, all children wear jackets and adults receive coats at the age of 21, all uniforms are specially designed to be combat-ready. In this era, no other military uniform meant anything except for the one belonging to the Nova Fleet. At the age of 14, all children are to go for mandatory training for 7 years before they are given a rank and posted to their respective headquarters in Karlos, Pluto or even back in here, Vadican. They say, if you are lucky enough, you would be posted to the Enterprise, the spaceship where all interplanetary commands take place. However, unlucky Silvers who do not make the mark during basic military training would be sent down to Earth, where they would serve and fight. Follow the characters as they move closer to a war of revenge by the Alliance.


8. Battlestage (Part 1)

The toon had awoken early today, the siren didn’t go off until they were already outside the mess hall waiting for the door to open. Perhaps they were getting used to the life on base, cherishing time they had out of their dorms as the proclaimed “rest days” got more often, for no apparent reason, too. Rumour has it that they were carrying out routine checks on the base’s air lock system due to a threat that has been made towards the federation. No one believed it, of course, the federation was had thr highest form of security ever possible, besides, there wasnt any other form of life anywhere else outside of the federation. So, the launchers continued to focus on their daily trainings that became sparse as they got imprisoned in their room more and more.
The door opened and the toon streamed into the empty mess hall. Enjoying their space, they all moved into their own groups and sat down. Ru Hui looked around, holding her tray of food in her hands. She saw, as usual, alexander’s pack talking loudly, charmaine’s group gossiping about the older toons and the others. She decided to talk to the small group by the side and started to walk towards them.

“Hey, may I join you guys?”

” Sure, sit.” it was a girl whom ru Hui immediately recognized as charlotte, the descendant of Aphrodite. She marveled the girl’s flawless complexion and sparkling eyes. ” Definitely the descendant of Aphrodite.” She thought to herself and sat herself down opposite charlotte.

Beside charlotte was a girl name xuehui, and beside herself, was a girl named Beatrice, both of them were human, like herself.

” I saw an empty chart with our names on the main screen outside our dorm today.”

Xuehui stated, questioningly.

” Yeah, what’s up with that?” Beatrice continued.

” Maybe its the battle that Shiva and Megan were talking about.” charlotte answered, ru Hui nodded in agreement.

Last evening, Shiva and Megan had come specially to the dorm to inform them of a battle. And for the first time, they were asked to wear their flashsuits with their badges. Everyone was excited, they had heard about battles from their seniors, and had seen names rising on the leaderboard. It was finally a real opportunity to show not just the toon leaders, but the rest of the base or even the general, of their skills.

After breakfast, the toon was led to a room which was cylindrical, similar to the dorm tower, and in the middle was a huge capsule, held by huge clamps at the top of the tower. “Ooh….. The Drop.”

Though it was their first time seeing it, the launchers could all recognize it from their books. “yes, this is The Drop… I expect you know how it works too. According to the groups that I have assigned you in, sit in the cabins 6 and 8, now.” Megan said. The launchers made their way up the staircases and climbed into the cabins. It looked very much like the Ship, so the launchers operated the seats im the same way. As soon as they were locked tightly to their seats, the transparent door of the cabin hissed and closed like an air lock. A melody played before the familiar woman’s voice echoed ” Freefalling in 3…2…1…”
The launchers heard the clamps release the capsule and quickly after felt the fall straight down toward the core of siron. Siron was not a big planet, probably only the size of Pluto, probably even smaller. So the journey through the planet only took about 17minutes. In the messhall, The toon leaders had taught them that they were to face an opponent, and the goal was to freeze everyone with the gun attached to the flash suit, also it was mandatory to keep their helmets on at all times.

” Three breaths without your helmet out there, you’re dead, quite literally I’m afraid.” Shiva had said.

When they arrived at the other side, a tube, made of see through material attached themselves to the cabins before the door opened. Their mouths hung open as they saw the scenery before them, a great forest with a huge waterfall. ” Woah… Its beautiful….” Xue Hui said softly, the group looked around in awe at the sheer magnificence of the battle area.
Opposite them, they could see another tube leading out and the other half of the toon marching through it to the door that was on the other side. ” Oh. They are our opponents…” Charmaine and Alexander both looked across the area to the group. Alexander gave a smirk and a wink. ” Oh… Crap…”

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