Ghoul at Hogwarts

I never wanted to be like this. . . . I never wanted to be a ghoul. . . I never wanted to kill innocent people and have others fear me. . . Please unravel my soul. . .


2. The letter









   . . .Two years later. . . 


  My breathing was haggard from the running I did and I turned and tears were falling down my cheeks. "Kuro look out!!!" I yelled and I ran at him with my hand out stretched but I was to late. He turned and looked at me after he threw something to the side and the beams crashed down on him. I came to a stop and fell onto my knees with my hand still stretched out to him. "K-kuro. . ." I said softly and everything was going black. I blink and I'm sitting in a coffee shop with Kioshi. "So how school going for ya?" He asked and that's when a bullet came and shot him in the arm. "Kioshi!!" I yell and stand up to go to him when I'm stabbed by a kagune and it goes through my stomach and it goes all the way through to Kioshi. "Well this is the great Kioshi taking in a kid and now getting killed ha!" A male voice said behind me. When the kagune was pulled out of our bodies. I dropped down onto my knees and fell onto my stomach. I turned my head and open my mouth to breath when I coughed up blood. It trailed down from my lips down my chin. I move my arms and I pull myself to Kioshi and tears stream down my cheeks. "K-kioshi. . ." I say barely able to speak when he looks at me. "T-Tsuki. . .Take a piece o-of my flesh and fight. . . R-run after that my little moon. . .Remember I love you my little sister. . ." He said and then he stopped breathing and his eyes lost their light. "N-no Kioshi no. . ." Was all I could say when I allowed myself to follow his request. I took his arm and bit into his wrist then everything faded to black.

 "NOOOO!!!" I yell and sit up with my arm stretched out in front of me. My breathing came out shaky and my body would twitch a couple of times. I lowered my arm slowly and the tears fell from my eyes which were open wide with fear and sadness in their green depths. I wrapped my arms around me and I cried and sobs escaped my throat. I fell back onto my bed and cried and my hand went up to my eyes to cover them. "Kioshi. . . K-kuro-kun. . .Saku. . .I failed you. . ." I said while crying and my tears soaked my pillow. After crying for a little bit I looked over at my clock with dead eyes and saw that it was 6:05. 'I've been up for an hour crying from that dream. . .' I thought and I sat up my feet barely touching the floor and my one arm holding me up while I lean to the side. I sighed and stood up slowly and brought my hand up and ran my fingers through my hair. 'Why do I still remember. . .' I thought and started stripping from my pajamas and when I turned the corner of my eye caught the mirror that showed the scars. One on my side then another that was on my back and front. I blinked back the tears and the memories that came along with those scars. I put my bra and a red tank top that had openings on the side and then put a fish net shirt over that and the sleeves stopped at my elbows. Then I went and put on black pants that had cuts on them and K-kioshi's black bulky combat boots. Then I grabbed my fingerless gloves in my back pocket and walked out of my room. While I walked to the kitchen putting my long brown hair, that had red and gold highlights in it, into a pony tail. I stopped and turned towards my door and saw a envelope with green writing on it. My eyebrow raised and my mouth drew down into a frown and my green eyes shined with curiosity. "You do know that's how a cat die's right?" I turned and saw the faint image of Kuro leaning against the wall. "Yet a cat has nine live's Kuro-kun." I retorted and walked over to the door to get the envelope. "Yeah but you lost all nine of your's Tsu-chan." Kuro stated when I was kneeling down to grab the letter when my hand stopped short from touching it. Tears fell from my eyes. "Why did you three have to die. . ." I said softly and then I felt Kuro's arms around me and he nuzzled into the crook of my neck. "I'm sorry Tsu-chan. . ." He said against my neck and his hold tightened around me then he faded away leaving me alone. I brought my hand up and wiped my tears away and grabbed the envelope and walked back over to the kitchen staring at it. I leaned back against the counter and opened it and brought out a letter. 'Huh who wrote this?' I thought and my eyes widen in shock at what I read. 

  Dear Miss Tsuki Shiro,

Hello I am Professor Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts of Wizard and Witch Craft and I would like to say that you have been accepted to join this year. I know of your problem and so do the professor's of here to. I will be stopping by to take you to get your school supplies. Well I will see you soon Miss. Shiro. 

 From Professor Dumbledore

  'What?' Was all I could think when I heard a knock at my door. 'B-but I just got this letter!' I yelled in my mind and walked to the door and grabbed the door handle. I breathed in and I turned the door handle and opened the door to see a cat on the ground. I blinked and brought the letter up and then looked back at the cat. I tch and my green eyes narrowed into a glare and sneer made it's way onto my face. "Listen I don't know who you are but leave I don't want to go." I whispered harshly at the cat and slammed the door. When I turned around I was facing a chest with black robes on said person. I looked up but stopped when I catched the smell of flesh. "G-get away. . ." I said and the person made a sound, probably gonna ask why, when I moved back and when I looked up at him I know my eye turned to it's ghoul half. "Get away now I don't want to hurt you!" I yelled and backed away from him and into the door. "GO!" I yelled and my hands came up to my head gripping it while tears fell from my eyes. I heard a poof and I looked up and he was. I let out a breathe that I was hold and I ran to my room to my desk. Once I got there I ripped open the drawer and grabbed a wolf mask and put it on. 'Forgive me. . .' Was all I thought when I left through my window and ran down the ally way.      

   I leaned against the wall near the edge of the ally way and turned and saw a person turn down this way and didn't notice me. I pushed of the wall and followed him without making a noise. My kagune came out and I sent it straight at him and it tore into his back. He let out a scream and when my kagune pulled back and disappeared I walked up to him and stared down at him with my mask on. "I'm sorry. . . I-I'm so sorry. . . " Was all I said then one of my kagune tails went into his heart. Then it disappeared back into me. I kneeled down and pulled him up to me and wrapped one arm around his waist and my other hand went and moved his shirt from his shoulder and I leaned down and took a bite out of his shoulder. I kept taking small bites and then stopped and blinked. I brought up a hand to my cheek and felt the wetness of the tears that were falling silently from my eyes. I dropped his body and moved my hand to his eyes and closed them. I stood up and when the wind blew I disappeared with the wind. 

   I stood in my apartment then I fell back onto my couch and took my mask off and moved it down to my lap and I stared at it. I noticed three blood droplets near the eye and that they started to trail down to the bottom of the mask. "W-why?!" I sobbed out and threw the mask to the wall knowing it wouldn't break or crack. I put my face in my hands and sobs escaped my throat and the tears kept falling and streaming down my face. I heard a poof and I looked up and saw the man from earlier and I didn't make a move I just went back to how I was. I didn't notice he came over and kneeled in front of me and put his hand on top of my head. I just kept crying and after awhile he went to the kitchen and started making coffee. I stopped crying and was curled up into a ball on one end of the couch staring at nothing with dead eyes. "Oh misty of eye the mountain below. Keep careful watch of my brothers souls. And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke. Keep watching over Durin's sons." My voice rang out singing the lyric's of Kioshi's favorite song. I didn't notice that the man was standing there with two other people listening and watching. "If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together, watch the flames climb high into the night." The tears started to flow down my cheeks again I couldn't stop singing though. "Calling out father oh, stand by and we will, watch the flames burn auburn on, the mountain side." I brought a pillow up to my chest and hugged it to me with the tears still falling. "And if we should die tonight, then we all should die together, raise a glass of wine for the last time."  The memories came rushing back to me and I let a sob escape my throat and I started shaking from holding back the tears. "Calling out father oh, prepare as we will, watch the flames burn auburn on, the mountain side, desolation comes upon the sky."  I hunch over the tears dripping off my chin and onto the pillow. "Now I see fire, inside the mountains, I see fire, burning the trees, and I see fire, hallowing souls, I see fire, blood in the breeze, and I hope that you remember me."  I felt Kuro's, Kioshi's, and Saku's arms wrap around me into a hug and felt their tears falling with mine. "Oh should my people fall, then surely I will do the same, confined in mountain halls, we got to close to the flames."  I looked up and saw out the window and my green eyes shiny with tears stared at the moon and I could see flames playing in front of me. "Calling out father oh, hold fast and we will, watch the flames burn auburn, on the montain side, desolation comes upon the sky. Now I see fire, inside the mountain, I see fire, burning the trees, I see fire, hallowing souls, I see fire, blood in the breeze, and I hope that you remember me." I stood up and walked to the window slowly and the tears falling onto the ground. "And if the night is burning, I will cover my eyes, for if the dark returns, then my brothers will die, and as the sky is falling down, it crashed into this lonely town, and with the shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out." I got to the window and placed my hand on the glass and the rain started to drizzle down the window just like my tears. "Now I see fire, inside the mountain, I see fire, burning the trees, I see fire, hallowing souls, I see fire, blood in the breeze, and I hope that you remember me." I fell to my knees and looked up at the sky my hand curling into a fist on the glass and my other hand curling into a fist my the ground. "I see fire (oh you know I saw a city burning out) (Fire), And I see fire (feel the heat upon my skin, yeah) (fire), And I see fire (uh-uh-uh-uh) (fire), and I see fire burning auburn on the mountain side." I finished and a sob escaped my throat and I screamed and clutched my heart in agony. I leaned over and my forehead touched the ground and my hands still upon my heart and the tears dripped down my face and hit the ground leaving a dark space where the water hit. 'K-kuro. . .K-kioshi. . .S-saku. . .Why. . .WHY?!' I thought and the tears kept streaming down my face and my body racked with sobs that I couldn't hold back. The last thing I remember seeing was the moon before I passed out on the ground. 

 The moon shined down on her laying form nobody seeing a necklace forming around her neck with three letters two K's and one S.            

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