Ghoul at Hogwarts

I never wanted to be like this. . . . I never wanted to be a ghoul. . . I never wanted to kill innocent people and have others fear me. . . Please unravel my soul. . .


1. How it all began










   I do not own tokyo ghoul or harry potter but I do own my own oc so enjoy.


 . . .AGE 9. . . 

    'Run just run. . .' That's all I could think when I was running for my life and away from my friend being killed. 'Why? Why us?' I thought while I kept running and turning down another alleyway while sildding and almost falling but caught my self and I kept running and I turned my head and my eyes widen when I say a red thing coming at me fast. I twirled to the side and it brushed my side still drawing blood. I grimaced and kept running when all of a sudden I run into something hard but firm and I fell back onto the ground. I sit up while wincing and look up and my green eyes widen in fear. "P-please don't. . ." I whisper softly yet it seemed it fell on dead ears cause he just cocked his head to the side with a eyebrow raised and a sadistic smirk on face. "Now why would I do that I mean come on you are a free meal to me." His smirk turned into a grin and I felt a tear fall from my eye and he crouched down in front of me and reached his hand to my face and his thumb wipe my tear away. "You humans are lucky ya know? You don't have to live in fear or have to hide you can be free. . ." He trailed off and his eyes focused behind me and I tensed up. "I see you found my meal." A voice hissed out and my body started shaking and I looked at the one in front of me. "I-I know you don't really like humans cause they have everything that you want but please save me." My voice pleaded and he stared at me then pulled me to him and put his hand under my legs and held me bridle style and glared at the one who had killed my friend. "I'm sorry but she isn't your's anymore." He said his voice harsh and his hold tightened on me when the other one started laughing maniacally. My hands found his shirt and I gripped onto it tears falling but I didn't make a sound. "Give her over before you die." The one after me said and all he got for an answer was being cut in half. My eyes widen when I looked up at the one holding me to see red eyes looking straight ahead. "No you will die." He said softly then turned around and walked off leaving the body behind and my eyes couldn't be pulled away by the color of his eyes. 'They glow and look so beautiful.' I thought and his eyes turned down to mine and he was searching my eyes for something. "What?" He asked and I blinked snapping out of my haze. "S-sorry it's just that your eyes their so beautiful." I said still looking at them and I saw his eyes widen and a blush blooming on his face. "T-thanks um?" He left the question looming and I smiled softly with my eyes also going soft. "My name Tsuki. Tsuki shiro." I said and he nodded and looked ahead and said so soft I almost didn't catch it. "My name is Kuro that's all you need to know." He said and I nodded when I heard something above and to the front. "Ku-" I was cut off when something stabbed my side making blood brust from behind my lips and he threw me to the side and he got crushed by beams. "K-kuro. . ." I said my sight going hazy and I reached my hand towards him when the faint sound of an ambulance came.    

   "We're losing her sir." Was all I heard but it was going away. Everything was going dark and all noise was turning faint. "We're going to have to transplant the boys organs into her." I heard faintly but I was slowly losing my hearing. I closed my eyes and started drifting off when I felt arms wrap around me and chest against my back was all felt before everything went black.

  Her left eye opened and turned into a ghoul eye the red spreading while her other one was half closed and hazed. 

  When I woke up I sat up with sweat dripping down my skin and my hand on my chest clutching where my heart was. My body shivered slightly when my eyes focused on the white blanket on my lap. I blink and everything that happened rushed back at me and a tear falls. "N-no. . . please no. . ." I said softly and the tears start streaming down my face. I scream while wrapping my hands around myself and I bend with tears falling on to the sheet in front of me. 'K-kuro no. . . Saku. . .' I thought and sobs escaped my throat. I didn't notice the nurses standing at the door seeing I was not hurting but that I was crying. I looked up and I stared at them. My eyes red and puffy from the crying and my tear stained cheeks. One nurse walked over and sat down and pulled me into a hug and rubbed circles into my back while I cried into her shoulder my hands grasping her shirt. A few days after my break down the doctor came to see me. I sat there with my hands in my lap staring at my food. "Well I guess our food doesn't taste good hmm?" I heard and I looked up at the doctor and I blinked and a blush crept up my neck to my cheeks. "N-no it's not that I-I'm just not hungry sir." I said softly looking off to the side still blushing. He went and sat down on the stool that was beside my bed but what I didn't see was the dark smirk he had on his face. But it was gone when I turned my head and his smile was back and he just asked me questions. After he was done he said I could leave today if I'm feeling better.

   I bowed to the doctor and the nurse and turned and walked back home. My hands were in my pockets and I walked with my head down feeling so torn. ' He didn't have had to save me yet he did. . . Why Kuro-kun why?!' I thought and a tear fell down my cheek. When I looked up I saw I was back at my apartment and a bag of food was on the door handle. I blinked and walked over and grab the food and then take out my key and went and unlocked the door. I stepped in and kicked the door shut and brought the bag of food to the counter and set it down. I sigh and turn around and started walking to my bathroom stripping as I walked. When I got to my bathroom I looked into the mirror and saw the scar on my side."Ku-" I was cut off when something stabbed my side making blood burst from behind my lips and he threw me to the side and he got crushed by beams. "K-kuro. . ." I said my sight going hazy and I reached my hand towards him when the faint sound of an ambulance came.  The tears rolled down my cheeks and a sob came out of my mouth. I fell onto my knees and the tears kept falling. After a few minutes I wiped the tears away and stood and turned the shower on and got in. 

   I walked to the kitchen in a pair of mesh shorts and a tank top while putting my hair into a pony tail. When I looked at the bag of food I saw a note. I blinked and moved over and grabbed it and brought it up and read it. Dear Tsu-chan, I heard that you were in the hospital! I also heard saku-kun and another boy died. I hope your alright and I bought you a bag of you're favorite food. Enjoy and I'll see you later Tsu-chan! From Amu-chan :).  The tears fell down my cheek and I grabbed some pocky and went over to my bed and sat down. I sighed and turned on the tv and saw a doctor was on with one of those spokes people. I was about to pop in a pocky stick when I heard something that made me completely freeze. "Well ghouls have a different tongue then us. That's how you can distinguish a ghoul from a human." He said and I took a bite out of my pocky and I fell to the floor and grabbed my garbage bin and spit it out. 'W-what?' I thought and then I remember before I passed out that the doctor said something. "We're going to have to transplant the boys organs into her." My breathing started to become haggard and a tear falls. 'They put Kuro-kun's organs in me.' I thought and tears rolled down my cheeks. I got up and grabbed a sweat shirt and pulled on over me and I walked over put my shoes on and walked out the door. 

  I was walking down the street when a sweet aroma filled the air. 'But the only thing that would smell that good is. . .' I didn't finish that thought when I took off running with a voice inside me kept saying 'FLESH! FLESH!' I kept running and turned down an ally way and I skidded to a stop in front of a person bent over somebody else e-eating them. 'He's a ghoul. . . Like me.' I thought when the guy noticed me. "Oh hey I didn't see ya there. Do you want some?" I bite my lip and looked to the side. I didn't notice somebody else was walking this way. When I turned my head back a sea of red filled my sight. I fell back onto the ground and my eyes were wide open and I was shaking with fear. "I hate when people hunt  in my territory." A voice said and I gulped and I looked up and saw a guy. He had dark red hair pulled up into a small pony tail with headphones wrapped around his neck and hanging in front of him. His red eyes glowing and a piercing on his eyebrow gleamed. He had a choker on and what he was wearing was a white muscle shirt with a black jacket with buckles on it. Then had black jeans on with a chain and bulky combat boots. "Like I said I hate when people hunt in my territory girl." He said harshly and I backed up a little. "I-I'm sorry I just ran down this way and I saw him a-and I'm sorry!" I said while stuttering and I closed my eyes waiting to be killed. When I didn't feel anything going through me I opened my eyes and looked up at him. I blinked and tilted my head with my silent question hanging in the air. He sighed and bent down and grabbed the arm of the person the guy he killed was eating and held it out to me. "Well come on you got to eat." He said and my hand reached out and I took it from him and brought it up to my lips. I opened my mouth and took a bite and blood filled my mouth and I took the arm away from my mouth and I chewed and swallowed the flesh. I heard a intake of breath and I looked up at him and I saw his shock expression. "W-what?" I asked and he leaned forward and brought his hand up to the left side of my face. "Y-Your a one eye ghoul." He said in ah. I blinked and tilted my head again. After that day my life took a change for the better or worse I will never know.


Well that's the first chapter of my new book. Please comment and rate how this was and if you guys like it I will continue and if you don't I will just delete it. So please tell me what you think. Bye my little stalkers!!

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