Ghoul at Hogwarts

I never wanted to be like this. . . . I never wanted to be a ghoul. . . I never wanted to kill innocent people and have others fear me. . . Please unravel my soul. . .


3. Going to Hogwarts and meeting the boy who lived




























    . . . One year ago. . .

  I was walking with Kioshi-kun to school and I had a smile on my face. "Hey Kioshi-kun?" I asked him while still looking ahead with my hands behind my back. I heard him hmm in response and I looked away and bit my lip. "W-was it my fault Kuro-kun died?" I said quietly and I left out Saku's name but he knew I also wanted to say his name. "No it wasn't Kuro saw something in you to save and your friend Saku he died saving you so no it wasn't your fault that they died." He said and we had both stopped me a little behind him looking at the ground and him in front of me looking back at me with his hands in his pockets. "It still feels like it. . ." I said softly and looked away my vision getting blurry from the unshed tears. I felt a hand on top of my head and I looked up and saw Kioshi-kun there smiling sadly down at me. "Come on little moon how about we skip today and go get coffee." He said and I smiled and when we went home and changed and went to the coffee shop. Then that's when things changed for the worst. When we got there I smiled at one of the workers and we went and sat down at a table my back facing the door and him facing it. "Anyway how has school been going for you?" He asked and before I could answer a bullet was shot into his arm making him let out a yelp and fall back. "Kioshi-kun!" I yelled and stood up when he staggered up a little and that's when a kagune went straight through me and went into Kioshi. Blood fell from my closed lips and then the kagune was taken out of us both roughly and causing us to fall to the floor. I layed on my stomach my face turned seeing the other workers glare an one was bout to rush towards us to help when a kagune sent him flying away. "So the great Kisoshi is now watching over a kid? Ha how weak!" A man's voice said from behind me. I looked at Kioshi and dragged myself to him slowly wincing at the strain. "K-kioshi. . ." I said weakly and tears fell from my eyes when I reached him. He was laying on his side breathing hard and when he looked at me I saw guilt in his eyes. "Tsu-chan take a bite out of me. . . P-please. . . Then run and don't look back. . . Run little moon. . . I l-love you my little sister. . ." He said and coughed up blood and it drizzled down his chin and I laid there watching the life slip out of his eyes. "K-kioshi. . .N-no. . .Big brother wake up!!! Kioshi-Kun!!!!" I yelled in despair  and the tears fall down my cheeks. I close my eyes and pick his wrist up and take a bite then set it down. My eyes snap open and my wounds and I stand up and face the man with my head bowed. "I'll kill you. . .I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" I screamed and took off running at him with my kagune tails out and I dodge his and I jump into the air and twist with my leg out and kick him across the face sending him into the wall. I let out a deep growl while he stood up and he raised his arm and wiped blood that slipped down from his lips. "That was a good kick kid." He said with a smirk and his ghoul eyes looked at my eyes with my one ghoul eye and one green eye staring back. "Tsu-chan be careful." I hear two voice say and my eyes widen when I see Kuro and Kioshi standing by each other. Tears dripped and my fists clenched and my kagune went at the man and stabbed his hands and feet to the wall and the last one inches from his heart. I stared at him and my kagune came back then went straight into his heart and came out with his heart wrapped in my kagune tail. My tail came up next to me while I glared at his dead body, and the hold of my tail on his heart weakened and it dropped on to the floor. Then my kagune tails went back into meand I turned around and walked back to Kioshi and dropped to my knees. The tears spilled from my eyes as my hand went to his eyes and closed them. Then I fell onto his chest and a silent scream passed my lips. On that day I lost the one person and I couldn't save him. . . I lost him.

  . . .Present Day September 1st. . . 

   I looked down at the ticket then looked up at the numbers and sighed. 'It say's 91/2 so where is it?' I thought annoyed and I glared down at the ticket. I looked around when a family of red heads passed me with the mother of the family telling them to hurry. 'I wonder. . .' I walked after them pulling my trolley and saw they stopped in-between the 9 and 10 stations. I let out a breathe and walked up to the lady and cleared my throat. "Um excuse me ma'ma do you know where the 91/2 boarding platform is?" I asked politely and looked up at her with my green eyes. "Well of course dear just through that wall. Let me guess a first year?" She asked and I nodded then turned and looked left and right and walked through the wall. I saw a big train and I blinked my eyes in surprise then sighed. "Well this interesting eh Tsu-chan?" Kuro-kun said while standing beside me with a hand on his hip. I looked up at him with annoyed look on my face and he let out a laugh. I shook my head in exasperation and walked over and left the trolley and grabbed my trunk and whistled and a black wolf pup came running up to me. "Good boy." I said and we both got on and went and found an empty seat. Once we found one I pushed my trunk up on the shelf and sat down and let out a sigh and closed my eyes. "You bring the stuff from the coffee shop?" Kuro-kun asked while he sat down across from me with his arms crossed over his chest. I opened my eyes and looked at him and nodded then closed my eyes again. "Kuro-kun I had a dream of what happened to Kioshi-kun. . ." I said softly and opened my eyes with a frown one my face. He frowned and sat up and kneeled down in front of me and put his hand on my knee. "Don't worry Tsu-chan." He said then disappeared when two people open the door to the seat I was in. I looked up at them and so did my wolf then he put his head down and went back to sleep. "Hi is it okay if we sit here? Everywhere else is full." The one with the black hair and glasses said with a red head that looked like the one that I saw when I asked that one lady. "Sure I don't mind." I said then looked out the window and ignored them and the one with the black hair sat beside me and made sure he didn't sit on my wolf. "Didn't know we were allowed to have wolves." He said and I looked at him then sighed. "The pet shop let me have him because he was there and well nobody wanted him beside's me." I said and looked at my wolf and a small smile made it on my face and I pet him and he looked up at me with his bright blue eyes. "What's his name?" The red head asked and I looked at him. "His name is Kuro Shiro. I gave him my last name." I said and they looked at me confused. "I'm from japan and what the name means is black castle. While my name is Tsuki Shiro meaning moon castle." I said and they both grinned at me. "Those are pretty names my name is Harry Potter." The one with the black hair, who I now know as hair said, and I blushed and looked down playing with my hair. "T-thanks." I said softly and then the red head said something that made me blush harder. "Plus your hair is amazing and really cute. Also my name is Ron Weasley." He said and I nodded when the door opened and we looked up and saw the trolley lady. "Care for some sweets?" She asked and I shook my head no yet Harry and Ron bought a whole lot of it. I sweat dropped and shook my head at them. "So what house do you guys want to be in?" Ron asked us as he was opening a chocolate frog. "What are the house's?" Harry asked and I kept quiet. "Well the house that I want to go in is Gryffindor. The other house's are Hufflepuff that's if your a big softies, Ravenclaw for the smart people, then Slytherin many dark wizards come from that place. I would hate to be placed in there." He said with his nose turned up like a rich person. "Oh yeah do you guys want to see a spell my bothers showed me?" Ron asked and brought out his rat. "Yeah I know not really impressive." He said with a sheepish smile and I giggled softly and Harry laughed but we stopped when the door opened and a girl that was our age with bushy brown hair looked at us. "Hi did you guys happen to see a frog a boy named Neville seemed to lose his." She said and I raised a eyebrow at her sassy attitude. "Um sorry but no." I said and the boys shook their heads no. She saw Ron's wand out then crossed her arms over her chest. "Gonna do magic huh? Well lets see what you can do." She said hotly and I narrowed my eyes and a frown came across my lips. Ron cleared his throat and held out his wand. "Dandelions, sunshine, turn this stupid rat yellow." He said yet the rat didn't change yellow just made something fall on top of him. "That was a spell? That wasn't a very good one. I have tried a few myself and they worked out perfectly." She said and it just made my frown deepen. She pulled her wand out and put it in front of Harry. "Oculos reparo." She said and Harry's glasses repaired themselves and I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. "Jimmy cricket you're Harry potter!" She exclaimed and I snickered at his discomfort at her loudness. "Well this is a rowdy group." I hear Kuro-kun say and I nod slightly and look out the window sighing. I turn my head when I hear the door open and see she is leaving. "Well anyway you better get changed into you're robes we're going to be there in a few minutes. And um you have a little dirt right there." She said and pointed one her face to show Ron and I snickered again when she shook her head at him trying to find it and left. "So you guys get and go change while I change here." I said and they both blinked and looked at me and I raised a eyebrow at them. They sigh and get and grab their stuff and leave. I stand up and pull the curtains closed and pull down my robes. I sigh and stare at the outfit then smirked. "Never said how we had to wear it." I said and put the shirt on leaving two buttons at the bottom and draped the tie around my neck then tie it loose and put my skirt on with fishnet leggings with Kioshi's black bulky combat boots. I put my gloves on my hands and put on the robe. I frowned and looked at my little wolf. I took out paper and wrote something down on it and looked back at my wolf. "Take this to Dumbledore." I said and he nodded and disappeared and I waited for a second and he reappeared with my answer. I took the note out of his mouth and looked at it and grinned and took my robe off and ripped the sleeves off then put it back on. "Okay now this feels better." I said smiling and sat down petting my wolf waiting for the guys. "Well don't you look good?" I heard Kuro-kun say and I looked up at him seeing him in the out fit from the day he saved me yet his hair is messier then normal. I raised a eyebrow and smirked at him. "Don't I always look good?" I reply still smirking then we both turn our heads and see the boys coming back and Kuro nodded to me then faded. I frowned and my green eyes and sadness swimming in their green depths when I blinked and looked up at the guys and see them standing there blushing. "What?" I say irritated and I narrow my eyes at them. "N-nothing Tsu." Harry said while waving his hands in front of him while smiling sheepishly. I shrugged and pulled my wolf up to my chest and stood up. "We're here." I said and the three of us looked out the window and saw the castle that would be our new home for the months to come. 

   We walked out of the bus and my eyes filled with wonder but I blinked when I heard somebody yelling first years over here. We turned and walked up to a giant well the other two I got on a boat with a blond hair boy and two other ones with dark hair and a dark skinned boy. "Um excuse me do you mind if I ride wi-" I was cut off by Ron pulling me away. "Come Tsu we found a boat to ride in!" Ron exclaimed but I felt eyes on me and I turned my head to see the dark skinned one watching me leave. He noticed I saw him and ducked his head away and glanced back my way once I turned my head away. "Ron I found a boat to ride though." I said and he looked back at me and snorted. "You don't know who the Malfoy are?" He asked and I shook my head no and once we got to the boat and got in he sighed. "The Malfoy are a pure blood wizard family and they don't like well your kind." Once he said 'your kind' I thought he meant my ghoul side but then I shook my head. "What do you mean our kind?" I asked and looked over at them and bite my lip. "Half blood or muggle blood wizards." Ron replied and I stared at the castle then my gaze turned to the sky. 

  Once we got there Harry got out and held out his hand to help me off and I took it and got out with his help. I tightened my grip on my wolf and stood by Harry's side and Ron joined us. The group of people around us walked up to the castle and we stopped and saw a women standing in the front with a emerald green robe on. "Welcome to Hogwarts the school for witches and wizards. I hope you have a magical year and in a few moments you will be sorted into your house." And with that she disappeared behind the door and we were left outside. "Well if it isn't the boy who lived." We heard a voice and we turned around and my eyes got caught in dark brown eyes. "Well look who caught a ghouls eye eh?" I heard Kuro-kun say and I almost flinched knowing that a relationship might not happen between us. "Though it might not be bad for you." He said and walked over and stood in front of the guy. I saw his eyes go into ghoul eyes and his smirk came up on his face. He shook his head and turned to me. "You need to eat and fast or you'll hurt somebody." Kuro-kun said then he disappeared and I finally came back into the conversation. "I already know your sorts and I like the ones I have now." I heard Harry reply back to the blond and I tilted slightly to Ron. "Um what did he say their names were?" I whispered  not wanting attention on me. "The blond is Draco Malfoy. The two beside him are Gregory and Vincent are with him and the last one is Blaise." Ron answered and my eyes went to the one that was named Blaise. We turned our heads in the doors opened again and the lady was there. I put my hand on my pocket and felt one of the cubes. 'At least I can hold it back for a little bit with this.' I thought and I followed everyone up and my eyes wandered around in wonder. "It's beautiful eh Tsu-chan?" I turned my head and saw Kuro-kun staring at the place like I am. "Yeah it is." I mumbled back to him and continued walking with him walking beside me with his hands in his pockets. 'It feels so real. Like he's still alive and we both don't have the constriction of being a ghoul. ' I thought with a smile on my face and I tightened my grip on my wolf to my chest. "Hey Tsu are you really happy about being here cause you're smiling." I heard Harry say and a blush crawled up my face. "O-oh I was smiling?" I tried playing it off and looked away and I heard Kuro-kun laugh at my lame excuse for smiling. "Uh yeah?" Harry said and I looked around and grinned. "Hey Harry look up front!" I said and my eyes sparkled with wonder while I stared at the ceiling. We walked in with the other first years and we stood off to the side. I felt many stares and I continued not to notice. They said many names and it finally came to me and I walked up after placing my wolf down on the floor yet he followed me anyway. I sat down on the stool and the hat was placed on my head. "Well isn't this something." I heard a voice say and I closed my eyes the scent starting to get to me. 'Please hurry I don't know if I can hold back.' I thought to the hat and it hummed a response. "Gryffindor!" The hat yelled out and I let out a breathe of relief. I got up after they took the hat off my head and me and both Kuro's followed to the table and I gripped my wrist holding my self back and I looked over my shoulder at Dumbledore and he nodded slightly and once I sat down a black coffee appeared in front of me and I took the cube out of my pocket and put it the coffee and stirred. I brought it up to my lips and took a sip and sighed in bliss. 'I'm fine now. ' I thought and stared up and listened while taken sips of my coffee watching who went were and in a few minutes both of the boys were sitting beside me and Hermione sitting across from me. After a speech by Dumbledore food appeared and I froze then remember what I was suppose to do with food. I took something and took a bite and fake chewed the food 10 times then swallowed it. This went one until lit was time to go to our houses.

  We got up to the tower for our house and once we got in and shown our rooms I went to the bathroom and threw it up. I dried heave for a few seconds then sat back breathing hard. I got up and went back to the room and got changed and laid down in bed touching the necklace then I drifted off not wanting to move. Yet I didn't know what was awaiting me for the day to come.                             

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