Floating Masterpieces

Scraps of work that have never been finished and may never be complete...


2. Rising Stars

Its been nineteen years since the chilling events on the 2nd of May 1998 but those who were lost are never forgotten. It is now time for a new generation of stars to take to the floor as the generation who fought against Lord Voldemort are no longer those who belong at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For those who fought they have already said 'Goodbye' but for their children it is the time to say 'Hello' to their destiny...


Molly Weasley had never been the sort of woman to relax when situations got slightly out of hand, her shrill voice could normally be heard throughout the Burrow leaving almost everyone in hearing range slightly deafened. This morning was no different. Bustling about the kitchen, Molly with the help of her youngest daughter-in-law, Hermione, and the brightest of her grandchildren, Rose, was preparing the full Weasley breakfast for seventeen people. Although much like the traditional English breakfast, the Weasley breakfast was known throughout the wizarding community as one of the best breakfasts there are: it consists of fried bacon (cooked to perfection), fried egg (with the yolk almost hard boiled but not quite), boiled egg (with the yellow yolk really gooey), scrambled egg (cooked like there was no tomorrow), sausages (so tender you couldn't help but want more), beans (home grown from Luna Scamander's garden), grilled tomatoes (cooked almost until they were soggy but instead left at that perfect in between stage), fried toast (with Mrs Weasley's special family sauce), fried mushrooms (also sent from Luna Scamander's home grown garden), roasted potatoes (golden brown and baking hot), mashed potatoes (with no sign of any lumps), boiled potatoes (just the right consistency) and finally hash browns (always Arthur Weasley's favourite part of the meal). Now, this may seem like a normal English breakfast but when laid out on the table in separate bowls it makes it ‘Bloody amazing!' to quote Ron though usually his language was punished by a slap on the back of the head with a tea towel by his mother or his wife.

Since the fall of Lord Voldemort, the Weasley house had been as busy as ever as the generation who fought in the war have now found love and of course, that meant a lot of Weasley and Potter children causing havoc about The Burrow. Today's date was the 31st of August 2017, which meant seventeen people were scuttling and prowling around: Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, George Gideon Weasley, Angelina Weasley (Johnson), Frederick Gideon Fabian Weasley, Roxanne Angelina Weasley, Ronald Bilious Weasley, Hermione Jean Weasley (Granger), Rose Jean Weasley, Hugo Bilious Weasley, Harry Potter, Ginerva Molly Potter (Weasley), James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Lily Luna Potter and Mr and Mrs Granger. Times were brighter since the final battle but the death of many beloved friends and family had wounded every magical and non-magical family in Britain, every year on the 2nd of May Hogwarts opens its doors to all… Those who are gone are never forgotten.

Nineteen years had seemed to have no impact on Molly Weasley, she may have a few more wrinkles and slightly greyer hair but her famous Weasley fire still burns bright. As she raced amongst the kitchen, the ingredients stuck under her nails and as she wiped back her hair sauce spread across her face but she didn't seem to notice, her favourite flowery dress was covered in sauce and butter and other things even though her apron covered the majority of her dress. The apron was given to her as a Christmas present by James, Albus and Lily who all clubbed together to get her a white apron with ‘Grandmother Weasley' written on the front in loopy red writing, she'd treasured it for five years and will treasure it for many more.

Hermione, who had been standing in the corner reading ‘The Daily Prophet', seemed to be unchanged since the Battle of Hogwarts, of course, a few more grey hairs shot up from her scalp and her laugh lines had become more prominent as she had aged. Her thin figure remained the same although she was slightly more frail than during the war but that was only to be expected, after all the war had taken its toll on everyone – muggle and magical alike. Letting out a large, clearly irritated, sigh, Hermione slapped the newspaper onto the work surface and hissed "Rita Skeeter has done it again!" Written across the middle of the newspaper in a large curly font were the headlines 'Miss Muggle-Born loves more than just the limelight!' Below was a picture of Hermione surrounded by House Elves, a proud smile spreading across her face, that was the day she'd freed all house elves. The caption below read 'Miss Muggle-Born, Hermione Jean Weasley is, Of course, not everyone was pleased with the justice and Rita Skeeter immediately took aim, publishing article after article on 'Miss Muggle-Born' - her nickname for Hermione. Huffing Hermione turned from Rose and Molly, who had both stopped their work in order to listen to Hermione's rant, and marched upstairs her footsteps echoing throughout the house until a door slam ended the noise. 
A few seconds later Ron came in, obviously sensing distress he ran his fingers through his red hair, although now a few grey hairs sprouted from the roots but, all in, all Ron hadn't changed; he was still just as clumsy, hungry and valiant as before. Picking up the newspaper, it took Ron only seconds to catch on. Moments later his footsteps could be heard plodding up the stairs and a creaky door opened and faint voices could be heard. 

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