Floating Masterpieces

Scraps of work that have never been finished and may never be complete...


4. Love Hunter

I knew my plan was going well and everything would go accordingly so I let my mind wander to the place I often drifted to in my spare time. To her… Soon the world would be at its knees and I would welcome her as my queen because I was worthy.

I remember her face so clearly, her pale skin flushing full of colour whenever I complimented her, which was always. Her bright blue eyes lit up whenever we would gaze up at the stars and wonder about the worlds that lay between us and the farthest living thing. She was so inquisitive, so curious about life and the way things worked it made me want to find it all out just so I could see that look on her face. Those looks of wonder. The look of freedom and knowledge combined. Soon I would have that.

I remember her the night I snuck out of my cell for the first time, of course no one noticed but her and I had every intention of killing her in order to allow myself the freedom to roam as I wished but she made no attempt to warn anyone and as I watched her throughout the night I saw her eyes become tired and her body become limp because those brutal men undressed her with their perverted eyes. Those fools…

When it came to the time when the bar shuts I saw her trudge home no longer a spring in her step from earlier and when I saw the hovel that she lived in I knew that she deserved a palace. Her room as a small cramped space with a hay bed on the floor and loud and harsh neighbours around every corner. She drifted to sleep instantly and I blush to think of for how long I watched her sleep. I’d sit on the floor by her bed re – living the moment she saw me in the bar in my mind.

She turned to face me, her hands full of large flasks of beer, we were only about five metres apart but I will swear to it that I heard her heart miss a beat. In fear. In shock. I do not know…  She simply smiled towards me and then turned away. Her smile. Her smile was so beautiful and whenever I think of her I think of that memory first.

The memory unspoilt by arrogance and loathing a memory left in perfection before thoughts of jealousy ad rage creep in from the dark. Thor. She was on his side. She supported his actions. Although not whole-heartedly, she did support my brother and in his fight for justice she did wish to join but she could do nothing except let life pass her by. I will change that. In order to see her smile one more time I will change this world and any other so that she can no longer have something to ponder about but something to live. Her eyes will shine and her lips will curve into a smile of purest delight once I show her.

Ah. That will be the hulk…

I remembered the first ball I took her to, it was in a large city of which I can’t remember the name off. It was her first of world trip and her eyes and lips showed that she loved it. We danced all night in that room, no one was looking for me or her, we were totally free from anyone and it was wonderful.

She wore a beautiful green dress, her beautiful blue eyes would go with anything but green was our colour, I wear the colour like armour now. She allowed herself to be held by me and I loved it, we held each other all night until the rise of the sun came and then we stopped and parted in our ways.

Her golden fiery red hair shone in the sun as she allowed herself to fall onto my chest in tiredness. Oh god she smelt so good, like lemons or fresh bread or sweet honey. I stroked her hair until her eyes drifted off into a world that was entirely her on, I wished I could be part of her world.

Although one of my best memories it was also one of my worst. Thor. Thor ruined it. Once we’d returned to Asgard Thor was waiting for us and before either one of us had time to hide or separate he grabbed my darling by her waist. That was mine to touch only. Only mine. He took her away from me and down into the cells, I was returned to my cell and she was thrown into one at the other end. Electric sparks of pain were the only thing between us, well, that and a few assassins and criminals but they were nothing I couldn’t handle. 

Thor watched me as I rammed against the walls not caring if I harmed myself I just had to see if she was okay. She needed me. He laughed at me and called it love but it was so much more. It will always be so much more, we are not lovers but soul mates. No, we are more than that. At the dawn of time a soul was split in two and half was given to me and the other half was hers. So we are not soul mates but part of the same soul. We are a soul.

Thor left then and I continued to thrash until I saw a flicker of red, it was a lock of her hair and it was in Thor’s hand. Rage consumed me at this point. I broke through the boundary; the look on Thor’s face was priceless as I pounced on him. Grabbing the hair from Thor’s hand I immediately ran to the other end of the cells looking in each one for my darling. She was nowhere to be seen. Thor had released her and in fact the lock of hair was to analyse because she was ill. They needed a cure. They still need a cure. They always need a cure.

Hawkeye was here to release me now…

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