Floating Masterpieces

Scraps of work that have never been finished and may never be complete...


5. Common Tongue

The chasm of silence I created devours everything in sight and the ever growing dark abyss is consuming my blackened soul. Life is short, however the eternal hell I face each day seems as if death decided to take a holiday and leave me as ruler. Fallen hearts and crushed spirits are what lies here now; I’m the founder of fear and hate, the pain that consumes like no other. Shrouding the halls of emptiness is the darkness that is like smoke – forever there, forever here, forever unable to be touched or controlled by a mortal being such as myself. Prison bells jingle silently, even though that isn’t possible, the silence and the dark together are enough to make one go mad. My mind is a drug and when left alone is a dangerous chemical that can turn my heart to stone, my soul to ash, my mind to an instrument, my spirit to smoke and my body to a weapon to be used on the innocent and guilty alike. Forced into the chains of freedom and set amongst the common folk as if I am one. Their minds so weak the darkness wouldn’t even notice their screams. The chasm goes quiet again as the numbing sensation of pain returns and the incomprehensible shadow of the end of my humanity creeps inevitably closer with a sharp blade and my name.

The calling is that of pain, an eternal hell expressing in every detail the anguish of the world. Broken smiles are shown to all, the darkness seeping through the lies in their words. Darkness doesn’t care, doesn’t care about the feelings of commoners; it simply snarls in laughter at the pain of cracked hearts. Creeping closer is the slow, unfathomable shadow of doubt and lies and broken minds, forever creeping towards me with a bloodthirsty giggle and a smile of hatred. Silence suffocates the happiness, only the cold stone is left still in my chest, it’s a heavy burden but the shocks of fear make the pain more controllable. Another step closer, closer to the end. Fallen wings lay scattered amongst the dark as white turns to red and curves turn to points. The new age is forging leviathans for the looming cascade of pointless pain, it consumes. It will consume everything if we’re not careful but that’s the truth. That’s the truth. We’re not careful. 

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