A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


30. Where revenge gets you

. . . 25 minutes later. .

Barnabas got onto the bridge.

"What ever you are thinking of doing," Barnabas said. "DON'T YOU DARE."

2.99 and 2.98  (A new program crafted by a holopromologist after Security's holoprogram) grabbed Barnabas by the arms keeping him away from 3.00.

"We have to," 3.00 said. "It is our right."

"Let me go!" Barnabas said. "His death is not worth your life! Security wouldn't want this! I don't want this. I wasn't worth it to be saved."

3.00 turned his head toward Barnabas.

"You obviously are so up your ass," 3.00 said. "So selfish. So headstrong. So stubborn.  So self focused. My brother risked his holodevice to SAVE YOUR LIFE." He raised his voice. "My brother looked up to you. He viewed you as someone he would die for and protect!" He turned the chair toward Barnabas. "I see nothing of the sorts telling me that MAN is on this bridge talking to me! You don't notice what we are doing for you! Because unlike what many would do in my position. . . I am going to let you die knowing what you could have done! So self centered. You will die without honor. Your actions say you are not worthy of the title captain. You are just a vigilante. I have checked the records of the Change before it exploded. You are a murderer."

"It was a good cause." Barnabas said.

"GOOD CAUSE MY ASS!" 3.00 roared. "You murdered innocent Cardassians all to find this one guy who tortured you!"

"I didn't murder them, I never did." Barnabas denied.

"Your logs say otherwise." 3.00 said.

"Fine," Barnabas said. "You want me to admit it? That I put innocent lives on the line?"

"YES!" 3.00 said.

"I risked innocent lives to save the lives of others," Barnabas said. "The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few."

Suddenly the view screen changed.

"Captain!" Navigator shouted. "The Jefronian's appeared."

3.00 turned away from Barnabas.

"All right team," 3.00 said. "Fire all phasers."

Barnabas's eyes widened.

"No!" Barnabas shouted.

The Charge swung from side to side dodging blasts here and there. One side of the ship was struck in the engines area. Barnabas saw, thanks to the hectic flight, that there was a earlier model of the Enterprise firing at the Jefronian's. It was the Enterprise D.  He couldn't believe his eyes at what was happened. It seemed too crazy to be true. He has faced more crazier things than usual when aboard the Enterprise Z as her first commanding captain.

It became clear where they were in. 

"This ship is experiencing a temporal abnormality and so is the Jefronians!" Barnabas said. "I beg of you to cease fire and negotiate!"

"Over my broken holodevice." 3.00 said. 

The final blow came swiftly bringing in a quick but painless death only for Barnabas  he was left in  a state of nothingness. Where was he?  He had been told death is unnatural but perhaps he is in heaven and that entity was wrong. He was alone. He didn't see anyone there. Barnabas walked around calling out for anyone. He wanted a explanation. 

"I have frozen time to the instant the starship has become a explosion." Came Treylane's voice.

Barnabas turned in the direction of Treylane's voice.

"You .  . ." Barnabas said.

"So you are technically NOT DEAD." Treylane said.

"Did you plot this all?" Barnabas asked.

Treylane appeared laughing. 

"Nice one, Jim!" Treylane said, earning a dead serious look from Barnabas. ". . .No."

"No?" Barnabas repeated.

"No." Treylane repeated.

Barnabas frowned.

"You made this, all of it, Cardassian, " Treylane said, walking around twirling his walking stick. "I allowed this timeline to exist because 1) I wanted you to learn where revenge gets you. 2) I wanted my father's other self's toy to realize he is not always going to be there and he is not always the cause of everything. And 3) revenge hurts everyone you care about, boy."

"All for revenge?" Barnabas asked.

"You've gone down a few pegs from when I last saw you in the ready room," Treylane said. "All I can say is that. . . You have quickly become a disappointment."

Barnabas turned pale.

"Don't say it." Barnabas said.

Treylane put the end of his walking stick on Barnabas's chest.

"Give me five reasons why I shouldn't kill you already." Treylane said, with a grim look.

Barnabas contemplated for five minutes.

"You said death wasn't natural for me." Barnabas said.

Treylane lowered the walking stick off Barnabas's chest.

"Yes, I did."

"I saved the tribbles."

"Don't push your buttons."

"If I die then you will bother some other unfortunate soul."

"And have fun."

"But nothing will ever be the same.  You once told me I was your 'dog bone' and it was quite fun chewing on it."

"But. . . you were a bone back then and I was a dog."

"I would have remembered if happened."

"It did happen."

"Anyway, because of my death the Jefronian's are likely to attack the federation and screw up history as we know it because I was so stubborn and determined to get revenge on Karon starting from the day I woke up in sick bay communicating telepathically."

Treylane smiled.

"That's what I wanted to hear from you," Treylane said. It then hit Barnabas. "You have just admitted your mistake."

Barnabas froze.

"So everyone dies at the end because. . ."

"Of your bitter revenge; why yes!"  Treylane said. "There is a glorious one year war and only two thousand people survive the ordeal. B-4 and the many holoprograms are destroyed. Your revenge is so poisonous that EVER SINGLE STARSHIP you were on before has so far crash landed and exploded one year from now! The Enterprise Z crash lands on a deathly planet. No one survives the first week. The holoprograms committed suicide because they couldn't bare the thought of destabilizing. B-4 died in the crash landing. You. Barnabas. Are very much guilty of a lot of bloodshed."

Barnabas lowered his head, sad.

"I. . . I wish I never thought of revenge in the first place." Barnabas said.

Treylane grinned.

"You see, Cardassian, there's a little loophole I made . . ." Barnabas lifted his head up watching the entity sway his index finger back and forth ever so casually. "When you were asleep and thinking of revenge I took the liberty to transfer your mind to a identical reality where nothing is different from yours."

Barnabas gasped.

"So. . . None of this. . . happened?" Barnabas said, in shock.

"It did happen and now it won't. . . Specifically may or may not happen," Treylane said, stepping forward. "You have two choices. Get revenge or save more lives as captain of the Enterprise Z."

"I will make the right choice." Barnabas said.

"Good." Treylane said.

"Uh. . .What happens now?" Barnabas asked.

Treylane's face brightened up.

"Now?" Treylane's face turned serious. "You die."

Treylane vanished and the ground below Barnabas gave out, followed by the high pitch scream of a frighted Cardassian.

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