A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


2. When the captain acts odd

. . . Enterprise Z. . .

. . . One day afterward. . .

"Captain," B-4 said, catching up to Barnabas. "How were the test results?"

"I passed with flying colors," Barnabas lied. "The tests were very easy."

B-4 smiled.

"Good to hear, Captain," B-4 said. "Now I want some advice. . . Dating advice. . ."

Barnabas's eyes grew wide.

"I am not the best advice giver, B-4." Barnabas said.

"You gave me advice on whether to adopt a cat nine years ago," B-4 said. "Your advice is golden and sound."

"But dating?" Barnabas repeated. "I have no clue about dating."

"You have been married three times and each time you had a divorce a couple years later," B-4 said. "That says, by my recollection, is that you had enough experience with women by then."

"Who's the special lady?" Barnabas asked.

"Cadet Rosie," B-4 said. "I am having trouble deciding if it should be carried through messages or live feed."

"B-4," Barnabas said, coming to a stop. "I realize this is your first time considering pursuing a romantic relationship. . . but maybe it won't work out for you."

B-4 appeared at first to be concerned.

"Captain?" B-4 said. "You never say 'maybe', most of the time you start off with 'But there is a possibility' regarding speculative events as a break up." The golden tinted android tilted his head. "Were the tests not as simple as they were claimed to be?"

"Yeah, I am just out of it," Barnabas said, shaking his hand. "Really."

"If anything Captain, Q could someday pop up and finally appear after so long explaining this abnormality in the four other people." B-4 said.

"That rotten Q." Barnabas said.

"Captain?" B-4 asked.

Barnabas had a smile.

"I am just furious he hadn't appeared." Barnabas said.

"Ah,I see," B-4 said. "So am I." B-4's yellow eyes simmered down at first as he looked toward the dark blue rugged floor then back up toward the Cardassian. "I have been expecting him to appear since I was first activated with my brother's memories. Thank you for the help you could share, Jim."

B-4 went right past the captain. 

Barnabas sighed.

I should use the dojo to clear my thoughts, Barnabas  thought.

Barnabas went to the nearest holodeck,requested a silent dojo, and allowed the holodeck to dress him up in clothes suiting for the meditation.  He sat down, crisscrossed his legs, and began into his deep meditation.  The original Barnabas wasn't much of  meditation kind of captain nor would he ever be. Anyway, Barnabas was left alone for two hours. Chief  Security entered the holoprogram without much problem due to his senior rank aboard the ship. It surprised the Romulan holoprogram that after nine years the captain chose a building much associated to various cultures. He saw the shoes that belonged to his captain at the door.

Chief Security felt as though he was intruding on his captain's privacy.

But that question had to be answered.

Chief Security carefully made his way up the pebbled path past a small brook that had a bridge entangled by vines with little pretty flowers. There were swans swimming craning this neck right behind into their back as though digging in for something very annoying. They were beautiful animals that complimented the beautiful peaceful scenery. The grass was a perfect shade of green. The dojo had a brown roof, a painted upon sliding door, gray walls, brown mat, wooden porch, and a brick staircase leading up to the building.

Usually the captain would be fishing, horse back riding, or watching a play rather than being in a dojo.

It was so out of the captain's character.

Now if Barnabas had a flavor for earl gray tea, he might have been a unusually hobbyist like Jean-Luc Picard.

Chief Security opened the door to see his captain mediating.

"Sir?" Chief Security said.

Barnabas opened his right eye.

"What is it, Security?" Barnabas asked.

"The holoprogram I gave you, sir," Chief Security said. "Did you ever use it?"

Barnabas shook his head.

"No," Barnabas said. "I did not," He closed his eye. "I saw no use in it, really."

Chief Security had a apologetic look about his face.

"I am sorry for the intrusion, sir." Chief Security said.

"Apology accepted." Barnabas said.

Now usually the captain would say, "No need for a apology." while shaking his hand.

Chief Security viewed that as odd, but then again his captain is usually odd. But this was out of character. Chief Security shut the door then went back in the direction he came from for the door to the holodeck. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was really wrong here. Something was not right. His system matrix had concluded that. Chief Security picked up the pebble then tossed it in the direction of the door.

The door became visibly shortly after the pebble hit the door.

Chief Security approached the doors to which they automatically open for him.

The Romulan Holoprogram exited the holodeck.

The plan was slowly going in motion bit by bit.

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