A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


15. The run down

. . . August 6th. . .

. . .Briefing room. .9:38 AM. . .

Captain, it seems we are lost in deep space. I believe we are out of the Pinwheel Galaxy. 

We've gone that far?, Barnabas asked with a puzzled expression.

Yes, we have, Bryan Wellis replied (who is the medical professional of the group).

He had been given a new voice box due to the loss of his previous version. It sounded . . . Unlike Barnabas, too high pitched. He sounded like a teenager going through puberty!  Another reason why he stuck to telepathy. He was very dependent on it.  He could sense the emptiness in the room, the large void made by Karon's destroyed vessel, and a complete lack of any plans were present.

We're in the Sombrero Galaxy, George Reinwald replied.

Reinwald held the conn and T'ella held the Ops position. 

Barnabas sighed.

It has been a honor serving with you, Barnabas related.

No, Wellis shook his hand from side to side, the honor is ours.

T'ella, a Vulcan, nodded.

Captain, it may seem we are stranded in the middle of no where because of our. . . miscalculated mistake. . . . T'ella thought. . . But I know  a contact from the PinWheel galaxy who can tow us.

Wellis stood up.

By the time they get here, WE WILL BE DEAD! Wellis exclaimed letting everyone feel his anger and frustration at such a stupid idea.

It is my fault we lost life support, Barnabas told Wellis as he stood up putting one hand on the man's shoulder, you all go in the pods.

. . .James. . . Wellis thought.

My pod malfunctioned a long time ago, Barnabas reasoned, perhaps I was spared to ensure the lives of others.

Damn you, Wellis thought, Even out of Star Fleet you care about the crew behind you.

You call me 'Captain', Barnabas thought, as captain I am responsible for all of you.

T'ella stood up.

But Captain that would mean you'll suffocate!, T'ella reminded Barnabas, We have enough life support for two weeks!

Barnabas nodded, knowingly.

I am well aware of it, Barnabas replied.


. . . August 7th. . .

. . .The Bridge. .9:38 AM. . .

He had been alone for hours. First day without a crew. The ship was put in auto-pilot. They couldn't move the starship a inch through space because the warp engines had had been totally destroyed during the attack with Karon. Christi had not been aboard the vessel as she was somewhere else in the universe. Where she was? No one knew.  Barnabas sat in the captain's chair in the empty bridge. Since there was silence in the room Barnabas found himself missing the Enterprise-Z. He missed his friends. He missed the holoprograms.

"Computer, begin emergency distress signal." Barnabas said.

"Video required."

"Begin automatic taping. Stop on my signal."

''Yes,Captain Barnabas."

There was a red light coming from the top of the screen.

"This is Captain Barnabas of The Chase," Barnabas said. "We were . . . On the chase. . .On the tail of the root of the Cardassian Half breed problems. Before decommissioning of the enemy vessel we were given fatal blows to our warp engine and life support. By the time you'll get here the only ones who'll be alive will be my former crew. If . . ." He sighed. "If they are brought up on charges for unlawfully eliminating a life then my name must be part of it. My apologies to those who will be hurt  by what happens to my name. I am sorry, friends. End message."

Barnabas heard a slow clap.

"That is so not what I meant by being human," He heard Treylane's voice.  "But bravo for your performance!"

Barnabas looked in the direction of Treylane's voice.


"Can we just talk verbally?"


"Oh Cardassian," Treylane said, swinging his stick. "I am here to tell you I tinkered with your message and showed a different you on the screen giving the gist of the message. Except for those charges that you mentioned," He pointed the stick at  Barnabas's face. "You are so stubborn to keeping on the same track that you make a bunch of timelines!"He lowered the walking stick. "Which honestly is a chore getting rid of those unnecessary weeds."


Treylane folded his arms with a frown.

"Why are you so mad at me?" Treylane asked.


Treylane unfolded his arms, feeling annoyed.

"I don't understand you over that shouting," Treylane said, plugging in his ears. "Nah, nah,nah I can't hear you!"

Barnabas stood up with hands balled up into a fist.


Barnabas punched Treylane at the face knocking down the very much still young god to the floor covering his nose.

"Ow!" Treylane whined. "You  have changed for the worse, Jim."

I have changed for the better, Barnabas replied.

Treylane frowned wiping away his blood making it vanish in thin air.

"Throwing a temper tantrum is getting you no where," Treylane said. "You are forcing me to make a very difficult decision."

And what decision is that? Barnabas asked.

Making you the one and only prime James Dean Barnabas, Treylane replied, I will destroy every other timeline so you can be dead! Is that what you want? To die? You are too young to die!

I am thirty-five, that is a old age. 

No matter, THAT IS. WAY. TOO. YOUNG!

Like you know anything about mercy!

Treylane grew a grim expression as he approached the captain.

"I could have killed you the first time we met nine years ago," Treylane said. "But I didn't. Instead I spared you and your crew of two thousand six hundred thirty-nine people! I at least deserve that credit!" He shook his fist. "Do you know how hard it is to place the right kind of game and NOT get in trouble because of it? Merci! I was taught by my mother that if I wanted my toys to stick around I had to give them the benefit of a doubt, chances, and mercy. It all part of being what I am!"

Barnabas frowned.

"Then give me a painless death," Barnabas replied. "GIVE ME MERCY!"

Treylane rubbed his forehead walking around the Romulan-Cardassian.

"That is not how it works," Treylane said. "Your fate. . . reads. . . you are not to die."

"Dying is natural." Barnabas said.

"For you, it is not," Treylane said, coming to a stop. "Read my aura and tell me if I am telling you the truth, Jim."

Barnabas closed his eyes.

He focused long and hard until he could sense a tinge of innocent, pure energy at his finger tips, and a powerful blaze made itself known in the captain's mind.

"No." Barnabas said.

Barnabas opened his eyes to see Treylane had vanished into thin air.

There he was, left alone again, on the bridge.

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