A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


32. The return

. . . 3000. . .

 . . . Enterprise--Z. . .

First they had boats, then they had airplanes, achieved warp, accomplished beaming, and then made starships. One should admire the evolutionary chain that was taken decades and decades by humanity. They went through hell. They went through the plague, natural disasters, and spread out through the galaxy. They went out into space. First there was the adventures of Archer then James T Kirk, Rachel Garrett, Hikaru Sulu, Jean-Luc Picard,Kathryn Janeway, and other brilliant captains. Picard met up with the most interesting race claiming to be god. Frankly they did.

"Do you feel it, Captain?" Sonny Degrias, CMO of the USS Enterprise Z, asked his captain at the table.

"Feel what?" Captain Barnabas asked.

"The change." Sonny said, with his serious tone.

Captain Barnabas rolled an eye.

"You know as well as I just because Captain Kirk was told we would be evolving to another level of evolution and we meet up with higher beings in a thousand years doesn't mean we will, Sonny," Barnabas said. "It is not a spiritual awakening of the kind." He took a sip of orange juice, his grip tightly around the cup, then lowered it down to the table. "I have heard false promises."

"But this one is not false, Captain," Sonny said. "I can feel my being waiting to float out and soar out through the metal, out into space, out through the various planes. . . and meet the ones who have been watching us for all these years."

Barnabas sighed.

"Humanity is not ready to meet the ones who have been considered our gods," Barnabas said. "We have been known to kill them perhaps we will cause a war this time!"

"Commander B-4 to Barnabas."

"Barnabas here."

"You are needed at the bridge."

Barnabas raised a eyebrow.

Ever since they had gotten into the Andromeda Galaxy for a annual meeting of captains,there hadn't been much activity from the Romulons (Klingons/Romulan) race. They had a penchant to be referred to as space pirates. They had qualities of both races apparent on their faces and some of their Klingon traits were receding leaving the Romulan half open to the general public. They had gone three months without activity from them. They had gotten word of a 'change' occurring in their galaxy. Lately? No word has been coming from the Federation. Barnabas stood up from his chair pardoning himself then he left the cafeteria.

B-4 is all that remains of a beautiful era.

Data, long ago, had passed.

B-4 had his own independent matrix.

Barnabas came aboard the bridge fifteen minutes later.

"What is it, Number One?" Barnabas asked.

B-4 stood away from his chair gesturing over to the captain's chair.

"Why hello, Scrooge." Came a man in the captain's chair with one leg over another and his fingers tapping on the arm rest.

Barnabas came to a stop seeing a man who was apparently in a old Star Fleet uniform that was discarded centuries ago. It was a command red straight out of 2371. Barnabas knew because he did a lot of research about this era in case they were ever thrown into the past (Which happened, a lot, really). Barnabas had no idea who this man was. He looked over to B-4 earning a 'I don't know this man' kind of look. Barnabas turned his head directly toward the man who seemed to make himself right at home.

"My name is Captain Barnabas." Barnabas said.

"Like Barnabas Collins, how. . ." The man paused looking up toward Captain Barnabas. "It really doesn't suit you."

Barnabas frowned.

"Why are you on my bridge?" Barnabas asked.

The man smirked.

"Wrong question." The man said.

Barnabas narrowed his eyes toward the odd man.

"What. are. you?" Barnabas said.

"You'll find out soon enough." The man said.

"Who are you?" Barnabas asked.

"Q." Q said.

It then clicked in Barnabas's mind.

The danger, the gravity of this situation, and the history sitting RIGHT IN HIS GODDAMN CHAIR.

"You have been gone for centuries," Barnabas said. "What makes you come here so suddenly?"

Q stood up, theatrically, from the chair.

"Because I am here to tell you and everyone else aboard this Enterprise that you are the last solid representatives of humanity in outer space," Q said. "Apparently humanity is not going up until EVERYONE is there!" He eyed at the young thirty-five year old captain who had light brown hair and prosthetic eyes. "I had a little break from pestering the Federation, well. . . Really raising my spawn."

Barnabas's hands curled up into heated fists.

"GET. OFF. MY. BRIDGE!" Barnabas shouted at Q.

Q, apparently, was caught off guard by the single four worded demand.

"That is no way to treat your messenger!" Q said, in fury.

"I don't care," Barnabas said. "And you are just one of many delusional people believing we are headed straight up to godly." Barnabas pointed at Q with his index finger. "Well guess what?" Barnabas lowered his hand down to his side. "It has been ONE THOUSAND YEARS and nothing has ever happened!"

Q stepped forward.

"Is that what you are saying?" Q asked, infuriated.

"Yes," Barnabas said. "And there is nothing that will change my mind."

Q snapped his fingers.

Nothing happened.

"Captain, we seem to be having problems!" Came a shout from the security station.

All attention went straight on Q.

"What did you do?" Barnabas asked, in rage.

Q at first had his smug smile.

Then it turned into 'Why you brat,you take everything more seriously than someone I knew a thousand years ago!' kind of look.

"Today you will find the truth as life support fails," Q said. "Just you see. . ." Q's face grew grim as he held his right hand up preparing to snap his fingers dramatically. "It will happen."

With a snap of his fingers, Q vanished in a white flash.

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