A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


24. Sure of a story

“And then he did the Vulcan Nerve Pinch on me,” Geordi finished the story to HIS Captain Kathryn Janeway. “Next I know is being hauled into the Enterprise.”

“La Forge,” Janeway said. “You were missing for ten days.”

“So that’s why Data looked at me oddly.” Geordi said.

“It may have been four hours to you but it was much, much longer for us.”

“I understand, Captain,” Geordi said. “I recommend nobody go aboard that ship for the time being.”

Janeway’s face faltered.

“Data is onboard.” Janeway said.


.. .10 minutes later. .

Data was observing what had been left of the Charge’s cybernetics room. It was dark and heavily damaged. There were metal pieces of what appeared to be triangles left all over the place on the floor in various little shapes. Data knelt down to what seemed to be a spared disc. Data picked it up holding it in his line of sight. It was odd, really, that it still had power.

Suddenly a blast struck against the ship making the room go sideways except for Data.

Data was standing there straight seemingly unaffected by the law of gravity.

Data tilted his head seeing electrical sparks flying in all directions.

There were figures blinking in and out of existence.

“Janeway to Data!” Came a woman’s voice over his combadge. “Do you read me?” She sounded panicked. “Data!”

Data tapped on his combadge.

“This starship is under attack, apparently, Captain,” Data replied, matter of factly. “It seems this starship is being piloted by holoprograms.”

“We. . . beaming. . . you, back!”

Data noticed his hand was becoming the colors of patterns.

“Captain, it seems they are in dire need of help.” Data acknowledged.

Data lowered his hand.

“We. . . unable.. . help them.”

“Captain?” Data said, alarmed. “The connection is breaking.”

“Stand still . . . Mr Data!”

“Affirmative,” Data said. “Data out.”

Data materialized on the Enterprise with a cybernetic holoprogram in his right hand.


Janeway sighed, sitting down into the captain’s chair once being told Data had been beamed safely into the transporter room without a hitch. Geordi sighed, relieved as well, for his friend’s safe return. He walked off the bridge into the turbo lift to return to engineering. The doors closed behind Geordi.

Then the sounds of firing commenced drawing Janeway’s attention once more.

There was the Charge twirling out of the firing range of what seemed to be a unique starship that resembled the Falcon from Star Wars. Janeway had orders to stay out of conflicts that did not concern Star Fleet or the Enterprise. The Charge fired back, Janeway made an order to interrupt this random attack and fire some warning shots on the approaching starship. The attack halted on the smaller starship. The attack then turned upon the USS Enterprise. A few shots were exchanged shots inflicting damage upon the Enterprise.

The Jefronian starship came to a stop seemingly after fifteen shots. There were dark ink like blotches on the armor; sparks erupting on either side of the saucer section, the windows had cracks inside, and the firing phaser blasters had their tip be destroyed from repeated fire power striking against them. There was little to no activity inside the Charge. Nothing. It had been decloaked.

It had returned to its original status: empty.

This was puzzling Janeway.

“Hail the attacker.”


On the screen appeared a Jefronian.


Janeway frowned.

She understood their language.

And she knew how to speak it.

“Lower your voice,” Janeway said. “I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Enterprise.”

The Jefronian frowned.

Enterprise?” The Jefronian repeated.

“Yes.” Janeway said,

“Funny, the Enterprise is in the Andromeda galaxy. . .” The Jefronian said. His eyes turned into a sharp glare at the human. “Why you Terran, trying to fool me, you realize that we are more intelligent than how our inferior technology portrays us!”

Janeway sighed briefly looking down then turned her head up toward the Jefronian.

“I am not trying to fool you,” Janeway said. “This is the only ship called the Enterprise in the Alpha Quadrant.”

The Jefronian frowned.

“Why you liar.” Jefronian said.

The screen turned black.

Data walked onto the bridge and was the first one to notice the change in the star collection that resembled rows of shoes of every kind. It was a first for Data to see this kind of unique pattern in the stars. Across from the abandoned Charge was a quiet dark red starship that seemed like ghost ship. The Change lacked life. There were occupied pods lined in a large wide room that had yellow paint and dark beams at their sides. Though, as we can see, there is a timer on the rounded bridge. The timer went off making the ship explode leaving silence behind but a visible red flare.

“Captain.” Data said.

“Yes, Mr Data?” Janeway said.

“We’re not in the Alpha Quadrant.” Data said.

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