A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


4. Q family

Adrian P Janeway, Captain of the USS-Voyager P, sat in his ready room.

He had so many questions, just like everyday, but namely about his ancestor.

His ancestor had the liberty to be with Q before he vanished off the radar and never returned.

Adrian's ancestor?

Kathryn Janeway.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Enter." Adrian said.

In came his security chief, a Romulon (who had deflected from the Romulon race), with a concerned look about his face. He always had that look when he knew something he shouldn't. This chief of his? His name was Rygork. A strange name but rather fitting for him. Rygork came to the desk of Adrian then he sat down into the chair in front of it. 

"How were the tests?" Rygork asked.

"Fine, Mr Rygork," Adrian said, then he leaned forward. "You do not need to worry about me being left behind."

"Captain, it is my duty to ensure the living personnel are safe." Rygork said. 

Adrian sighed.

"Mine is taking longer to occur," Adrian said. "The researchers told me my ability will be up and running in a few hours. . ." He paused. "That is if they are right this time."

Rygork sighed.

"I wanted to be sure." Rygork said. 

"Mr Rygork, may I remind you who will be making sure you actually participate in the evolution?" Adrian asked.

Rygork played with his fingers.

"You, Captain." Rygork said, in a  faint whisper.

"If you go then I go and we both know if one of us are not going then the other is not going," Adrian said. "It will be a cold day in hell that I be left in this existence alone," He leaned back into the chair. "Besides, with the family and all, I am heavily considering what I will do when reaching the status of entity."

"And what is that, Captain?" Rygork asked.

"Going back in time to read thoughts of Captain Janeway on the final meeting with Q."  Adrian said, taking a sip of his black coffee.

"Oh Captain," Rygork said. "That is a unhealthy obsession. Your family has been carrying the pride of seeing Q for the last time and none of them has ever considered going back in time."

"How do we know they have not?" Adrian asked.

Rygork grew a serious look.

"I knew your grandfather and your great grandfather--"

"Oh stop it."

"Says the man who's dating a man older than him."

Adrian turned his monitor toward Rygork.

"Rygork, do you want to see the video?" Adrian asked.

Rygork grew a puzzled look. Even though he was 200+ years old, due to his  Romulan half, Rygork appeared as though he was thirty-six.

"What video?" Rygork asked.

There was a glint in Adrian's eyes.

"The final encounter between a Star Fleet Officer and Q." Adrian said.

"I am interested to say for the least." Rygork said.

Adrian pressed play.


. . . USS Voyager. . .

. . . 24th century. . .Delta Quadrant. . .

Q walked into the captain's room looking uneasy. The doors shut behind him followed by the command "Lock doors." straight from Janeway. Q had sent Junior back to the Q continuum but it was more so of a demand than a request due to the danger it posed sticking around him. Across from the  Voyager were what seemed to be Star Fleet starships of all types including various other races.

"Q," Janeway said. "Can you explain why every Star Fleet vessel is in the Delta Quadrant?"

"No," Q said, in the middle of the room. "I can't."

Janeway came over to Q. 

"Why are they after you?" Janeway asked.

Q threw his arms up in the air.

"I. don't. know!" Q shouted.

Janeway frowned, her hands on both hips.

"You know everything." Janeway said.

Q lowered his hands.

"I honestly don't know why Jean-Luc and his friends, and Captain Sisko, and everyone else are after me!" Q said,now pacing back and forth. "I don't want to hurt them. I don't want to destroy them because that would hurt too much!" He came to a rest into a chair now seemingly in a mess. "It seems to be the only solution. But I don't want to!"

"Why don't you just own up to what you did to them and apologize?" Janeway asked, taking her hands off her hips.

"I did nothing to earn this chase," Q said. "Let alone know how they are capable of warping after me and following my tail."

"Q, I've known you for three years," Janeway said. "You must have done something."

"Kathy," Q said. "It has been ten thousand years since I saw my two favorite humans and their crew," He stood up. "The only thing I am guilty of is being a parent."

Janeway narrowed her eyes.

"What you say could only be lies." Janeway said.

"With the options I have on the table; this is no lie."  Q said.

Then Q's mood turned into a sad demeanor as though he realized something very important.

"Q, what is it?"  Janeway asked.

"I have. . . I have to leave this galaxy," Q said, looking up toward Janeway. That sad expression changed to 'I am leaving, for good'.  "Do remember I am only doing this for everyone's sakes."

Janeway approached Q.

"Q, that offer,"  Janeway said. "I accept it."

Q shook his head heading toward the door.

"Kathy, this isn't the time to ask me for that favor." Q said.

Janeway stopped Q at the door by grabbing his shoulder forcing him to turn her direction.

By that time she was out of the cameras line of sight.

"You said 'If it were the last time I would meet you, perhaps. . . Just perhaps. . If you were to HAD my child, maybe we could discuss the idea thoroughly rather than cat and mouse'," Janeway said. "I have been playing it over and over again in my mind, it makes me think I have made a mistake." Q shook his hands making the insistence "No, Kathy, it was your decision." to her. "And I have come to realize it was a mistake."

"But you debunked any idea,"  Q said. "I was teasing you!"

"Q, I know that look anywhere and you sent us further away from home by landing here." Janeway said.

"That was an accident." Q said.

"Maybe it wasn't an accident," Janeway said. "How long have you been really on the run?"

"I can't say." Q said.

"Yes, you can, Q!" Janeway said.

"Five hundred years," Q said. "I made time go limbo because everyone else has lives (Which they are using on a senseless chase) and time is not passing. It is technically frozen. All I know is that if I leave then everyone will be returned to their rightful places in the Milky Way." He briefly closed his eyes. "I can't do it anymore. Running. That kind of deal."

"Running from your mistakes?" Janeway said.

Q glared at the captain's direction. 

"Don't put it that way." Q said, hurt.

"You are running from your friends and me, Q," Janeway said. "Don't just make this decision because of a mistake."

Q shook his head.

"If I made a mistake, I would fix it," Q said. "Some-one is making my . . ." He got choked up. "Friends . . ." He looked down toward the floor. "Into weapons against me."

Janeway used her hand to raise his head up toward her.

"Listen Q," Janeway said, lowering her hand. "Do you consider me a friend?"

"Yes." Q said.

"We haven't been chasing you." Janeway said.

Then Janeway brought Q into a kiss. It was a warm kiss, really.  A rather unexpected one. The kind where a girl would give a guy for walking her home, saving her life from ugly badass aliens, taking her to a fair, taking her roller skating, and so on. Q's hands found their way to Janeway's backside. The cameras were turned off abruptly. Everyone aboard the voyager was frozen in time (Save for Q and Janeway), literately,unable to move and were unaware of anything going on same for Tuvok who was frozen while approaching to the door. The camera turns back on to display Janeway on the couch with her forearm covering her eyes and her hand dangling off the couch. She had a pillow under her head. She appeared to be asleep. She was mostly covered by a blanket. Q sat by the young captain at the edge of the couch beside Janeway in Star Fleet uniform.

"Fine, if you want it that way," Q said. "I will send you home in two days. . ." Q sadly stroked the side of her cheek lightly. "Goodbye, Kathy."

Q vanished in a white flash.

Then time resumed.


"Come in," Janeway said, lunging forward keeping the blanket around her chest with a look of shock. "Doors unlock."

Tuvok entered.

"Captain, we have--" Tuvok stopped mid-sentence. "Pardon, I should have just commed you."

"Tuvok, what is it?" Janeway asked.

"The starships are going backwards," Tuvok said.  "And so are we."


. . . 2999. . .

. .  . USS Voyager P. . .

"Twenty-two years later after the return of the Voyager, Kathryn's son, Andrew Janeway,  vanished during  his time as a cadet in Star Fleet leaving behind a girlfriend and his two year old daughter," Adrian said, turning off the monitor. "He was never found," Adrian turns the monitor back in his direction away from Rygork. "I believe he became a Q."

"You mean to say Q is your very great grandfather." Rygork said.

"Yes." Adrian said.

"You don't have proof." Rygork said.

"This video is enough proof." Adrian said. 

Rygork sighed. 

"If you were his great descendant, wouldn't you be a master of telepathy and power of the mind?" Rygork asked.

"I was held back, that's all." Adrian said. 

Rygork stood up.

"Adrian,  I love you but this obsession over Q and Captain Kathryn Janeway is concerning me," Rygork said. "Don't make me send you to the doctor."

"It is a family mystery if  Andrew was a human or half Q." Adrian said.

"We will never know." Rygork said.

"That's where you are wrong," Adrian said. "One day. . . When evolution comes. . ." He reached his hand over to the Romulon's much larger hand then took it. Adrian squeezed Rygork's hand. "We will know."

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