A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


5. Past and present

Sonny . . .

Sonny looked over his shoulder, puzzled, from his patient.

"Hm?" Sonny said.

It sounded like someone was attempting to pick up the telepathic phone and make a clear connection. That's how they referred 'telepathy' as. Sonny could hold at least thirteen easy-going conversations in his head but anything beyond twenty in general was truly amazing. The Federation had been pushing the line to get further from nineteen conversations to twenty-five in studies. They had been trying to find a way to extend their point of converse beyond that.  Genetic testing. Cloning. Genetic alternation. You name it. They did it.

At one point in time before Q had vanished, he mentioned how his kind could hold twenty five conversations to a hundred if there were enough of them.


They were digging for that number. 

Humanity could hear thoughts and speak in thoughts but they were not completely dependent on their thoughts, in fact many preferred the manner of communication as speaking. That was accepted in the workforce. In public, if someone from the 21st century came in, one would see people staring at each other having strange expressions on their face. Star Fleet had, in fact, made more progress then they had before Q had come along. Progress went. . smoother.

The Borg were assimilated into their civilization over the thousand years.

"Doc," Ensign Charlie Bay said. "My leg."

Sonny turned his attention back toward the Ensign.

"Right, right." Sonny said, putting a lamp like arm device over the wound.

A blue light landed through the skin of Ensign Bay's leg. 

Sonny. . .

The bone inside the leg began to reconnect and the layers of skin grew blood clots carefully at the bleeding area preventing the bleeding from coming out,

. . .Me. . .

"And you are good as new!"  Sonny said, once the wound became invincible.

Sonny slide the ray flipping a switch.

"Phew." Bay said.

Barnabas. . .

"But don't go into that holoprogram simulation again," Sonny said, warningly.

Not. . . me. .

"You can be sure of it, Doc!" Bay said.

Bay got off the biobed then he fell straight on his face on the floor.

"Rest your leg, my friend." Sonny said.

"I am okay!" Bay said using the side of the biobed to help him up.

Who is calling?, Sonny asked.

No reply.

Sonny frowned turning away from Bay then started to head out of Medical Bay, "Activate Emergency Holoprogram II." He went straight ut of the door to find himself in what appeared to be a bar ripped right out of 2366. He could see there being civilian waiters serving the personnel. Where  the hell am I?, Sonny thought looking around. His eyes rested on the dark African American woman known widely as Guinan behind the bar speaking to what seemed be a figure similar to Data. Wait, he wasn't in the normal uniform.  He was in a black and yellow uniform. The previous conversations he was having were silenced.

So Sonny approached the bartender.

"Well Data, my advice would be to let Spot have a companion."

"A companion," Data said. " Hm. . ." Data looked over to see a man staring at his direction. "Hello?"

Sonny held his hand out as his stare changed into a friendly look.

"H---Hello," Sonny said. "It is a honor to meet you, Mr Data."

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,  Sonny thought over and over.

He just went through time.


Data shook Sonny's hand.

"Nice to meet you too. . .?"

"Sonny, Sonny Degrias."

"Nice to meet you, Mr Degrias."

They stopped shaking hands.

"Mr Degrais?" Guinan said. "I know everyone assigned aboard this ship and you weren't."

Sonny turned toward Guinan.

"I .  . ." Sonny said. "I am . . . From the future."


"What do you mean HE JUST VANISHED?"

EMH II flinched.

"That is what I am saying, Captain," EMH II said. "He went out the door and vanished. Gave me no explanation as to why I had been activated. There were nurse, who were busy, attending to a Romulon's unfix-able injury."

Barnabas sighed.

"We're going to need a new CMO." Barnabas said.

That startled B-4 greatly.

"But  Captain! For all we know he could possibly be in a temporal reality, different reality that is similar to ours but not the same," B-4 said.  "Or he could be floating around in space as some form of light energy where our transporters can catch and return."

"B-4, that is enough," Barnabas said. "He could be dead."

"Jim. . ." B-4 said, appearing to be concerned. "I am afraid there is something wrong with you."

"Lieutenant Maggie!" Barnabas said. "You are the new Chief Medical Officer."

Maggie's eye went wide.

Being CMO so fast wasn't on her career track! She believed it would take her thirteen or twenty-three YEARS to reach that post. That is if the evolution hadn't occurred by then. She looked over to the android who seemed to be genuinely concerned for the captain.  The android nodded so she turned her attention back to the captain. 

"Yes, Captain." Maggie said. 

B-4 applied the Vulcan Nerve Pinch to  Barnabas catching the captain into his arms.

"Get Chief Security." B-4 said.

"Am I still CMO?"  Maggie asked.

"Until we find Sonny, you are."   B-4 said.


 Sonny faced the  the glass window displaying space. He could feel they were going at warp eight. The bubble around the starship was more bothering than the one on the Enterprise-Z. He could sense the weight of the heavy bubble drifting through space. He could hear their concerned and confused thoughts about the ship, except for Data. Data had a processor which he used to check, verify, and see reason behind  and to decide on to acting on it. Data reminded Sonny of B-4. He had utter silence to himself contemplating the small voice. He was good at deciphering voices. 

He applied through his memory to any instance he heard someone speak that way.

Then Sonny heard a cough from behind him.

Sonny turned away from the window to see. . . Oh my god.

The Enterprise D senior officers sitting down in the chairs.

Hello, I am Sonny, Sonny thought.

They are not telepaths, Sonny, Troi replied.

"Sorry," Sonny apologized, sitting down at the table. "I. . ." He cleared his throat. "I slipped into my bad habit. And I have one big question."

"And what is it?" Picard asked.

"Is Q real?" Sonny asked, intrigued.

Is this man mad?, Riker thought.

Of all the hell that he put us through, this man thinks Q is fictional, Worf thought. 

What kind of question is that?, Geordi thought.

Where in heavens name did he come from to ask if Q was real?, Picard thought.

"Pardon?" Picard said.

"My future. . . Q has in fact never appeared after the voyages of a certain starship," Sonny said. "We can communicate through thoughts but Star Fleet prefers for our style of communication to be speaking." Sonny leaned back. "Our current goal is to excel ourselves, advance further into what we were supposed to evolve into, and. . . Well. . ." He tapped his fingers together. "Well, it is the footage we have of Q that is currently a hot debate of it being real or not."

"What is the normal form of communication of your century?" Riker asked.

"Telepathy." Sonny said.

Interesting, Riker thought.

"We wouldn't have met with the Borg without him," Picard said. "And I assume the Borg is still the Borg in your timeline."

"Not as much," Sonny said. "We assimilated them."

"Assimilated. . ." Picard said.

"The Borg?" Geordi said. "Personally a future with the Borg would mean we have just become powerful as them with technology and done something that shouldn't have been done."

"Well it took centuries for us not counting that war with those bloody androids," Sonny said. "That war made a friend of mine be offline for far too long." He looked up toward Data's direction. "My apologies, I wasn't talking about your kind. I am talking about a whole new synthetic artificial  kind."

"Apology accepted." Data said.

"And the Borg?" Picard asked.

"Not as dangerous as they used to be," Sonny said. "They are completely human and cured. Nothing of their Borg halves remain."

Picard leaned forward.

"Tell me, does anything happen because Q does not appear?"

"Not really," Sonny said. "But he made us want to better ourselves and advance with telepathy. His disappearence . . . however. . . has remained a great mystery." Sonny knew the rules of accidental time traveling. No interference. "There are some communitys dedicated to the solving the absence of Q."

"Why is Q's disappearance so important?" Picard asked.

"We are more close to becoming what he is than before," Sonny said. "The year  I am from? 2999. Sometime next year we will ascend into pure energy. I can already feel the change happening. Sometimes I feel so light I could fly in the air. Sometimes I dream of realities that never existed, transferring my conscious to another body possessing another body for four hours and then return to my own, and most of the time my wounds heal on their own. Some have already begun the transformation. Some have already gone through it."

Sonny placed the image of a glowing blue manifestation of pure cackling energy that seemed to be more of spirit.

"That is humanity for you,"  Sonny said. "The end product of thousands of years evolving."

The image vanished out of the crew.

"If you are currently evolving, maybe you intentionally brought yourself here," Worf said. "To cause harm on the timeline."

"By warning you of evolution?" Sonny said. "Why that is absurd."

"We are going to be evolving like the Zalkonian," Picard said. "And it sounds like the federation accepts it."

"Well, many of us are afraid of it."  Sonny said.

"Afraid of evolution?" Beverly said.

"Along the way we've faced the unknown, often times poked a phaser at them, and torpedoes," Sonny said.  "It is . . " He sighed. "As annoying as he sounds on the files and  appears as on the historical videos.. . We do need a familiar face to tell us that it's going to be all right."  He folded his arms. "Treylane, hah, he is not much of assurance.  I last saw this guy five years ago scowling at a little tribble!" He laughed. "And we still do not know to this day what he is."

". .  . Are you referring to Trelane?" Worf asked.

"He prefers to be called Treylane,"  Sonny said. "So of course I am."

"We  have met up with him. . . many. . . many times." Picard said.

"And one of those many times I nearly lost most of my nurses." Beverly said.

And Data, Geordi thought. 

Sonny realized what he was inside. 

He was inside a alternate timeline.  Anything can happen.  There is no record or Officer Log indicating any of the sorts going from meeting with Treylane and nearly losing Data to almost losing an entire group of ensigns. The gears moved in Sonny's head. Something was very wrong. Why be taken into a alternate timeline under no reason? Whenever Q had done anything  to the crew, those who were part of it made sure to detail it in their report to Star Fleet.

"And there was one time he turned me into a Q," Picard said. "The offer was . . .Not my cup of tea."

Sonny leaned forward unfolding his arms.

"What was it like?" Sonny asked.

"Limitless," Picard said. "But I needed a lot of self control to restrain myself from using it to fix everyone's problems."

"So you didn't visit the continuum."  Sonny said.

"Well. . . We did," Picard said. "And then I went back."

Sonny sighed.

"I am not going to ask as I am most likely to see it in the upcoming year." Sonny said.

"Why did Q leave?" Beverly asked.

"History reports say he was running from everyone including the Enterprise," Sonny said.  This earned a alarmed expression from Picard and Troi. "However, those who had been chasing him would later have no memory of it nor could the sudden influx of power be explained for the warp core." He put his hands on the table into a fist. "There was only one crew who were not part of it and remembered the events. Enough to recount his final day."

"Why are you in the past?" Worf asked.

"I do not generally know," Sonny said. "But I intend to find out. Do you have any more questions regarding my future? I will gladly answer them."

Our scene transfers to an hour later. Sonny had enough control over his telepathy to not the minds of the crew during these questions and he lowered his mental shields prepared to hear their reaction. Riker was more concerned about people invading his privacy by hearing his thoughts, Troi had mixed emotions to telepathy being the main form of communication, Picard saw the future a little more brighter, Geordi had his worries eased, Worf still had a suspicion on Sonny, and Beverly was intrigued. Geordi and Data both promised to find a way to send Sonny home.

"Captain, may I speak with you?" Sonny asked.

Picard shared a look with  Riker then had a short nod.

Riker left.

"'What is the matter?"

Sonny approached  Picard.

"This is a Alternate Universe,"  Sonny said. "And one day YOU will be part of the reason Q leaves. May or may not happen. I use the term loosely as this is a very different universe. Since Q is omnipotent and all: he could have made it un-happen, never-happen, or have destroyed you. But he chose none of them.  Q didn't destroy you when he had the chance. There is one thing that everyone in these community's can agree on in our universe: he spared you. So one day, after the days of your captaincy as a admiral (or Ambassador or retired), after you tell Q to leave and he  NEVER EVER comes back. Just remember your advocate left because you told him to."

Sonny went out the room leaving a speechless Picard.

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