A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


3. Oh, with Barnabas



Far from everyone he knew.

Barnabas can feel a tight pain around his neck. The collar. The damn collar. The injury inflicting collar only used on Cardassains during interrogation for information. Barnabas was many things. But admitting that his kind had a terrible form of information fishing was not one of them. The blood coming out of his sockets had stopped hours ago. Barnabas's head had been lowered down, craned really, toward his lap. He just knew it was his lap because it the most reasonable place.

Where did Karon get his dirty hands on it?

How, in fact, did he?

Barnabas was being thoroughly injured.

"My name is Christi," Came the female voice. "Of Cardassia Four."

"If you have a heart. . ." Barnabas said. "Let me go."

Christi tipped his head up.

"No can do, James,"  Christi said, then Barnabas felt hot stinging pain in his fore-arm. "We just need you to be alive for the connection. That is all. And when the deed is done. . . I will personally kill you."  His eyelids were closed over the wound in his socket. "That is why I signed up for this. . ." She stroked the side of his cheek.  "To kill a Cardassian/Romulan halfbreed, who wouldn't take the chance?"

"I refuse to die." Barnabas said.

"You have no choice." Christi said, softly.

His hands were clenched up in fists.

"I refuse to die by the hands of a pure Cardassian!" Barnabas said.

Christi slapped Barnabas. 

"That is what separates you from me,"  Christi said. "Half Breeds bring no achievement to the empire."

"The empire was changed to a democracy  centuries ago!" Barnabas said. "If it were military then I wouldn't be alive!"

Barnabas felt sick at the idea of Cardassia related planets turning into military paranoid era once more. In fact his stomach twisted at the idea. Cardassians lost a lot of lives due to their military way. Romulans and Cardassians, long after the voyages of the Enterprise E, got together  but mostly it was the Romulans approaching the Cardassians to reform their ways and rebuild their civilization. Apparently the Romulans knocked some sense into the Caradassians to join the Federation and form a alliance. 

"You are no Cardassian." Christi said.

"I am a Romulan, and Romulans say 'NO' to military ways." Barnabas said.

Christi stepped back.

"You disgust me." Christi said.

"Good, just what I was out to do," Barnabas sarcastically said.

Then in his neck Barnabas could feel a surge of electricity jolt through frying some of his nerves. His scream was carried out through the underground tunnel that became inaudible once it came to the entrance. Not a sound could be heard from the entrance. Perhaps it was because he was so far and down into the tunnel that following the sound of his voice would be difficult. He could feel an ache in the back of his neck. God did he feel terrible. His wounds would take time to heal. He closed his eyes focusing his energy on the wounds.

"Go ahead and shut up on me," Christi said. "Your Vulcan ancestry is more important than letting your wound heal naturally."

Barnabas made a note to himself to punch Christi at the face when he was free.

He had to try to heal his wounds.

It was worth a shot.

And calling out in his mind to Sonny was his second chance of survival. He didn't believe in evolving into entities in the next year. Why? Nothing has really happened indicating any of the sorts. Q has not appeared to any Enterprise or Star Fleet related crew for the past thousand years. Even though the federation has come across entities similar to the Q but it was not that quite. Q had become a legend, a myth, a folktale, and a bedtime story. Even with the historical records from the Enterprise D and the Voyager showing images of him it wasn't quite that real. There were many people in Star Fleet who believed the Q were real and Barnabas was among them.  Barnabas had met entities similar to Q in his career namely one being Treylane (Or that's how the entity insisted that his name was spelled) in his years.

Nobody was sure what Treylane was.

Treylane had fun throwing them in for loops to guess what he was.

Barnabas focused all his energy to the wounds.

"Or maybe I am a wisp but a wisp does not have a vessel to be in ALL. THE. TIME!"  Trelane  said.

Barnabas stood up, outraged and furious, at the entity blocking him view of the animal house on the flying holoslides.

"Treylane, let us through, damn it!"  Barnabas demanded.

"For your benefit?" Treylane said, leaning back in the chair across from the captain's desk.  "No."

"Treylane,if you give a shit about us then let us see for ourselves." Barnabas said.

"I don't like the word 'shit'," Treylane said. "That is a mean word. Besides, why would I care about poop?"

Barnabas frowned.

"You are not always going to stop us on exploring your planet." Barnabas said.

"It is completely inhabitable," Treylane said. "I can control it. Not you."

Barnabas narrowed his eyes at the entity's direction.

"We have science on our side!" Barnbas said.

"Gothos is a planet I CAN CONTROL," Treylane said. "And it is rightfully mine, very mine in fact, if someone were to land without my permission then their head will be cut off or be given the rope to hang them by the neck." He made the slit gesture on his neck. "Very painful way to die, don't you think?"

Barbabas rested his knuckles on the table.

"We need that planet for the tribbles." Barnabas  said.

"Tribbles will not survive in that environment." Treylane said.

"Well, there is no other planet to keep this dying species under control!" Barnabas said, shaking his free hand in mid-air.

"Are you telling me that I am your only hope to  SAVE a entire parasite that still, to this day, shrieks at Klingons?" Treylane asked, standing up, now eye to eye with the Cardassian.

Barnabas stopped narrowing his eyes.

"Yes," Barnabas said. "As much as you rant about being responsible why not take care of them?"

Treylane sat back down folding his arms.

"You've used my words against me." Treylane said.

"I am using cold hard facts, Treylane," Barnabas said. "These are an endangered and adorable innocent species. They can't be on starships forever." Treylane leaned back rubbing his forehead. "Even with population control there is no way we can help when nature finds a way around it."

Treylane shook his hand.

"Fine, fine, fine," Treylane said. "If that makes you happy." Treylane looked up toward the Cardassian. "You do not hang this over my head, again, and if you do. . .I will find the most terrible way to get my revenge upon you."

"Go ahead and plan it," Barnabas said, his eyes locked on the entity. "I won't give you the joy of hearing my screams."

"I'll take your word on that, Cardassian." Treylane said, with a smile.

Treylane vanished before his eyes, no light or anything.

He simply vanished in thin air.

"B-4 to Barnabas."

"Barnabas here."

"All the tribbles have vanished."

Barnabas sighed, relieved, that they were taken.

"Good," Barnabas said. "Set route for Starbase 29.79."

"Yes,Captain," B-4 said as Barnabas sat in the captain's chair. "B-4 out."


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