A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


16. Missing someone

. . . August 7th. . . 2999 . . .

"I miss him too."

B-4's eyes were serving as lights guiding the group into the abandoned starship.

"Miss who, Doctor?" B-4 said.

"You know damn well who I am talking about." Sonny said

"Oh . . . Barnabas," B-4 said, in a low voice. "I have made my peace with it."

Sonny frowned taking B-4 by the shoulder.

"You know as well I do that you are not," Sonny said.  "You don't have to try acting like the captain. Act like you do in the role."

"I have been avoiding this role for four hundred ten years," B-4 said. "All I ever wanted to be was a explorer."

"Explorer or not," Sonny said, letting go of the android's shoulder. "You are our captain."

Sure B-4 had  Data's memories but he chose to keep them in a secret safe in his infinite processor and locked under a secret passcode. Well, really, he chose to ignore them.  B-4 continued to lead the way with security and Sonny. They had masks on to prevent any kind of radiation from entering their body through the skin, nose, mouth, and any form of contact. Sonny  went to the side of a body laid under what seemed to be a pillar from out of the wall support. Sonny placed two fingers under the man's chin then turned his head toward B-4's direction.

"He is dead, B-4." Sonny said.

"Hopefully we will find the captain of this vessel. . ." B-4 said. "Spread out. Comm me will you find any sign of life."

"Yes sir," Went the other security members.

B-4 had been forced to shut down Chief Security's program a month after Barnabas's departure. It turned around that his program in responding to particular had favored Barnabas in a way. Serving under  Captain Barnabas for so long could be the natural reason since he was around the holoprogram for so long. It pained the android to deactivate his friend. In a way B-4 killed his friend but he did keep Security's holoprogram mobile device in close approximate distance. The day when B-4 would come across Barnabas and he would be in a tight situation that had no way out at first situation analysis. The day B-4 would be shut down, apparently, for good.

B-4 understood how Data felt when he deactivated Lore for the last time.

B-4 tried to not get too close to people.

But apparently that failed and he round up getting hurt anyhow.

It is part of being human, Data would say, people need to feel to fully experience living.

And Lore, most likely, would say: Oh stop whining.

B-4 entered into the bridge where there lay unresponsive bodies all over the place with Sonny with a bad stench. B-4's face turns into a disgusted and horrified kind of one at the sight. The captain of the ship had died long ago probably in the ensuing fight that lead to the death of all bridge officers. B-4 turned away visibly shaken by the sight of various dead decomposing bodies. Sonny could only say, "Dead, all dead." Sonny took  B-4 by the arm then back straight into the turbo lift.

The doors closed behind the two.


The doors opened for Treylane as he leaned against the side of the wall contemplating about a matter.

To push or not to push Barnaba's cells into cell mutation.

To . . .Evolve. . . As one can put it.

Barnabas posed a challenge, a entertaining challenge to see how he reacted and participated in certain events put into motion by Treylane. It was Amanda's idea that he go create his next set of play toys. Treylane couldn't always play in the past. It would get boring, Amanda reasoned, so boring and repetitive. The way she put it made complete sense. So Treylane went further into the timeline and picked a descendant of his father's Enterprise. Now alerting his toy of his impending change suddenly could be alarming. It could change his entire belief. Barnabas, otherwise, could refuse to believe it. Treylane wanted to have fun. To prod and instigate amusing matters leading to fun.

But he is saving that for whenever his father decides to return.

Treylane looked up to see he had popped up in a turbo lift in the Enterprise D (Or at least one of the versions) where in the lone dimly lit corridor with yellow wallpaper there two figures along the wall. Treylane saw Kathryn Janeway, in Captain uniform from the late 2360's, pinned against the wall by his father and they were kissing. Treylane's face turned into that of disgust. Then it turned into shock. How did he diverge timelines? He just DID NOT do that! He saw their kiss be stopped with a brief smile shared between the two. Treylane could hear his father's thoughts being: Why Kathy is a lovely kisser. Janeway's thoughts? Why didn't we do this earlier when we had the chance? Preferably Treylane wouldn't want to be around when his father is in the process of wooing a human.


Treylane vanished into a white flash.

Q looked over to see the doors closing with a raised eyebrow. 

"What are you looking at?" Janeway asked. 

Q lowered his brow then turned his head toward Janeway.

"I thought I saw a pussy cat." Q said, as Janeway wrapped her arms around his neck.

Janeway had a short laugh, amused, by the reply.

"Oh Q." Janeway said.

The two resumed into their addicting lovely kiss.

"Q?" Janeway said, in between the kisses.

Janeway had four pips on the collar.

"Yes?" Q asked.

"Can we take this into my quarters?" Janeway asked.

"Nobody is going down to a level that does not exist, Kathy."  Q said, right as he was kissing along her neck.

Janeway's eyes widened.

"Don't tell me this is Deck 13." Janeway said.

Q craned his head back tilting it to the side curiously.

"Deck 43,a totally nonexistant deck. Are you thinking of hotels? I can take you to a hotel without anyone knowing and return you. Five starred hotel.  Fantastic service." Q said, holding his fingers. "They also have hot tubs with turbo jets, free  massages, a splendid view of Paris or any land mark you want, and simply just telling you about it wouldn't give it justice! We Q pride ourselves in keeping it secret from all of the other races. . . Well. . . We try but it moves so randomly in time and space to planet to planet during a time interval."

"Swear to me that time will not pass." Janeway said.

Q smirked.

"Have I ever took you away from your ship and returned you three days later?"  Q asked.

"No." Janeway said

"Then I have nothing to swear to because I always bring you back while allowing time not to pass," Q said, wrapping his arms around her neck on her shoulders. "Simple laws of the universe for a new-Q."

"You have to tell me those rules, Q."  Janeway said.

"Ah, you have finite memory but not infinite memory like Data," Q said. "You'll have to be a Q for that."

"I have a really good memory." Janeway said.

"One day, perhaps, one day. . ." Q said. "So AAAA+++ hotel or your luxurious quarters?"

"No floor thirteen." Janeway said.

"You are terrified by the thirteenth floor. . . I wonder why." Q said.

Janeway's face faltered.

"Q,  no--"

And they vanished in a white flash.


. . . August 15th. . . 2999 . . .

A white flash blinded Barnabas's eyes.

He saw unusual strange alien beings with folds along their ears, short hair, and blue skin with white dots.

He saw what appeared to be the shape of a weapon along a belt loop. Their eyes were a shade of red that could be only seen from  a bloody TV series. One of the old TV series ripped out of the 21st century can give a good idea what everyone was thinking of about the supernatural in their times.  The attire of the ones awakening him were different but still close enough to call them attire. They had on helmets with red dots coming from the top.  They raised and lowered what seemed to be a flashlight from the 21st century in his direction.

He was in the middle of no where.

And someone just found him.

It terrified Barnabas.

He had been losing more oxygen due to a extended leak in the life support systems.

He was barely hanging on and just breathing was taking it all away.

He didn't have two weeks to live!

Hell  . . . Hello?, Barnabas thought.

The half-breed had ONE day to live if he stayed aboard the ship.

Barnabas felt  a sharp feeling travel from his shoulder and just like that he was out.

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