A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


21. Holoprograms

. . . August 19th. . . 2999 . . .

. . . The Charge. . .











And so on.

What did they all share?

Of course,  they shared what photonic related beings did not have.

They had life.

Life; organs, blood, capable of breathing, feeling their heart race, and have bones. In ways androids, cyborgs, and holoprograms envied humans for having what they did not.  They had bones. They had real eyes. They had real tongues and teeth. They could reproduce. Being given emotions wasn't enough.  Though there are many holoprograms who do not mind the difference and some that see there difference as not fair. Life wasn't fair to them as it had been countless times before.

"How far are we from the destination?" Chief Security said

"Six hours." The Navigator holoprogram said.

"Captain, where are we--"

Chief Security quickly recognized the voice as someone who had died centuries ago.  Someone he had met eight years ago in 2991. He had been activated by B-4 in 2990. Anyway,Chief Security turned the chair around in the direction of the young African American man standing at the door holding a very stunned.  He could see this version still had the visor. Geordi stepped back.

"Geordi La Forge," Chief  Security said, as he stood up. "Do not panic."

"Where am I?" Geordi asked.

"We met before," Chief Security said. "Remember me. . . The one who tackled a Romulan Assassin from murdering a Klingon Representative on the Enterprise?"

"No,"  Geordi said. "I never met you."

Chief Security had a 'Oh' expression on his face.

"All right," Chief Security said. "My name is Security Holoprogram 2.97," He tapped on the metal triangle item attached to his shoulder. "I have the experience of thousands of security personnel and knowledge including tactile. You may call me 'Chief' or 'Security'." Security stepped forward holding his hand out  portraying his best smile. "Welcome aboard the Charge,sir."

Geordi stared at the Romulan for awhile.

"You are. . " Geordi shook Chief's hand. "Different."

"Paranoria gripped the species I was designed off," Chief  Security said. "And very isolate." He shook his head. "I pity those who lived in that era."

They stopped shaking hands.

"Uh, so where are you heading?"

"To the Sombrero galaxy,sir."

Geordi gasped.

"But. . . That is not possible. ." Geordi said.

"Yet, in your time," The Navigator holoprogram said. "We use a different kind of power to send us through space due to the warp pollution."

"And we still have warp engines because the power is similar but not that deadly to the environment," Chief Security said. "You are welcome to visit engineering."

"What's the story behind the Cardassian?" Geordi asked.

"Telling  you would be spoiling,sir," Chief Security said.

"Can you stop calling me sir and call me Geordi?" Geordi asked.

"I was programmed to be polite at all times." Chief Security said.

"Well, not everyone likes being called sir, Chief." Geordi acknowledged.

"I can adjust my programming for that request," Chief Security said. "I have edited my programming for your experience, Geordi."

Why yes, he had the knowledge and experience of every Security chief/Tactile officer but meeting his idols in person? That topped the cake. He made his own experience over the years because some of the experience were outdated and were not up to date. They were simply not up for the occasions. It was Sonny's words to him that sparked his drive to experience.

The kind of power they used to get from place to place?

It mainly can't be described properly without sound like a man has gone mad and devoted his entire life to Science Fiction.

That's just the opinion of someone from the 30th century.

"Why thank you," Geordi said. "And how did I get here?"

"Time rupture or temporal abnormality," Chief Security said, as in came 2.99 through the doors along with another counterpart being 3.00. "Brothers, at ease."

Geordi looked over to see Romulans who did not resemble Chief Security at all.

Security was more recognizable than them.

"But Chief--" 3.00 started to say but Security cut him off.

"You will only guide him to his quarters or engineering," Chief Security said. "Until Geordi returns to his own time."

"He could be a Romulon!" 3.00 said.

"Make no mistake about his appearance," Chief Security said. "He is one hundred percent human and if you argue about his originality any further I will have to shut you down until we get to the captain which is what I  do not want to do!" Security returned his attention to Geordi. "We have a cybernetic's lab in this class of Starships. Perhaps we have a cybernetic holoprogram who could be of some help for you." He glared back to the two. "Have I made myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes, Chief."  The two said.

"Sure you are not a captain holoprogram?" Geordi asked.

"I have a emergency captain program that is a result of the leadership from my first captain," Chief Security said. "I strongly advise, six hours from now, that you stay in the safest part of this vessel as my two brothers will show."

The tone in Security's voice indicated he was dead serious to Geordi.

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