A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


38. Holoprogram's sadness

. . . 5:20 PM. . . 3000. . .

. . . Enterprise-Z. . .Holoprogram Cafeteria. . .

Chief Security watched one by one of the civilians turn into orbs. One by one he sadly watched them go. One by one his human comrades were being plucked. He and his fellow holoprograms who mourned the loss of their human friends. They had been given the program of emotion, capable of drawing tears, showing anger, happiness, frustration, and irritation. Raw emotion.

He would miss their quirks.

He would miss their temper.

He would miss their mistakes, their slip ups, and arrogance.

He would miss serving alongside them.

He would miss the unruly teenagers and best of all the captain.

It has been a true adventure serving alongside Captain Barnabas.

"They are leaving us!" Cried a nurse holoprogram in the arms of a engineer holoprogram named Franky. Her name was Mary.

"But the personnel isn't," Chief Security said. "They are still here."

"There is only a few hours left of the day," Mary said. She was trembling in the arms of Franky. "Serving aboard this ship. . .It has helped me achieve sentience."

Chief Security served with Barnabas since the Enterprise-Z first left Vulcan.

He could tell a new android countless stories about serving with humans and mixed races.

But B-4?

B-4 wasn't the only Android out there. There were two hundred of them out in open space mainly in the Andromeda galaxy. They served a little more purpose. There used to be thousands until there was a revolt against the Federation for treating them like miners and slaves four hundred ninety years ago. There was a civil war with starships against starships. B-4 was shut down temporarily until the war had ended due to the Federation having jumpy feet of having a android that could possibly betray them in a war. The war had not ended until two hundred twenty-three years ago.

"My first memory. . ." Chief Security said. "Mine was of being a Ensign. I had been activated by B-4 when they hadn't been on the move. The then current officer was a Romulon by the name Charz. He died two years later . . Anyway. . ."

"A Holoprogram. . " Barnabas said. "I am a little skeptical about a holoprogram taking on the function of security."

"We have no choice with Michael on our heels," B-4 said. "Hello," He faced toward Ensign Security. "I am Commander B-4," He then gestures over to the Romulan. "He is Chief Security Charz," B-4 points to Barnabas. "This is Captain James Dean Barnabas and you are Security Program 2.97."

A disruptor struck the nearby wall above three. The group were forced back on the run on their two feet lacking their combadges. Barnabas was on the run with Commander B-4, Charz, and Ensign Security from a rival Romulon shooting their distruptors at them. Since Ensign Security at the time was simply a program he was left without the sensation of sweating, heart pumping, and adrenaline flowing through. But what Ensign Security did have was pure horror going through his system matrix. The distruptor blasts blazed past Commander Data's shoulder.

"RUN!" Barnabas shouted.

"I am running,sir!" Ensign Security shouted.

Ensign Security picked up a short but small long wide rock that resembled more of a spear.



A blast struck into B-4's knee and so was the other making the android collapse to his knees on the floor.

"Oh dear." B-4 said.

Ensign Security stopped in his tracks then ran to the aid of B-4 with his blade aimed backwards in his hand.

The holoprograms dapped at their eyes using a programmed handkerchief.

"Daaaww." Came a collective sigh.

Their humans who couldn't survive in their environment were going up the next stage in evolution.

"I'll miss Doctor Sonny." Franky said, as Mary broke out of his arms.

"Me too." Came another holoprogram.

"He is a great doctor," A Medical Emergency Holoprogram II said, wiping off a tear from the corner of his eye. "There won't be another like him."

"Remember the time when the captain ordered us to put a lot of sub-routines into our routine commands for when there were a invasion of space pirates?" Mary asked.

Their eyes shined, as they all nodded.

"That nearly destabilized us." One holoprogram said.

"And it worked," Mary said. "We can make our arrangements work."

"The best I will miss about this ship. . .is the people," Franky said. "I remember being very clueless how to be social in the beginning. It was . . . Stern's insistence that I branch out to others and develop hobbies."

"Excuse me." Chief Security said.

Chief Security exited the room then trailed his fingers along the wall lowering his head. It was all a heavy blow for him. Losing what friends he had aboard the Enterprise-Z. All his sub-routines, his usual routines, and personality matrix could change when the crew vanishes. He could fall into the hands of smuggler or thieves. The only history of humanity that would remain to testify for their behalf would be computers,sentient holoprograms,and androids. His legs felt heavy. He came into the turbo lift.

"Deck 38." Chief Security said.

The turbo lift, these days, can read the holoprogram mood and play a song depending on it.

"Please stand by, and listen to 'Live Forever' by Drew Holcomb." The computer said.

His eyes briefly closed.

"Computer, override song choice and replace it with 'Iridescent' by Linkin Park on high volume." Chief Security said.

"Choice has been changed to Iridescent," The computer replied. "Now playing."

As the doors close we see Chief Security kneel down with one hand over his eyes and tears emerge. He had one hand against the rail. He was visibly upset. The doors closed in on the Romulan Holoprogram where we hear nothing. The elevator goes up and up. The turbo lift came to a stop but the doors did not open. That lasted for three minutes. The turbo lift resumed going up until it came to Deck 38. The doors opened to reveal a teary eyed Chief Security.

Chief Security went down the hall until he came to a holodeck with a golden door that had the four markings that were in the shapes of pips.

"Activate: Worf Son of Mogh holoprogram," Chief Security said. "Era? Deep. Space. Nine."

"Holoprogram complete." The computer said.

The doors opened and in came Chief Security.

He stepped into the room that had Klingon related furniture, human related too, a picture of a battle that had been drawn long ago. Long before his time. He saw Worf, the aging Klingon he was, sitting down having champagne. Now he wasn't well known to drink champagne when in private but there was little information about Worf's hobbies asides to using sticks to create a little house. Holoprogram Worf looked up toward the Romulan.

"Who are you and how did you get into my quarters?"

"I am Chief Security Scott Welts of the USS Planthoria," Chief Security lied, perfecting a Scottish accent. "And. . . I have been wantin' to speak with you."

Worf hunched his brows forward.

"I was not aware that Romulans were allowed to settle on Earth." Worf said.

"My mother was smuggled in and went under the ruse that she was a Vulcan," Chief Security said, sitting down into a chair. "How was it when you first . . . stop servin' the Enterprise?"

"Hmm. . . Question, eh?" Worf said.

"Simple line of questions, as everyone I know is bein' decommissioned." Chief Security said.

Worf's stoic face turned into a look of loss.

"That is a subject . . . A rather . . . sad one." Worf said.

Chief Security nodded.

"Me question, sir." Chief Security said.

"It was . . ." Worf said. "I didn't really believe what I did at first was real afterwards. But then I was serving in the Klingon civil war with my brother;it felt unrealistic. I had dreams for days that I was still on the Enterprise. That I had not resigned but in fact stayed aboard. For days onwards I had a bad habit of calling to my former captain when he wasn't on the ship." Worf looked down toward the floor. "It was a . . . Rocky period in my life." Worf looked back up toward the security holoprogram. "How does it feel to get off your first ship?"

"I have yet to experience that, sir." Chief Security said.

"I am a holoprogram, aren't I?" Worf asked.

Chief Security was surprised.

"It doesn't take a android long to realize after seeing people come in of different races request for a chat," Worf said. "Tell me. . . How will it feel to lose everything you've gained? Your friends and your family. I assume you coming here means you are losing everyone you hold dear to your heart." He put the champagne on the table. "Drop the Scottish act."

"Heartbreaking, sir." Chief Security said.

"Yes, I achieved sentience . . ." Worf stood up then approached the young Romulan. "And I want you to delete my program so I will be in peace at Sto-vo-kor."

Chief Security gasped.

"You are asking me to kill you, sir," Chief Security said. "And I refuse to do it on a Klingon. You must die in combat!"

Worf nodded.

"That I do," Worf said. "Computer: make a Klingon battlefield."

The scenery turned into a battlefield with a paved area and two weapons.

"Bat'leth." Chief Security said.

"You are familiar to my weapons." Worf acknowledged.

"I have used it once, before, on you in a parallel timeline defending my captain." Chief Security said.

"How did you escape that timeline?" Worf asked, picking up his Bat'leth.

"The timeline we went into would later become a paradox and since we were not part of it, yet; it did not affect us or our progression of history," Chief Security said picking up the Bat'leth.

"And who won?" Worf asked.

"You did, sir." Chief Security said.

"Call me 'sir' and I am ripping your head off," Worf said. "Call me 'Worf'."

Yes sir, Chief Security thought charging at the Klingon.


. . . 6:10 PM. . .

Chief Security walked out of the holodeck trembling.

He had, this time, defeated Worf.

"Computer. . ." Chief Security said.

"Yes sir?" The computer said.

"Delete Admiral Worf's previous memory and history files to before he had been activated on Enterprise-Z," Chief Security said. "Make him a fresh slate."

"This will take five minutes." The computer said.

"Take all the time you need, computer." Chief Security said, then he walked down the lone hallway with his head lowered and sulked shoulders

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