A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


19. He stole a mini-starship

He turned on the packets of holoprograms on the bridge. This bridge wasn't the Enterprise. Frankly he did not steal one engineering holoprogram but four in fact and numerous others. This bridge was a lot like a rounded one with the important bridge members at a console handling the problems. He activated the navigator holoprogram, the con holoprogram,and Chief Security himself fulfilled three roles. He had Franky, a Engineer Holoprogram, stationed in the medical bay with Emergency Medical Holoprogram's device.

"Ready to launch, Chief." The Navigator Holoprogram said.

The Navigator holoprogram was at the Flight Controller station.

"Exit the Enterprise-Z."  Chief Security said.

"Yes, Chief." Navigator said.

The Charger charged out of the starship bay out into open space. The cloaking device was turned on covering it from the view of the Enterprise Z. The cloaking device is installed into every kind of starship model but finding one is another story. It is quite difficult due to their option of no energy being radiated off. No sound. No communication being detected. The energy signature became cloaked blocking chances of being spotted. This is just a mini-starship vessel being a rescue model. It had red wall paper, dark gray floor, and colorful buttons. Chief  Security gave a energy GPS destination reading letting it pass to the navigator then he pressed a button on the side of the arm rest that allowed all holoprograms aboard to spring to life and then he hit the announcement button on the side.

"This is acting captain Security," Chief Security said. "We are headed our way to retrieve former Captain  Barnabas. I have stolen a starship, and very well aware of the consequences that it means for myself, but I have recently  been reactivated in another galaxy at the behest of Barnabas. I have brought you all, my . . . siblings, to do what possibly might spell the end of our programs.  Now you might be angry at me for abducting you all,my . . . brothers and sisters. . ." He looked over to the screen indicating their estimate time of arrival. "And you have every right to be. I swear, one way or another, this mission will be a success."


. . . August 18th. . . 2999 . . .

. . . Enterprise-Z. . .

When B-4 wasn't at the bridge then he would be in his quarters.  When B-4 wasn't in his quarters he would be typically seen in the game room having fun with other crew members. When B-4 wasn't at the game room then some might find him in the cafeteria bar. If he wasn't in the cafeteria bar he would either be seen aimlessly walking down the corridor, engaging in  a recreational activity in the holodeck, or at his ready room reading some holopadds.

"Chief Medical Officer Sonny  Degrias would like to enter." The computer said.

"Allow." B-4 said, leaning back in his chair drinking artificial black coffee.

Sonny entered the large and wide ready room.

"Captain," Sonny said. "We're missing a couple holoprograms."

B-4 raised a eyebrow leaning forward.

"Missing?" B-4 said. "We recently count them and they are all accounted for."

Sonny put a triangle device into a slit into the table.

In a blue light in miniature figure size appeared a band.

When the days are cold

And the cards all fold

And the saints we see

Are all made of gold

B-4 listened intently.

When your dreams all fail

And the ones we hail

Are the worst of all

And the blood’s run stale

B-4 looked toward Sonny.

I wanna hide the truth

I wanna shelter you

But with the beast inside

There’s nowhere we can hide. . .

"I get the point,"  B-4 said, taking the device out. "Where did you get this?"

"It came up instead of Charlie,"  Sonny said. "It took me an hour to realize what song and band this was from!" He gestured over to the device in B-4's hand. "You got to investigate this, Captain! I have a feeling something wrong is going on below our noses."

B-4 nodded.

"I will get to it," B-4 said, handing it back to Sonny.  "Rest assured."

Sonny sighed, relieved.

"I just had to tell someone . . ." Sonny said. "Thanks for listening."

Sonny exited the room.

Sonny was a man who got curious and wanted answers. A reasonable reason why he was all over it for an hour. He likely searched the lyrics through the intergalactic database. There were trillions and trillions of songs on the database. How did Sonny find that in a hour? Sonny was a intelligent man. He probably took it thoroughly forty-two minutes in and decided to take short cuts to get the answer. B-4 would not be surprised if it actually happened. B-4 paused contemplating in his processor on a possibility. A singular possibility.

"B-4 to Holoprogram room."

"This is Holoprogram Security 1.99," 1.99 said. "What is it, Captain?"

"Is Holoprogram 2.97's holodevice on the table?"

"Yes sir."

"Turn it on."

And then B-4 heard a low but musical female voice come over.

I know you're gonna be mad,

When I gotta do what I gotta do,

Some day I hope you understand,

Some day I hope you understand, 

For what I gotta do,

The voice sounded country like, enjoyable and a nice tune to it.

I know it's gonna be hard to accept,

But let it be known that I did what a human had to do, 

Let me take responsibility, 

For my consequences when I come back,

If I ever come back,

I gladly will take the consequences,

I know you're gonna be mad,

But I hope you understand for what I gotta do.

"Captain?" 1.99 said.

And I can't let you in,

Because it's my choice.

"This is odd. . ." B-4 said. "Missing holoprograms. . ." He had his elbows on the table leaning forward with his hands below his chin. "Take the disc out."

"Ay, Captain." 1.99 said.

"B-4 out," B-4 said. "Computer. . . What is missing?"


B-4 lowered his hands with a 'you are kidding me' kind of look.

B-4 felt anger, unedifying fury, at what he was realizing. 

Sure a holoprogram device could reactivate itself at will but not when it was locked under the captain's password. Somehow, in the most logic defying way,Security had come alive. It must have been something so important, so very important, something that of a miracle that a holoprogram device was reactivated.  So it was surprising for this to happen to B-4. It was unheard of someone going behind the captain's back to unlock the holoprogram.

That couldn't have been done by a miracle.

There had to be a person behind it.

But who?


Rage built up inside the android. B-4 turned his emotions off believing they could compromise him. Surely his brothers (If they had been alive) would do the same.  He had to check the starship bay himself. B-4 stood up, put a lid over the coffee cup concealing the heat inside, and then he exited his ready room. No longer could he feel his emotions. No longer did he stand in the compromising position. He was in a good deal of clarity. The android was so clear a beehive wouldn't disturb him nor would the attack of several Romulon vessels. B-4 was at peace.

"Captain?" Strong said.

"You have the bridge, Number One." B-4 said.

B-4 went onto the turbo lift, and the doors closed on him.

The turbo lift played a theme tune only heard from the Twilight Zone.

"I wonder what's up with B-4," Strong said. "Usually he is not like this."

"Maybe it is not his day." Second Commander Sarah Paris suggested.


. . . Starship bay. . .,

. . . Fourteen minutes later.

"Hey Captain!" Came a Ensign repairing a wire into a box. "What brings you down here?"

B-4 turned his direction toward the direction of the Ensign.

"I am here to check the equipment." B-4 said.

The ensign grew surprised standing up.

"But,Captain," The Ensign said. "We just sent the cataloged list of equipment two days ago--" B-4 approached one specific Starship that seemed to be blinking in and out of existence. "What the hell is happening to that mini-starship?"

B-4 touched the underside of the starship only for his hand to go through it.

It became clear the holoprograms had, without authorization, stole a mini-starship.

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