A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


39. Engineering

. . . 6:20 PM. . .

. . . Engine room. . .

Stern knew they were pushing their luck by forcing the engines to go much faster than they should.

Franky came into the engine room along with the two solid related Engine workers.

"How fast have we speeded up our arrival to Selios Three?" Stern asked.

"Five mega-light days." The second Engineer Ensign said, glowing white.


"No, Chief." The first Engineer Ensign said, glowing white as well.

"We must cut down the rate of light and speed progression to our destination to HOURS, men!" Stern said. "One of you must come up with the idea of sending ourselves faster than the speed of mega light then I will kiss the one who gets the idea!"

The three men share a look.

The idea of being kissed by the Chief Engineer was tempting but . . .

"Perhaps we can evolve and do all the helping." The second Engineer Ensign said.

"Yeah, me and my pal can do all the work for you." The first Engineer Ensign said.

Franky grew a horrorfied facial expression.

"I told you, no evolution!" Stern said.

"I agree, we can find another way." Franky said.

"There is no way it can be avoided." The second Engineer Ensign said.

"Sorry Chief," The first Engineer Ensign said. "We got friends to take care of."

The incredibly advanced warp engines were being pushed to their limits.

The two engineers turn into white glowing individuals then take on the shape of balls. This is when the engine were pushed beyond their limits sending the ship tilting over. The remaining engineers grabbed onto grip as the Enterprise-Z trembled from side to side. A bright light emitted from the center of the warp room out of the large machine with a odd shaped door in the shape of a square fully kept in place by the most hardest and toughest bolts in the galaxy that wouldn't budge unless someone put in a code.  There is a pad of numbers situated to the doors left hand side with glowing buttons.

The ship went forward through the continuum of time and space.

The Enterprise came to a abrupt stop.

"Barnabas to Stern! What the hell happened down there?"

"Two of my men just evolved taking the ship with it. "

"That explains why we are four hours away from Selios Three."

"They. . . They did it. . . Stern out."

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