A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


26. Change

It had been three days since the events unfolded. No longer in Federation space. No longer in their era. The crew had been gossiping about Q’s where about and why he hasn’t shown up. Data had mentioned to Janeway that there is a possibility whatever happened to the Enterprise was never meant to happen. A flaw in the continuum of time and space. Purely accidental. So much so that Q is not aware anything has happened.

She sat in the captain’s chair as they were towing the Charge back in the direction leading to their galaxy.

Then a force-field stopped the Enterprise knocking everyone down on the floor.

Janeway was the first to stand up.

The force-field glowed blue and vanished before their eyes. Two extra Jefronian starships appeared both with the design of the Falcon from Star Wars. She saw a third Jefronian starship appear right above the two staring right at the Enterprise. Janeway ordered a standard hailing to the Jefronian starship. The screen grew to life.

“We have you surrounded,” The Jefronian said. “Give us the telepath or we will destroy your starship.”

“The telepath is not in our possession,” Janeway said. “If you are in any position to help us back to the Alpha Quadrant then we will take it and let you have the starship we are towing.”

The Jefronian stared at Janeway for a long while.

“If you are lying, I swear. . .” The Jefronian started.

“You will see that we are not lying.” Janeway said.

The Jefronian frowned.

“Welcome to the new age, Janeway.” The Jefronian grunted.

The screen turned dark.

“What does he mean by the new age?” Riker asked, puzzled.

“I have a bad feeling about this. . . Being.” Janeway said, then she gave the towing order to be dropped.

The two Jefronian’s tow it to the middle.

Then the unexpected happened.

The Charge discharged a lot of phaser power upon the two Jefronian ships sending it flying in either direction. The Charger was struck, blast at, and rocketed back and forth. Janeway acted with phaser fire on the attacking Jefronian’s. Suddenly the Charge exploded in either direction followed by bright white light going in all directions. It was like a new galaxy had been born before their eyes. Fast as it appeared the light shrunk, and shrunk until it was all but a small ball that vanished.

Janeway stood there, flabbergasted.

The Charge had destroyed the other Jefronian starship with quick work.

Now they were firing at the Enterprise.

Lights sparked in the bridge.

She was going to die any minute due to her interference and so would all souls aboard.

“Captain, we are being hailed!”

Janeway stood there, stunned, that someone was contacting them while under assault by mysterious related alien beings.

“On screen.” Janeway said.

On the screen appeared forty-nine year old man with dark eyebrows, hair that had long ago turned gray, and a familiar face. He had eyes just like Janeway, a determined look similar to Picard when dead serious, straight shoulders, and properly seated. The first thought on her mind was: Picard?

“Need some help?” Adrian said. That voice was unusually southern unlike Picard. “This is Captain Adrian P Janeway of the Voyager, sorry we got here so late, and we had a little trouble with the Romulons in the pinwheel galaxy.”

The attacks upon the Enterprise ceased and the much larger starship flew with such grace. Rapid fire was exchanged chasing after the two Jefronian starships until they could not fire anymore. The Voyager came upon the Enterprise activating a secure field from the still flying Jefronian starships. The Voyager, itself, was heavily damaged but still operating. But there was a collective shock on the bridge of the Enterprise.


Adrian blinked.

“I am sorry, but you are confusing me for someone else.” Adrian said.

“Jean-Luc Picard?” Janeway said.

It hit Adrian.

“No,” Adrian said. “Picard died centuries ago.” He shared a nod to his first officer then turned his attention to Janeway. “Seems you are very unaware of where you are and when you are. I will do the explaining. You are in the 30th century, 2999. Everyone you know of is dead.”

“Deanna. . .” Riker said

Adrian’s eyes widened.

“Pardon me . . . is that William T Riker aboard your ship?” Adrian asked.

“Yes.” Janeway said.

Adrian rubbed his chin.

“That is. . . unexpected,” Adrian said. “I have two questions for you . . .What was it like after Q never came up in your life again? What were you thinking when Q said that he was leaving for good?”

That stung.

“We got here three days ago,” Janeway said. “Q and I had a correspondence until that occurred.”

“I am sorry that I have to tell you this. . .” Adrian said. “But Q will never ever appear to you again, nor to humanity or to those close to him,” Adrian cleared his throat. “It has been . . . 623 years since Q left us.”

Janeway kept back what feelings she had regarding this issue.       

This had to be some kind of abnormality.

Why else would they be this far into the future?

“This is the USS Enterprise-D,” Janeway said. “I first took command of this vessel in 2364, now, tell me again Q is not going to appear.”

“There is a chance he will get up and say goodbye and never appear to anyone in your universe again.”  Adrian said.

The shields were penetrated. A rush of feelings and thoughts came through Janeway's mind all being mixed. The thought of Q breaking up with her and never popping up in the federation seemed like a impossible thing. A dream in fact. A terrible dream. A terrible idea.  The Voyager trembled from side to side. The machinery regained power firing torpedoes in the firing opponents. In her mind she called for Q, pleading for him to come and fix it all.

"I understand." Janeway said.

"I am so sorry I had to break you the news." Adrain said, with regret.

"What does the P stand for?" Janeway asked.

"My middle name. . . I recently learned it was from the Picard Family  Wine Vinery. All this time I thought it was Peterson, Patterson, and Petri." Adrian had a short laugh.  "So much for my luck." The Voyager trembled.  "Listen, I will go and you have to, at least try, get away from the Jefronain's fast as you can. You are a natural part of history, any ship, any time. Janeway out."

The contact had ceased between the two counterparts.

The Voyager detached from the Enterprise D going into the distance.

And then before Janeway's eyes the Voyager exploded.

The explosion was so intense it burned away the third Jefronian starship leaving only one badly damaged.

"Warp 8."

"Ay, captaine."

"Captain, are you considering running away?"

"It is our only choice, Number One."

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