A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


41. Anger at a omnipotent person

 . . . 11:39 PM. . .

It was tough saying goodbye to B-4 and the holoprograms.

So Barnabas joined with the rest of humanity.

Humanity finally made it to the next level into a whole new continuum.

The continuum where it could be decided if humanity should join or make their own continuum.  However, they all popped up in the Q continuum. Q, at least the one Barnabas had seen, was reading a book using a pair of old styled glasses. It was odd to say for the least to see him acting 'old' and 'retired' like. Hadn't he just pissed off the godly being. There were people on the stairs who seemed full of energy and life.

"Hello," Came Amanda at the top. "We are the Q."

"We are here to help." Came Q's son, Q, right beside her.

There were silence but a fury of rage rested on the shoulders of the much older intermixed races.

"If you are the Q. . ." One started to say. "WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU BEEN AROUND FOR A THOUSAND YEARS?"


"What the HELL DID WE DO?"






The Q's attention went to Q who had his ears plugged and his eyes on the book. He seemed to be rather engrossed into it. Q  could feel a unnatural glare resting on him.  Q put the book on the counter then took off his glasses. He lowered his fake image of himself to display his rather aged appearance with gray hair. He otherwise seemed to be recognizable with a small goatee around his chin.  It took only thoughts for the Q to get the message across to Q.

Then Q heard a voice in his head.


A voice he hadn't heard in five quadrillion years.

Picard?, Q thought.

It was more like a calling.


". . . Picard?" Q said, out loud getting up off the rocking chair with eyes wide and a look of shock on his face.

Q reappeared in the dead center of the crowd making a wide circular space.

"NONE OF YOU ARE LEAVING THIS CONTINUUM WITHOUT LEARNING TO HARNESS YOUR POWERS," Q said, holding his hands up making his message go across the masses through the process of thought. "My absence are none of your concern!" Q felt the calling, it was more like the one where someone was calling for his attention in such a powerful way. He looked around searching for the source of the voice that-should-be-very-dead. "NONE OF IT."


Q's eyes landed on Barnabas.

Q raised an eyebrow. 

Why is he looking at me that way?, Barnabas thought

Q lowered his eyebrow turning his attention to the crowd.

"YOU WILL BE TRANSPORTED TO THE STADIUM WHERE YOUR FATES AS Q OR M WILL BE DECIDED, OR TO MAKE A NEW CONTINUUM AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED BY OUR PROFESSIONAL Q," Q said. Then he started to raise his hand up preparing to snap his fingers. "I do realize I am very old but that is no excuse to be staring at me this way!"

Q snapped his fingers.

The massive crowd vanished leaving only he and Barnabas. 


The rest of the Q had gone to the stadium.

Why am  I not gone?,Barnabas thought puzzled.

Q reappeared one step away from Barnabas.

"Hello, welcome to the Q continuum," Q said. "It is about time."

Barnabas frowned.

"Spit it out, Q," Barnabas said. "Give me a good reason why you left me here and disguised yourself as a young man ON MY DAMN SHIP!"

Q frowned, folding his arms. 

"Do you believe in reincarnation?" Q asked.

"No." Barnabas said.

Q sighed, relieved.

"Same here," Q said. "Since my main duty as a Q has been accomplished . . . I feel ready to recycle."

Barnabas's eye were like daggers to Q.

"Q, you just went off topic!" Barnabas said.

"No, I didn't." Q said.

"Yes, the hell you did." Barnabas said.

Q sighed.

"I thought I heard Picard's soul from you," Q said. "And I. . ." Q cleared his throat. "When I decided to visit you at first, I decided appearing as my younger self would make the transition more comfortable and a little-less loony-toones to get under your nerves and make you fight even more harder to stay for someone else's sake."

"You planned this all?" Barnabas asked.

"No, not really," Q said, in a low voice. "I never would do that to you, Scrooge."

"Stop calling me Scrooge," Barnabas said. "You miss your captain, don't you?"

"I do," Q admitted. "Every day."

"Why can't you just go in time and visit him?" Barnabas asked.

"I can't." Q said.

"Yes, you can!" Barnabas said. 

"I can't, Scrooge." Q said.

"Why?" Barnabas asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Because I care too much!" Q said. "The ones most close to me can become weapons!"

"That never stopped you!" Barnabas said.

"I know how he dies, isn't that enough?" Q asked. "No lessons, no games, no tricks!" He waved his hand in the air making the Enterprise D miniature version of itself appear in his hand. "There is nothing in his life I can exploit anymore," He made the Enterprise D be crushed into his hands. "And teach him about!"

"That's not enough!" Barnabas said. "You are an old man Q and doesn't it seem right to be honest with your friend?"

"You don't know how it was like coming to this decision, Mr Scrooge."  Q said, his voice trembling in anger and mixed emotions.

"Damn you,Q," Barnabas said, grabbing Q by the shoulders tightly. "You have convinced yourself that the only way to keep your friend safe,your only friend, is by NEVER. EVER. SEEING HIM AGAIN!" Barnabas took his hands off the entity's shoulders. "I don't know how you can do it. Not visiting your friends again when they are in their old years. Don't you think they will miss you?"

Q's face did not falter.

"No," Q said, with a shake of his head. "No one misses me because they are dead."

Barnabas narrowed his eyes toward the aged entity.

"You asked me if I believed in reincarnation," Barnabas said. "Perhaps your old friend MISSES YOU."

That made Q freeze staring at the young captain's direction.

"No," Q said. "I did it for them."

"Like it or not,you have one last visit for Captain Picard," Barnabas's voice grew stern and serious. "He may be dead. But he is very alive in me." Barnabas looked at the entity who seemed like he could break apart at any minute to reveal a little child.  "You can't convince me that you moved on."

Q stared at the man.


"I can hear the calling. . ." Q said, briefly looking in the distance then returned his attention to the tall Cardassian/Romulan. "Do you know how rare it is to be called by a human?"

"I guess: very rare."  Barnabas said.

"Maybe. . . I will recycle myself after this one last visit." Q said, with a small smile.

"Hey, what happens when you've recycled yourself?" Barnabas said.

"I become a new Q, practically a baby," Q said. "I have been avoiding it for a long time."

Then Q vanished in a streak of light taking Barnabas to one of thousands of Stadiums made for the new batch of omnipotent omniscients.

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