A gradual change

This takes place one thousand years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now? There is a new Enterprise in space. The crew? Captain James Barnabas,CMO Sonny Degrias, Commander B-4, second commander Jacob Strong, Holoprogram Chief Security 2.97,and Chief Engineer Rebeca Stern to name a few. This takes place aboard the Enterprise-Z.


17. A change of force

. . . August 15th. . . 2999 . . .

. . . Sombrero galaxy. . .

The crew of the change were left aboard the ship in the pods. Barnabas did not know that. He knew nothing of the matter. His eyes struggled to open to where he saw a bright light blinding his eyes. Barnabas fell over off what he had been on a bed. His hands landed first on the ground, his elbows bend, and his knees were the second part of the body that landed asides to the middle of the leg. His eyesight started to clear up. A gray surface stared right back at the young captain. Barnabas shook his head  seeing the white color vanish so clearly after a couple minutes.

Barnabas  opened a pocket then took out a triangle device with the Star Fleet Logo.

It read Security Program 2.97.

The young captain sighed, relieved.

"Good to have one friend of mine still around. . ." Barnabas said. "For now."

He kept it for safe keeping.

Barnabas put the item into his pocket  and snapped the pocket close.

Hello?, Barnabas thought approaching the door.

They had to speak telepathically, they just had to. Barnabas refused to speak with the voice of a teenager. In fact he hated it. He only talked to himself to make him seem not alone.  It was one of the few ways he could comfort himself. He saw a square hole in the door that displayed four bars that were so together a hand wouldn't make it through.  Barnabas grabbed at the bars. He applied his feet on the metal door then tugged at it using all of his strength. Obviously it strained his fingers to the point that he fell back. His back met the ground first.

He could see what they were saying.

One of his proud achievements without ears.

They were speaking in  Spanish far as he could tell.

"What must we do with this terra?"

"He is not a terra.  He is a Romulassian."

"Since when did Cardassians and Romulans mate?"

"Since Romulans encouraged them to become peaceful and have a democracy related empire."

"This one has a five percent of human DNA."

"And has the internal organ placement of a Romulan."

"Are the internal organ placement a lot like the Vulcans?"



"But Romulan's lack any super strength."

Hello?, Barnabas thought.

"I wonder why this one isn't speaking."

"He is a mix of both species, so that makes him mute and therefor a terra."

"Terra's look nothing like Romulassian's."

HELLO!, Barnabas thought.

"This one must have a broken vocal cords."

"Or born mute."

"Let's see how he deals with pain."


The doors opened.

The first thing on Barnabas's mind was, Shit, they are not telepathic. Second thing on his mind was, I got to get off this ship and back to the crew. The third thing on his mind was,  I need a space suit to get on aboard. Due to realizing the state of mind he was in when he had been found.  True he was more of a fighter when left to the corner of the room with threatening people in front of him. So the first convenient move was to deliver a punch into the stomach  of the second being then punch under the jaw of the first smacking him against the wall.

Barnabas fled down the hall in the opposite direction.

"Fiesty, eh?"  Came the first.

Barnabas knew Spanish but for the sake of his life he could not speak it, sadly.

Barnabas had no idea what they were.

He could hear the sounds of bootsteps headed his direction. He looked over his shoulder to see that were a couple others on his damn tail! He turned his head away running even faster than he was. He had all the power in the universe and here he is running from danger! He looked toward the walls thinking 'why not slam them against the wall to hinder them?'. He heard the sound of bodies striking the wall. But they kept coming for him. Barnabas fought back a smirk.


"We need him!"

He fled right into a very not-so-much secure room then used his phaser to seal it shut. At least for the time being. Barnabas took out the Holoprogram from his pocket then turned on the device and placed it on the floor. The triangle device floated up and up until it were six foot six where a figure is outlined in blue taking on the visible clear outlines of a figure. The outlines of scales could be seen along the long slopey and slender neck. The face became familiar appealing with those pair of blue eyes, thin dark eyebrows, small nose, and square chin.  The figure took on a Cardassian appearance.

"What is your emergency?" Cardassian Security said.

"I need help!" Barnabas said. 

Cardassian Security looked at Barnabas oddly then scanned him.

"Sir?" Cardassian Security said. "What happened to your voice?"

"Security, I said I NEED HELP!" Barnabas said, grabbing the holoprogram by the shoulders. "Give me your best advice to evade being captured and possibly even being tested upon by unknown species in the Somebrero galaxy."

Cardassian Security looked over to see they were in the transporter room.

"Sir," Cardassian Security said, turning his attention back to the captain. "I have an idea. But you'll be a pattern."

Barnabas sighed taking his hands off the holoprogram's shoulders.

"Anything  to stay out of their hands." Barnabas said.

Barnabas walked over to the transporter and got on aboard.

"It will last for five days," Cardassian Security said, coming over to the console. "Five days and then you are deleted."

"Deleted. . ." Barnabas said. "It makes me sound like a computer program."

"The dangers of being deleted is very real to me," Cardassian Security said. "I have never used the transporter before. . . I should have been programmed for this." He looked at it oddly. "Hm. . . This is one from the 23rd century. It used to be on vessels such as . . ." Cardassian Security pressed random buttons. "Captain, if this mission we're on--"

"I am not your captain," Barnabas said. "Current captain of the USS Enterprise Z is B-4. Do not come for me."

"But Captain!" Cardassian Security said.

"I am a captain of a ship, but I am no captain without my ears!" Barnabas said, pointing to his ears. "Don't you see?" He uncovered the area where he had lost his ears. "See now?" Cardassian Security stood there in shock seeing not a sign of ears. "I am deaf. I can read lips. This isn't my voice. Do not reactivate yourself, Chief."

"You are not my captain." Cardassian Security said.

"That's an order!"

"But you are not my captain," Cardassian Security said. "And you are not in uniform. . ." Cardassian Security turned on the machine turning Barnabas into pattern. "I will come back for you, Barnabas, if it costs my matrix."

The group burst through the door right as Barnabas materialized into mere 'patterns' or energy.

The group aimed their phasers at the Cardassian Security.

"Where did you send him!"

"No where."


They fired repeatedly at the holoprogram only to cause no ill-effect until one struck the holodevice shattering the connection and destroying  Cardassian Security all together.

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