Do Over (Book Three)

Book 3 in the Knowing Them Series.


3. Chapter Two -

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Dumbledore watched us closely, studying us as if we were the subject of an important test. "Why did you reveal yourself, "Mel"?"

"He was going to propose to me, I had to do something."

"Something, as in say 'No.'."

"I couldn't do that! I wanted to say "Yes" but I knew I couldn't have as Sabrina, you must understand Dumbledore, Sir."

"You wanted to say "yes"?" Remus inquired hopefully.

"Yes, of course, why wouldn't I?" I replied.

"Because you were under strict orders never to reveal your identity." Dumbledore said, voice still airy, but at the same time angered. "When a werewolf attacks a human but doesn't turn, or in some cases eat them, you are at extreme risk around that said werewolf."

"But how?" I question, "You never did tell me why I had to do this?"

"Because if he knows who you are consciously, and touches you knowing who you are he could kill you this time, no reset, or extra magic left from that wretched stone I swore never to use!" Dumbledore threw a small pouch onto his desk. "You see this, child, is why you are alive, the Philosopher's Stone. I brought you back to life, with this stone! It is still dangerous and I forbade you to be together as long as you are in attendance at my school!" He slammed hist fist down onto the desk. This was the first time I, or Remus, had ever seen Dumbledore truly angry. It was really kind of frightening. He was almost never angry at any one or anything.

One thing was certain in Dumbledore's voice, he meant no seeing each other as long as we were in school. We are in our fifth year. Sure, it is toward the end of the year, but it is still 2 more years after this one and, I have a feeling he won't want to see much of me over the summer. Especially after this stunt. I can only imagine what Remus is thinking right now. He must be pretty mad...What do I say to him? James has known the entire time and Sirius only just found out before Remus asked me- Sabrina, I mean- to marry him. Tough decisions are going to happen when Remus and I leave this office. 

Dumbledore continued to rant about how much time and effort he had put into me being kept under the radar, and he mentioned how to Philosopher's Stone won't keep me alive forever. I was already aware of this, but Remus breathed a sigh of relief from beside me. At least I hope it was a sigh of relief. But then again, why wouldn't it be? He had told me he loved me all of those years ago, have his feelings changed now? Was he in love with the other side of me? Then again, he couldn't be in love with "Sabrina". How could he be? He just saw the original me in her looks. That's why he went out with "Sabrina" right? Ugh, everything is so confusing right now. I wonder what is going through Remus' head right now. Are our minds still running the same course? Or have we drifted from that?

Stop stressing yourself out, Mel. I tell myself. It is really nice to call myself Mel. 

"Mel." I whisper to myself amidst the yelling of Albus Dumbledore.


Silence filled the dorm. I had six eyes on me, four of them crying. James was on the brink of tears, but not quite. Sirius was blubbering like a baby. Remus had tears of anger, I could tell because I had seen his facial expressions when angry tears were present. His nose would be scrunched and he would have a little twitch on the corner of his left eyebrow. It was kind of cute. "I knew it was you." Sirius repeated, constant loop, never stopping. He'd been doing this since Remus and I had came up the stairs and I was presented to them. Peter had fainted. "James?"


"Am I welcome at your house still?"

"Call it home. That's where you belong."

"Are you sure?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I left for almost an entire year."

"I knew the entire time thou-" I shook my head rapidly. Remus didn't know that.

"Are you kidding me Mel?" Remus yelled. More tears streaming out of his eyes. "I loved you. I told you that, so many times. I told you!" He was sobbing now. Just standing there, sobbing. I had never seen him cry like he was now. And I had caused him to cry like this. 

\\sorry it has taken so long to's been rough guys. promise more is coming soon though :)// p.s. im making a spotify playlist for the trilogy. it's in the works, but i wanna know any song suggestions that this may have reminded you of?? Thanks guys ily:)

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