Do Over (Book Three)

Book 3 in the Knowing Them Series.


4. Chapter Three -


We are done. Remus and I, but that doesn't mean we aren't friends. I guess I figured that either way this went, I'd never be the same with Remus as I was before I "died". Sirius has been itching to ask me to go out with him though, and I think I might say yes. It would be nice to catch up more than what we already have. And besides, why would Remus care who I went out with anymore anyway? It's not like he loves me anymore.


"I can't believe you!" I threw a vase down from my dresser.
"I'm sorry, Remy please you-"
"You, you don't get to call me that. Not n-now not ever." I gritted my teeth.
"Quit throwing things, please." So, she cries? Wow, that's a first. "I hate seeing you like this."
"Well, if you hate seeing me like this, then I guess you don't like seeing me at all!" I yelled at her. Making her cry more.
"What- What do you mean?" 
I stopped moving and ran my hand through my hair. "We're done." I whisper, just barely audible.
"No, we can make this work, we can talk to each other and- and..." She faded out. "Please, I love you." She whispered.
"Get out." I said, "If you loved me, you would've stayed with me, and not lied to me all year!" I smashed my hand down onto the trunk by my bed. "Get out."
"Fine, I guess I don't love you then."
She walked away from the nightstand and stopped before she opened the door. "Goodbye, Rem-" she paused, "us." she choked on the last syllable, clearly wanting to call me Remy. Her eyes filled to the brink with tears again and she sniffed, causing me to turn away from her. I listened as her feet trotted down the stairs, and away from me, engulfing me in silence whenn they ceased.

--End of Flashback--

That will always be known as the worst day of my life. That's the day I should've ran down the stairs and told Mel to stay.


"Yes." I called to Sirius, "I'll go out with you."
"Really?" his eyes lit up, "Where do you want to go?"
"How about a picnic?"
"Our favorite tree."
"Yes! That's perfect." He kissed my cheek and I laughed slightly. "7 o'clock tomorrow evening?"
"That's perfect." I repeated to him.
He stared at me for a brief moment, and smiled. "What are you thinking about?" I ask.
"How I'm going to marry you one day." He smiled, a genuinely happy sort of smile.
"Stop it," I say laughing, "you're making my face red."
"You're still beautiful, even with a red face."
"Even redder."
"Still perfect."

--ily guys, see you soon. xomoony--


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