Do Over (Book Three)

Book 3 in the Knowing Them Series.


2. Chapter One -

He doesn't believe and I don't see why he would. I deceived him for almost two years. "I can't believe you would keep this from me! For two years!" I started to cry a little. "Don't cry, Mel. I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm just upset." I swallowed and stood up. The bottle of wine that sat on the table needed to be given back to the bartender and I needed to step away for a minute. I've been alive this whole time and I couldn't even tell him. I had to stay in Slytherin because that's what Dumbledore told me to do. I had to be away from the guy I wanted to marry and it made me hurt worse than dying. He sat at the table with his hands in his hair. He didn't look up when I stood. 
I took the bottle over to the bar, "I don't want him to drink. We're going through something. Thank you anyway." Being in Slytherin for two years really helped my kindness and appreciation for people with manners. When I turned to face Remus, he was already standing, he had his coat on and his bow tie was untied hanging around his neck. I frowned slightly and walked toward him. I took my coat from behind the chair. I could tell we were going to walk back in silence. Our first fight. And I hadn't said a word. 
i know the first chapter is short, but really i dont think These ones are going go be as long as ones from past books.

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