Do Over (Book Three)

Book 3 in the Knowing Them Series.


5. Chapter Four -

"I felt like this whole thing with Sirius has something to do with Sarah Peterson. He actually liked this girl, and she comletely broke his heart. In any other situation, Sirius would be back in the dating game, but when he aasked me out, he was esecially chipper. That's what I figured was weird. Normally, he is more arrogant when asking me "relationship" questions. I decide to confront her about him, maybe she knows something I don't?
She is in Hufflepuff, so I have to wait until Potions to talk to her, and deal with bizzare Sirius until afterwards. Our date is tonight too, so I want to get this resolved before then, so I know what will and will not set him off. "What are you wearing to our picnic?" Speak of the devil.
"Casual, or do you think we should dress up?" I question sarcastically.
"I don't know," he drags the last word, "I think you should wear that nice dress that I told Lily to give you." He gives me a cheeky grin and I widen my eyes. 
"You bought me a dress?" I said. "For one night?"
"Why wouldn't I?" He seems offended.
"Thank you, Sirius, but if this has something to do with Remus and I-"
"It doesn't, " he says smiling. "I just wanted you to have something I knew you would like."
"I'll wear it," I pause, spotting Sarah. "But I'm wearing my sneakers with them."
"That's fine; I figured you wouldn't wear those high heel shoes other girls wear, anyway."
"I'll catch up with you later, okay?" I grin at him as I walk towards Sarah. Before I introduce myself, I make sure Sirius has walked away.

"Hi, I'm Melanie. You're Sarah, right?" I smile as best I can.

"Yes, what's it to you?" She snarls.

"I guess-"

"You guessed wrong."

"Excuse you."

"Excuse me?"

"Yes, I don't deserved to be treated like that, I literally just said 'Hi'."

She made a face. The Face. It was an TwatFace.

At least that's what I called it, and Sirius, and James. "You're being mean, and horibbly, horribly rude. Are you kidding me right now?" I practically screamed at her. 
I started walking away from her, hoping she would just let me go without retaliation from my sudden outburst... Anyone from Slytherin would've retaliated without hesitation. Probably with a hex, but I couldn't think of all the times I went to the infirmary. Not now. I was out of Slytherin, and with that, everything that had to do with it. Of course, my "friends" from my former house like to try to sit with me in the Great Hall, but Sirius shoo's them away. Which is so stupid if I'm honest with myself. Sirius just doesn't like them because his brother is in the same house. Or he's just protecting me. Either way, it isn't fair of him to shoo away the people who welcomed me.  
I realized around this time that I was crying uncontrollably and didn't know exactly where I was going, but I was walking, almost running, to get there. 'Don't Stop." I was telling myself, and I didn't, until I fell to the floor.
Now I'm here."
I just finished the telling of my brave panic attack to the substitute nurse, or as she liked to be called, "Healer".
I told her the story up to where I blacked out. She said it was a panic attack, but I don't believe her. I've never had one before, why would I now?
The way she looked at me when I told her the story told me all I needed to know, or at least I thought.
"Hon," she began, she had an american accent, "You have got so many boy troubles, don't you?"
I nodded and she continued, "Well, I think you should let one go, if you're debating between two on your sub-concious."
I sighed, "But, I know I love them both, so what do I do?"
"The right thing. But now, you need to sleep, okay?"
"Yeah, sure."

I'll update when I can, I felt bad for not wanting to write, so here's a chapter, I hope you like it. <3

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