Carry on

In some philosophies,the world is always hanging in the balance,and if the balance shifts,it falls.Of course,the people who wrote those big old books probably didn't know what was really going on.That us,the hunters...we're keeping everything in check.Ever since there have been monsters there have been hunters.Like the Neanderthals,for instance.Ever wonder why they died out?early croatoan virus.The Mayans?ghost infestation.All those stories your parents used to tell you at night,or around the campfire,or maybe even to keep you from sneaking out of bed to grab that last cookie from the cookie jar that your mean older brother wanted?They're all real. Except for maybe aliens.Those are the fairies mistaken for extraterrestrials.


2. The Things in the Dark

As I got out of my grandfather's car,I heard a rustling in the woods behind me.I whirled around to try and see what could have made the noise,but I could see nothing through the inky blackness."You're going to be here a while,you can't freak out over noises in the woods",I reminded myself.It was probably just a harmless little animal.But something from my past tugged at the back of my mind.A TV that I had been obsessed with when I was younger.I still kinda was.The show was about two brothers who've been through hell and back,who fought the monsters I used to think were under my bed.And as I stood there,staring into the darkness,it was all real.Just for second,it was real.I heard the noise again and decided I should go into the house,instead of taking my chances with the thing in the dark.Just as I ran inside my grandfather let out a scream.At least....I thought it was my grandfather.I ran outside,which was the stupidest thing I could've done,by the way.As soon as my feet touched the path,everything went all woozy,and I was falling,falling faster than I thought was possible.Then,as you should have thought would happen,everything went black.




When I woke up,it was hard to see where I was.It looked like a grimy hotel room -one that I wouldn't have touch with a ten foot pole. But as I looked around,I realized it was exactly the kind of hotel room the brothers would have slept in.It had all the things that they usually had; magic fingers, crappy soap that looked like it had touched a thousand armpits,and don't forget- it was "hooker themed".I had no idea how I got here,but I really wanted to leave.

As I got off the floor,brushing off the dust and dirt,I realized that not only was this all way too strange,but that I was strange too. I went to look in the bathroom mirror,and sure enough,I wasn't me.Well....I was me, but I wasn't me me.I was older,taller,definitely different.My 15 year old body had changed into what looked like a 24 year old one. But dang,I was beautiful as a 24 year old. My zits were gone,and my eyes didn't have that "stayed up every night since she was 10" look.Thankfully I had new clothes,and I wasn't some weirdo wearing clothes way too small. These were the good things. Here are the bad: I was totally freaking out. Why was this happening??!! How ​​ was this happening??!!! I had no clue,but things were about to get a lot weirder. Two people walked in.


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