Carry on

In some philosophies,the world is always hanging in the balance,and if the balance shifts,it falls.Of course,the people who wrote those big old books probably didn't know what was really going on.That us,the hunters...we're keeping everything in check.Ever since there have been monsters there have been hunters.Like the Neanderthals,for instance.Ever wonder why they died out?early croatoan virus.The Mayans?ghost infestation.All those stories your parents used to tell you at night,or around the campfire,or maybe even to keep you from sneaking out of bed to grab that last cookie from the cookie jar that your mean older brother wanted?They're all real. Except for maybe aliens.Those are the fairies mistaken for extraterrestrials.


4. Home


When the wind stopped I felt like everything was going to be alright. I....I can't explain it,but I suddenly felt so very calm.I was going to go home and everything would still be the same.Everything was going to be alright. Please,please,let everything be alright.I could tell the lights were out again,even though my eyes were closed.Through my thoughts I heard the trickster's voice.It felt like a cold knife,slicing through the warmth and comfort of my mind.Why am I describing this in detail now? When everything was so faded before, this is the part I remember most. This is the part where my story ends. It isn't goodbye,I suppose....more like see you later,alligator. Yeah.

"Want to hear the story now?" the voice giggled. "Yeah" I choked out. The knife-like voice cut at my heart and tore at my soul. "Well,it all started around a millennium ago.Remember,sis?" the voice questioned. "sis?" I asked,confused. "Don't you remember?" it said. And then I did.




"Eliza?Eliza,where are you?" my little brother cried. "I'm right here,Puruel," I smiled as I came out from my hiding place "but that's not how you play the game". "Then how do you?" he asked with the most adorable puppy eyes I'd ever seen. "You hide,and I count to 20.When I stop counting,I'm gonna come find you,okay?" I explained to him. "Okay!" he said,laughing now that he understood."Ok,1...2...3...4.........."




"Puruel,I thought you and I were going to go watch the creatures today." I said,sadly watching my brother make drawings of the monsters we had seen on our walks."I just need to finish drawing this manticore,just one more minute." he pleaded."That's what you said yesterday,and you didn't even come." I told him."No matter,just one more minute,please Eliza?" he asked, even though he didn't deserve it. "Fine,but this is the last time." I said coldly,leaving him to his drawings.




I walked to the edge of the ground, peering over it at the world below.Would I really do it?I nodded to myself. I fought back tears.We used to be best friends......what happened to that? He had become more and more guarded, abandoning me for his worries and his schemes. I looked down once again. I was ready...I just needed to- "Eliza! Eliza, stop!" A voice yelled. I turned around to face my brother, a face I'd thought I'd never see again. "Puruel?why...why are you here?" I asked. "Please sis, don't do it." He begged,a look of pure terror in his eyes."Sis? Sis?!!" I yelled "you haven't been my brother for ages, Puruel! You abandoned me, after all I'd done for you. I am DONE cleaning up your messes." I took a step forward and glanced at him one more time."Goodbye" were my last words before I jumped off,plummeting to the earth,my grace like a comet at my side.





My eyes opened and I was standing in a room with blank white walls. My brother stood in front of me,blocking the one exit. "Do you remember now?" He asked,his dark eyes filled more with curiosity than concern. "I remember" I told him "but that doesn't change anything.I still want to go back to the life I have on earth. It wasn't perfect,but it was good". "Sorry sis, no-can-do. You traveled through a temperamental portal, I couldn't sustain it. Your highway back home is gone." He said,smirking."Then get it back!" I demanded. "I. CAN'T." He said. "God,why did you even come back for me?You obviously haven't tried in the last decade or so, why now?" I asked,anger coating my voice. "I did try, you were harder to track down than most. You didn't get a physical form immediately, you floated around for a century or so.You probably don't remember. When you came into physical existence....well,there are 24 babies born every second of every day, it took awhile to find you" He explained, the softness of his eyes making him seem weak compared to the voice that had been there just a minute ago. "Uh..right.So,you became a trickster then?why?" I asked. "I didn't choose to.I left heaven to look for you,and eventually..well they got tired of me not coming in to work.They got a hold of me,and degraded me to 'trickster' status. Actually...I, uh, managed to track down your grace before I was demoted." he said as he took a small vial out of his pocket. I stared at it.This was it, my grace, my essence. "Give it to me." I demanded. "No,I can't do that..then you-" he tried to explain but I was done listening. I grabbed it from his hands."Thanks for this!" I said,emptying the vial.I could feel my wings on my back,lightening my step. My wings, my beautiful wings. I thought of where I wanted to go. Home. I felt a rush of air and....I was back in the hotel room,Sam and Dean conked out on the two beds.

I knew this wasn't where I wanted to go,but it was good for now. However....I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that my brother wasn't done messing with us.

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