Carry on

In some philosophies,the world is always hanging in the balance,and if the balance shifts,it falls.Of course,the people who wrote those big old books probably didn't know what was really going on.That us,the hunters...we're keeping everything in check.Ever since there have been monsters there have been hunters.Like the Neanderthals,for instance.Ever wonder why they died out?early croatoan virus.The Mayans?ghost infestation.All those stories your parents used to tell you at night,or around the campfire,or maybe even to keep you from sneaking out of bed to grab that last cookie from the cookie jar that your mean older brother wanted?They're all real. Except for maybe aliens.Those are the fairies mistaken for extraterrestrials.


3. Changing Channels


"I'm telling you,Dean" my little brother Sammy pointed out "we should have stayed,maybe there was a case after all".I gave him a look that meant I thought he was crazy and retorted "Really,Sammy?The ghost?In the supermarket?Really?".We had too much to worry about already,we didn't have time for minor stuff,especially a minor ghost hanging around a supermarket."Cmon,Dean.Just think about it,I mean-" Sam started to say,and then stopped.He was staring at something behind my back. "What is it,did you leave your glorious hair dryer on?" I quipped."no,Dean,look behind you." He said as I turned around."What the Hell?" I said to the lady standing in the door to the bathroom. "Who the hell are you?" I asked as drew my knife from pocket."Please,put the knife away!" She said,a scared look in her eye.I obeyed,but still kept my hand close to the knife."What's your name?",I asked her,which she replied (lightning fast) with "Um,my name's Elizabeth,my friends call me Lizzy,but then I had to move,and then I heard a noise,and I fell,and I passed out,and then I woke up here,and I'm 15 years old,but when I woke up I was 24,and I don't what's happening and I'm freaking ou-" before I stopped her and told her to calm down."How about you slow down,and give us the short version instead,okay?" Sam asked. "Um,okay.My name's Lizzy,I'm 15 years old,but when I woke up here I seem to have aged,about 8 years,give or take.I was about to go into my new house,but my grandfather yelled so I ran outside to check if he was alright,and I fell,really really fast,and I woke up here.I don't know what's happening,but I do know one thing-you two are Sam and Dean Winchester,and I don't know how that's possible.....sorry if I'm rambling,I ramble when I'm overwhelmed,or nervous,or just really,really scared." she said,watching my hand to make sure I didn't grab my knife.We were quiet,and we listened,until the very end of her story.How in the world did she know who we were? " How do you know who we are?" Sam asked."You guys are from a TV show....a fictional TV show.That's why I can't understand how you're here,real as anyone" she replied,curiosity in her stare.We stared at he in awkward silence until came made a sound from Sam like he had just realized something,or was doing his business."Lizzy,I think you might be from a different dimension."






"What,Sam?" Dean said,with a disbelieving look on his face."I don't know,Dean,but it's happened that time we had to escape that angel,so Balthazar sent us to that place where I had a wife and a alpaca....And you had a soap opera" Sam said as he smirked at Dean."oh yeah?well I'm pretty sure it was a llama." He said as he stepped on Sam's foot."C'mon guys,you have to suck it up and pay attention,because I want to go home!" I yelled as the lights blew out.I scrambled down to the floor,because with my experience, the lights blowing out is not a good thing."What just happened?" Dean asked startledly,taking his knife out of his belt,Sam doing the same."Who do ya think,boys?Who else has the kind of mojo?Or am I just getting rusty?" answered a sing-song voice."Trickster!" I yelpd,recognizing the mocking tone immediately.Wind started blowing through the room."Gabriel?" Sam asked."Guess again!" replied the sing-song voice.I was getting kind of fed up at this point."You send me back home right now,you jerk!" I yelled,the lights flashing again."Now Eliza,how would that be fair?You don't even know the whole story yet!" laughed the voice.The lights started to come back on,and the wind disappeared."Tell us then." I muttered.

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