Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


19. Tony DiNozzo 2

~I loaded my gun and emptied the magazine into the little cut-out figure almost 100 feet from me. Beside me, Tony DiNozzo was fumbling with his gun. “How in the hell do you and Ziva do that?”
I smiled. “It must be a Mossad thing.” Me and Ziva David had grown up together, when she lost her little sister Dhali, I became her best friend. We went through everything together, and now that Kernel Bell was threatening to send Gitmo Terrorists after him, I was flown down from Tele Aviv to protect Gibbs and his team.
Luckily for me, his team includes Anthony DiNozzo.
I couldn’t help myself. I was like a little girl again. I had a schoolgirl crush on him, I couldn’t help it. I really liked it. And I could tell he liked me too, the way he watched my hips sway when I walked in front of him, the way he smiled when I looked at him. Just those tiny little things made my heart rush and flutter with joy. And I didn’t mind that he had Commitment Issues. I sort of do to, I could be here one day and gone the next. Tony tossed his firearm down like a little girl. “I’ve been here for 10 years and I still can’t get the drop and load technique.”
I snuck up behind him and placed my hands on his shoulders. “First things first, straighten out your shoulders. Second thing, slide your leg back so you have a better line of fire. Third..” I turned him around really quickly and ripped off his shirt. “Get rid of all of these…” He smashed his lips to mine and soon I was teaching him something very different than how to fire a gun.

I was on a plane back to Tele Aviv. I had managed to shoot the Terrorist that Kernel Bell had sent after Gibbs, and my work was done. Sort of.
Ever since that magical night with Tony, I had been getting even more sick. I was sandwiched between two super-fat McDonald’s Lovers, and I really had to throw up. I practically had to slide across their laps to get to the bathroom. Bathroom’s on an airplane are NOT fun. Especially when you’re having morning sickness. I was sick of this crap. I pulled out a Pregnancy Test out of my purse, pee’d on it, and washed my hands off. I sat around on the toilet, waiting for that little stick to tell me my future. I had my head against the wall, daydreaming about Tony, when the beep went off. I peeked at the test, and it had two very solid lines on it.

------------------------3 months later-------------------
Once again, I was being reassigned to D.C. Now one of our old Squad Mates was after Gibbs for killing Ari. I knew that Ziva had done it, but sometimes it’s more politically correct to keep what you know to yourself. I was rubbing my small stomach, looking at a Baby’s R Us magazine, when the woman beside me smiled. “Congratulations. Boy or girl?” I smiled at her. “I’m not sure yet. I want it to be a surprise.” She smiled and patted my hand “It’s the best way, trust me.”

When I got to the NCIS headquarters, I stuffed the catalogue in my bag and took the elevator up to the Squad Room. As soon as I walked in, I was enveloped in a hug by Ziva. “I missed you, Kristen!” I smiled and hugged her back. “Missed you too Zeeba.”
Tony and McGee were smiling at me too, and I got a half-hug from Tony. “What’s wrong?” He smiled a little, “Nothing really. Just missed you.” I hugged him close and whispered in his ear, “I missed you too.” When I pulled away, my flyer came flying out of my bag and I tried to stuff it back in, but I wasn’t quite quick enough.
Gibbs smiled, “Congratulations Kristen. Who’s the father?” Tony smiled, expecting me to say Brad Pitt or something. I shifted my weight awkwardly. “Uhm. Tony DiNozzo.”
Tony’s smile faded slowly. “It’s MINE?”
I smiled slightly. “Yeah…”
He picked me up, twirled me around and yelled at the top of his lungs “I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Gibbs smiled and hugged me. “Wow, never thought I’d live to see the day that DiNozzo would grow up.” I laughed with him. “Truth be told, Gibbs, Neither did I.”

6 months later---------------------------------
I was waddling around, re-arranging my desk. I had applied for Special Agent Position at NCIS and I had been accepted. We knocked down the wall beside McGee’s desk, so I was officially part of Team Gibbs. Gibbs walked up behind me. “Kristen, you’re supposed to be on mat leave.”
I smiled, “Well, I missed Tony and wanted to leave him a little surprise.” I was placing flowers and chocolates on his desk when I felt a stabbing pain in my abdomen.
“Kristen? You alright?” I looked at Gibbs, and his face was full of concern. “are you in labour?”
Ducky came in just then, looked at my face and said “To Autopsy!”

I thought it was quite unique that I delievered my little Antonio DiNozzo in an autopsy room, but really there wasn’t much time to get me to a hospital. Tony had came running in just as I was about to finish pushing Antonio out, and he almost passed out. Ducky was yelling over my screaming “Come on Kristen! Just a little more!” I was pushing and heaving and I was so mad, why couldn’t he wear a goddamn condom?!
I lost my thought when a beautiful cry entered the room. Ducky smiled. “You two have a beautiful little boy.” Antonio squirmed around in Ducky’s arms, and started to wail. Gibbs picked him up, swaddled him and handed him to Tony. Tony looked at Antonio like he was some sort of little dog, Gibbs said “Tony, it’s your son not an STI.” Tony smiled and kissed Antonio’s head. “He’s beautiful.” I smiled. Tony held my hand. “I love you Kristen.” I opened my mouth to say “I love you too.” And Antonio wailed ,and shoved his hand in Tony’s mouth.
Tony pretended to chew on it, and I knew he was going to be a great father.

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