Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


17. Tony DiNozzo 1

~My boss, Special Agent Miranda Sciuto, was yelling across the boardroom to her very close friend, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. “Gibbs! I think it’s your turn to buy the coffee!”
Anthony DiNozzo, my crush of well…forever turned and smile at me. “Betcha five bucks he spits in hers.” I shook his rough hand and smiled “Deal.”
Doctor Donald Mallard strolled into our office, “Hello Agent Sciuto, Agent ___. Oh Tony! How lovely to see you again! How’re things going between you and Phoebe?”
Tony grimaced. “Yeah, not so well. I think I’m going to have to start new again” He winked casually at me then turned back to Ziva and McGee who were laughing about the two of us. Everyone knew that Tony and I liked each other, it’s just that neither of us could fess up to it.
Miranda came strolling back into the boardroom, “Tony! Kristen! Stop flirting!”
Tony hollered “I’m not flirting!”
I shouted “I’m not flirting!”
Gibbs came in with two cups of coffee, handed one to Miranda and said “so glad all of us agree on something.”
Vance came down the stairs and along came Miranda’s twin sister, Abby. She cheerfully linked arms with her sister as Vance called the two teams together.
“Since we are all working so hard to keep up with all of the murders and demands, I decided to throw an office party. We will all meet up at Loco Moco’s Bar at 8 pm tonight, I’ll arrange rides home. Tomorrow you can all take a snow day, we’ve all worked hard enough, you need a break.”
Abby and Miranda smiled, “Good news, Leon?” Leon smiled at the two of them “Jaquie’s pregnant. Now all of you, back to work. It’s your last day for 3 days!”
Miranda smiled, hugged her sister and we all headed back to work. Except for Tony, who I noticed was staring at me a lot more than usual.

---------------------------at the bar----------------
Tony and I arrived early. He had a Margarita all ready beside him. I smiled and slid onto the bar stool beside him, “Cotton Candy, my favourite” He and I flirted all night long, and we were both so wasted Jaquie drove us both to Tony’s house and we had a very very loud night.

------------the next morning-----------------
I woke up with an unbelievable pounding headache. I felt like I’d just gotten run over by a 13434 pound horse. I looked to my left, and there was my very hairy Italian boyfriend, snoring up a storm.
I gently rubbed his back, and he cracked one eye open.
“Morning there sunshine!” He smiled, half-sat up and then sat back down. “Ow. Headache.”
I snuggled in beside him “Yeah, me too” We spent most of the day snuggled in bed talking about each other, relationships, and such. He also talked about how he had commitment issues, but he felt obligated to stay with me forever. I guess that was his way of saying I love you. And my way of saying I love you too? We made love for the rest of the afternoon.

4 ½ weeks later-----------------------
I was snoozing on my desk, McGee was poking me with a stick and Ducky was sitting in Miranda’s chair. “She’s awfully sick. Maybe I should run some tests on her?” Miranda came into the squad room and saw Ducky sitting in her chair. “Excuse me Duck, You’re in my chair. And I- good god, what happened to Kristen?” Ducky looked up and said “May I borrow her for the afternoon? I’m quite worried about her wellbeing.” Miranda smiled, “By all means, go ahead. If, of course, you can manage to wake her up.”
Tony overheard the conversation and looked over at his sleeping angel. The ring in his desk seemed to call to him “Tony! You’re over-doing it! You’re not committed! You’re scared! You don’t want this! Chicken out!”….. chicken out……..

I was sitting up on the morgue table when Ducky came back in with a clipboard. Just as Ducky said “you’re pregnant” Tony walked in the doors with a look of shock and glee on his face.
“I’m going to be a dad? Like Brad Pitt? Like Tom Cruise? Like-?” Ducky tossed his clipboard at his head. “For gods sake Anthony just shut up and propose already!”

Of course I had said yes. And of course me and Tony were getting married. And of course, right when Miranda , Abby and I were going to go Dress shopping, my water broke.
After 7 hours of labour, I pushed out little Antonio DiNozzo. He had Tony’s brown hair and my brown eyes.
Abby was peering down at him. “Aweh my god Kristen! He’s adorable! Can I be a godparent?” Gibbs was taking a sip of his coffee, then spit in Miranda’s. She looked at him in disgust.
“What was that for?”
“Making me buy.”
I smiled, pulled five dollars out of my wallet and handed it to my fiancé.


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