Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


21. Tim McGee 1

~My ex-partner, Miranda Hotchner stared at me with interest.
“You slept with Tim McGee?!” I slapped a hand over her mouth, “Shh! Keep your mouth shut will you? It’s a sensitive topic.”
Miranda burst out laughing. She worked with the FBI, and we were having our weekly lunch.
“So…..are you going to tell him?”
I cocked my head to the side. “What are you talking about?”
Miranda smiled, “Honey, I’ve been pregnant 3 times. I know a pregnant woman when I see one.”
I sighed and played with my thumbs. Yes, I was pregnant. But I recently moved in with my fiancé, Tim, and I really had no idea how to tell him that I was with child.
“You can’t just hide it from him forever.” Miranda finished her cup of coffee, and waved over the waiter. I played with my coffee cup. “Oh, Mi. I really don’t know what to do.”
Miranda smiled. “Honey, If I married Aaron Hotchner, than you can tell Tim McGee that your pregnant. Now march your ass back home and tell him! I gotta go, we’ve got a serial killer loose. Take care Sky.” She kissed me on the forehead and left.
Miranda was like my mother, and for the first time in my life, I was scared of taking her advice.

I sat in autopsy, with Gibbs, Ziva and Ducky. I was scared, so I went to them for advice.
Gibbs smiled. “Miranda’s right. I had Kelly, and having a baby is something that no father would want to miss out on.”
Ziva nodded in agreement. Ducky opened his mouth to start another story, when I said “Thank you Duck, Gibbs, Ziva. I think I’m ready now.” Ducky hugged me tightly. “Good luck, Ms. Dragon.”

“Sky?! I’m home!” Tim yelled through the door, carrying a box of doughnuts and flowers. I was sitting on the couch, waiting for my red and blue dye to set into my hair. “I’m in here, Tim.”
He came into the living room and kissed me. “How’re you feeling?”
I said suddenly “Ifeelfinewhy?!”
Tim looked at me with a confused look on his face. He pressed the back of his hand to my forehead. “Are you feeling okay? You’re acting really weird.”
I sighed, yanked his hand down so he was sitting beside me. “Oh Timmy. I’m pregnant.”
Tim dropped the doughnuts and jumped up and down. “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” He ran circuts around our living room, pumping his fists in the air. I smiled, leaned back, and rubbed my stomach gently. “Don’t worry buddy. He’ll be a good dad.”

--------------------------------------------------------------6 ½ months later---------------------
I walked into the BAU, with Gibbs, Tim and Tony. Ziva was on sick leave, and we were working a joint case with Miranda’s team. Miranda smiled, and her husband, Aaron, smiled too.
He shook hands with Gibbs, and hugged me. Right when he pulled away, I felt a horrible stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. I gasped, and held onto my stomach, Miranda and Aaron already have 3 kids, so Aaron ran to start the car and Miranda helped me back onto my feet.
Meanwhile, Tim was pretty much having a panic attack. He looked back and forth from me to Gibbs to me again, I got agitated and yelled at him “FOR GODS SAKE HELP ME OUT THE GODDAMN DOOR!” Tim snapped out of it, and looped his arm around mine, and together we hobbled out of the building and to the hospital.

19 hours later, the nurse came back in, holding a little blue bundle. I smiled, Tim and I had agreed that I would name him and Tim could pick the middle name.
The nurse laid him down in my arms, and I looked at him closely. He had Tim’s chubby chin, my black hair and Tim’s green eyes. Tim smiled, and asked, “what’s his name?”
I stroked his chubby little cheek. “Zack.”
Tim smiled .”Zack Techno McGee.”
I whipped my head up. “Are you serious?! That sounds horrible!” Tim smiled. “Not as bad as Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”
The hallways seem to get more quiet and Tim stopped smiling. “………. He’s right behind me isn’t he?”


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