Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


30. Spencer Reid 8

~My sister Penelope swerved in and out of traffic, yacking to Derek Morgan on the phone. “Yes. Yes I know. Yes, I’m sure Miranda will say yes.” Penelope promptly stomped on the breaks, and yelled “Road Hog!” I sighed, and tightened my grip on the holy crap handle.
“What is he asking?”
Penelope covered the phone with her neck. “Derek wants a raise. Miranda’s our Chief Of Department.”
“Miranda Hotchner? And your other boss is Aaron Hotchner? Are they related?”
“No, there married.”
I rolled my eyes. “Oh dear god in heaven. So both my bosses are Agent Hotchner?”
Penelope looked at me sideways. “Melinda? Would you just shut up? You’re making me nauseous.”
“Glad to know our feelings for eachother are mutual” I said playfully, and she promptly slapped me over the head. “Okay bucko. Get out! Enjoy your first day!” Garcia burned around the corner to the back enterance, which was closer to her office.
“I HATE YOU!” I yelled, and I heard a rather squeaky voice behind me ask “I’m sorry? Have we met?” I turned around, and a rather stockish young man, with unruly brown hair and big brown eyes questioned, and I shook my head.
“No, pardon me. I was yelling at my sister, Penelope.”

⦁ “No, I mean you’re sister’s Garcia?”
“I am Garcia.”
He promptly slapped the palm of his hand against his forehead. He shook his head. “let me try this again. I’m Spencer Reid. And you are….?”
“Melinda Garcia. But you can call me Garcia.”
“Can I just call you Mel? We’ve now got way too many Garcias.”
“Sure, go for it.”
He smiled at me gently, and from then on we became best friends. Six months later, we were dating, and a year and a half later we were married.

2 years later------------
I wandered around the corner, with my ceasar salad for a snack, and walked into the command centre, and placed the ceasar salad infront of myself, and was just about to tuck in, when the salad was swiped from my vision. “Hey!” I yelled, and was about to yell some more, when I turned around and found my boss, with her long black and purple hair and her slightly extended abdomen looking down at me.
“Don’t eat yet. Spencer called, he said he won’t be home in time for your…..movie? But he’ll meet you at Le Petit Bistro at 7 pm.”
“Thank you ma’am!” I yelled at her back, and she turned on her heel. “You know I hate being called ma’am.” “Yes ma’am…I mean no ma’am.. I mean!”
Miranda sighed and sat down on the seat beside me. “Listen, Melinda. I know you’re pregnant.” I opened my mouth to protest, and she held up her hand, telling me to shut up.
“You’d better tell him sooner rather than later. It’s a lot easier in the long run. You’ve already hit the flustering stage, and after that you’re going to start having temper tantrums.” Miranda got up without another word, and I was left sitting there by myself, toying with the positive pregnancy test in my pocket.

-Le petit bistro at 7 pm-----
I sat, bouncing my knee nervously ,and watched as Spencer zipped up his fly and sat back down. “what did I miss love?”
“Well, the waitress came with a whole bunch of soup choices, so I got you this one.” I handed him the soup bowl, with the napkin overtop. He took the napkin off, and his eyes bulged out, when he was looking at the positive pregnancy test in his soup bowl.
“Is this yours?” He asked me, and I couldn’t help myself, I laughed.
He eventually cracked a smile, and started giggling too. Eventually the two of us were laughing with each other, clinging to each other, and he was holding my neck in his hands. “I love you, Mel.” He told me with tears in his eyes, and I smiled.
-----9 months later-----
I sat, sighing with my feet up on Spencer’s lap. He was trying to keep a pleasant face while he was rubbing my feet furiously.
“Are you sure there supposed to be this swollen?” “Yes, I’m sure Spencer.”
I felt my stomach drop, and sighed. Maybe this was just false contractions. I felt my uterus contract, and my stomach started to cramp, and pain shot up my spine.
“Shit!” I screamed, and Spencer jumped up, running around in circles like a little chicken.

7 hours later, I tried to hold my squiggling baby girl without dropping her, and I laughed everytime. “Spencer, what happens if I drop her?”
He kissed me on the forehead. “You wont, sweetheart. You’re an amazing person, and I love you so much. You’re a great mother.”
Penelope motioned that she wanted to hold the baby, and Phoebe slipped out of her hands and onto the bed.
“Her, I make no promises.”


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