Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


29. Spencer Reid 7

~My sister walked me to the conference room, and I pushed back nervously against her hands.
“Please don’t make me do this, I’m scared.” I told Penelope, and she sighed. “This is your new job. You need to get used to it.” I shook with fear, and Penelope laughed. “I heard that The Hotchner’s are terrifying.”
Penelope tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Miranda and Aaron? There not so bad once you get used to her.”
“Her?” I questioned.
“Miranda’s the worst of the two. She’s an ex mossad agent.”
My eyes widened. “Mossad? You mean like the Israeli bombing agency?” I heard a gun cock behind me, and I whirled around, my red hair getting caught in my mouth.
“Yeah, That agency. I’m also a trained assassin.” Miranda passed by me, and my sister’s eyes widened.
“I forgot to tell you, rule number one of survival, don’t piss off Miranda.”
“I’ll remember that next time.” I snorted, and entered the room, and Miranda was talking to a young man, her arm around an older man’s waist. The older man looked at me and inclined his head slightly. The younger boy smiled in my direction and stalked over and held out his hand. “Hi! You must be Alison! I’m Spencer.” I smiled, and shook his hand.
Penelope cleared her throat and went clockwise around the room and introduced everyone. “Everyone, this is my sister, Alison. Alison this is, Derek, JJ, Prentiss, Hotch, Spencer and Rossi. And well, you’ve already met Miranda.”
Miranda nodded coldly and I ducked behind Spencer, who was laughing.
For every day for two years, Spencer stuck up for me everytime I made a newbee mistake around Miranda. Eventually, to thank him, I gave him a kiss.
And the very few times we slept together, it was to make me feel better after having a rough day at the office. Eventually, Miranda and Aaron warmed up to me. Miranda less than Aaron.

Two years later, I was headed up the stairs to the conference room, where Spencer had paged us to tell us that he had finally figured out the pattern in which the serial killer was attacking, and he could predict the killer’s next victim.
I was taking the steps slowly, I was feeling very nauseous. My head started spinning, and I felt someone catch my elbow.
“Need help, baby girl?” Derek questioned, and I smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I think. I’m just not feeling so good.” Derek raised his eyebrow, and whispered to me “Is there any chance that you could be pregnant?”
My eyes widened. “Uhm, yeah maybe? Why?” Derek smiled. “I’ve seen Miranda be pregnant 3 times. I know the signs when I see them. Pregnancy is easy to detect.”
“Who’s pregnant?” JJ asked, and Derek smiled. “Alison.” JJ smiled, “Aweh congratulations, are you getting the pickle cravings and the heartburn?”
I noticed that the burning sensation in my lungs was there, and now that she mentioned it, I did want pickles.
“Oh my god I AM pregnant.”
JJ smiled. “Are you going to tell him?”
“I don’t know. What if he thinks that I’m ruining his life?”
“Why in earth would he think that, baby girl?” Derek smiled, and rubbed my cheek bone with his thumb. “He loves you.”
I nodded, and clambered up the rest of the stairs, and watched my boyfriend babble on, his fingers moving furiously on the board, his mouth moving a mile a minute. I came into the room, and Spencer spared a small smile in my direction, and continued to talk.
Miranda finally slammed her fist down. “Okay, okay. Let’s just go get them. Aaron and I will take the squad car, Alison and Derek, you ride in the back.” Derek and JJ started to talk, but I held up my hand. “Fine.”
An hour later, We were at a house, and we heard a scream from inside. Miranda pulled out her glock, and her knife, and headed for the door, before she held the door shut and motioned for me to roll down the window.
“You, you’re staying in the car.”
“what?! Why?”
Miranda raised an eyebrow, I may not like you very much. At all, really. But I don’t want you getting yourself shot while your pregnant.”
As if on queue,a gun fired, and it smashed the window we were talking through. I screamed, and Miranda turned on her heel and threw the knife directly at the window, where it punctured the forehead of the man with the sniper rifle, and I hear Aaron scream “You got him, honey!”
I was still shaking, and Miranda leaned in the window. “Still think that being a trained assassin is a bad thing?” She questioned, and I smiled. “I guess not.”

An hour later, we came into the board room, and Spencer ran for me, full tilt and kissed me. “Oh God, I heard what happened. Are you alright?”
“Thanks to Miranda I am.”
JJ was smiling, and finally stomped her foot. “Well, are you going to tell him or what?” “Tell me what, Alison?”
I gulped and said “I’m pregnant, Spencer.”
Spencer’s mouth dropped open, then he started freaking out “Oh my God! You’re pregnant, and you went on that take down? Are you insane? What happened if you were shot?”
Miranda clapped her hand over his mouth from behind. “Shut up, Geek. I made her stay in the car.”
I nodded, and Spencer swallowed thickly. “Oh my god, I’m going to be a dad!” He yelled, throwing his hands up in the air.
Derek smiled, and turned to Miranda. “After four kids, does Aaron still do that?”
“Every time.”

----------8 months later---------
I sat in the tech room with my sister, laughing at Derek trying to do the moonwalk in the cramped room, because he knew how cranky I was.
Miranda caught him, and smacked him the back of the head. “She’s pregnant, not deranged.”
I started laughing furiously, then I felt a tear in my abdomen, and I started screaming in pain.
Miranda’s eyes widened, and she scooped me up, running for the Escalade.

8 hours later, I had given birth to our baby girl Ella Penelope Reid. Spencer was hovered over me, smiling.
“She’s beautiful.”
Miranda came in with a little box of baby clothes, and Jack trailing behind her. “Come on, Jackie. Lookit, it’s a baby!” Jack smiled, his two front teeth smiling at me.
Miranda opened the box, to show a cute little shirt that said “Ninja in training” I burst out laughing, and Ella looked up at me with a confused look on her face.
Spencer smiled, and put the little t-shirt on her, and Jackie screamed “Goodie!” and he handed her his little toy gun from his Marine figurine.
Spencer almost took it away, and I stopped him. “Now, now, Spencer. Being a trained assassin isn’t a bad thing.”

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