Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


26. Spencer Reid 6

~My sister-in-law, and my big brother, sat in his cozy office, Aaron glaring at me like he always did when he wasn’t sure about my decisions.
“Annabell, are you sure that you really want to be a part of this team? I mean, it’s a ton of work, and I know that you always had troubles committing to things…” Miranda, his wife, patted his hand lovingly. “Aaron, you’ve been interrogating her like this for two hours, and she hasn’t broken down. She wants in, so let her in. I just got promoted, and we need to fill in my spot.”
Miranda Gideon, (now Hotchner) was one of the best profilers the team had. When her father quit, she took his spot as 2nd in command. Now, she had been promoted again to head of the B.A.U, replacing Strauss.
Aaron nodded, and handed me my brand new shiny Badge and gun. I took it, with stars in my eyes. He chuckled and said to me, “It’s 9:45, we have a briefing at 10 o’clock.” Miranda’s phone rang. “Gid-er… Hotchner?”
She nodded a few times, and said “yeah, I’ll send them in J.j.”
She nodded at us both, “We’ve got another case, I have to head to my office, good luck.”

About an hour later, we were sitting on a jet plane on our way to Montana, to track a serial killer who was cutting off women’s head and sticking them on cactus’s. I was sitting beside Spencer Reid, who all in all, had my eye from the second I laid eyes on him. He was reading a book just as fast as I could, and I realized he was reading Narnia.
“I love C.S Lewis!” I squealed at him, and he smiled. “Me too ! What’s your favourite one?” “Prince Caspian!” “Me too!” Aaron chuckled at our common interests, and we were inseparable from then on.

A year later, Spencer and I were waddling into the office, 2 hours early. “I hate safety briefings.” Spencer nodded. “me too, Bell, me too.” He held my hand, and I rested my head against his shoulder softly. Yes, I loved him. Yes, he loved me too. But we were both too shy to ask each other out. After what felt like forever, he placed gentle kisses down my neck, and I moaned softly and closed my eyes. We were FINALLY making progress…..

Two weeks later, I had never felt so sick. I sat in the Tech room with J.J and Garcia, with the trash bin between my legs. The ‘walking terror’ aka super pregnant Miranda Hotchner, walked into the tech room, rubbing her 6 month-pregnant stomach. “what do you ha…..Annabell? What’s wrong with you?” I grunted, and hurled into the bin yet again.
Garcia raised her eyebrows at me. “are you sure your not pregnant, Anna?” I slapped her on the arm. “NO. I’m not pregnant.”
Miranda laughed. “come on, Aaron walked in on you two. You should’ve used MY office and not his. Did Spence use a condom?”
I opened my mouth to say yes…..but then I realized something. “No…. No he didn’t…” J.J whooped and said “oh giiirl! Your preee-gnant, your –preeee-gnant!” I shushed them, and then Spencer and Aaron walked in. “Who’s pregnant?” Spencer asked, adjusting his shirt. I paused. Oh shit. Now what am I supposed to do?
“Me!” Miranda said, laughing awkwardly, and Aaron smiled slightly. “Your hiding something, Anna. What’s up?”
I gulped, and whispered “I am too.”
Aaron’s face froze with horror. “Oh my GOD. I watched my niece or nephew being conceived. Oh my GOD!” Aaron buried his face into Miranda’s shoulder, and she patted his head softly. Spencer smiled at me. “Is it true?” I smiled and nodded, and he whooped with delight. He ran out the door to the office space and yelled “IM GOING TO BE A DADDD!”
I laughed, and so did Miranda. Aaron was still frozen with shock. “oh godddddd…”

------8 months later---------------
Jack, Samantha (Miranda and Aaron’s new born) Spencer and I sat in the surgery room, while doctor’s smeared goo-ey gel on my stomach. I was having a c-section, and Spencer huddled over me lovingly. “It’ll be fine, Anna. I promise.”

4 hours later, I held my little squirming baby girl Emily Ann Reid. Uncle Aaron, Auntie Miranda, and cousin Jack and cousin Sammy beamed down on her. She was all pink, with a tiny bit of fuzzy hair on the top of her head. “She looks like a Peach!” Jack exclaimed, and Miranda roared with laughter.
“Peachy.” I murmured, before kissing her on the forehead.


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