Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


18. Spencer Reid 4

~“Garcia, Keirra, I need you both to run background checks on _________ _________ and _________ ________.” Aaron Hotchner was leaning over my shoulder, trying to peer at the screen. Garcia smiled. “Hotch, you really need glasses.” He squinted back at her. “Yes, yes I do.”
Spencer Reid walked in and smiled at me. “Hey Keirra. I guess you and I will have to take a raincheck on coffee. We’re going to Texas.” I smiled back at him, “Yeah. Guess so. See you later. Be safe.” He kissed the top of my head. “I always am.”
He and Hotch walked out the door, and Garcia smiled at me.
“you know, That would’ve been the perfect time to have told him.”
I smiled weakly. “Yeah, I’m just not ready I guess.” Garcia smiled at me again and then pushed over my cup of coffee. “No liquids by my babies.” I smiled. Babies. Too bad I was only having one. I love kids and so does Spencer. I don’t know if the two of us are ready for a child though. I guess we’ll find out.

Spencer came back from the case with a boquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. “Happy Anniversary Kierra.” He kissed me on my lips and Garcia smiled.
“Aweh you two are gonna be the best parents.”
Spencer froze.
He slowly pulled away and Garcia had her hand over her mouth. “Oh my god Kierra, I’m so so so sorry!” Spencer was blinking slowly. “Are you pregnant?”
I smiled and stroked the side of his face. “Yes. Are you happy honey?”
He beamed at me. “Yes! Of course!” He yanked open the door and yelled down the hallway “I’m gonna be a daddy!” I heard a round of whoops and cheers and looked down at my stomach.
“You are going to be one spoiled rotten baby.”

-------------------------- 8 ½ months later----------------------
I have been extremely grumpy lately. I was due in another 3 weeks, and I was sitting with a bowl of carrots and celery when my water broke.
“Uhm, Penny?” Garcia looked up from her computer screen. “You okay there sweetpea?”
I grimaced. “No.”
Garcia walked me out to the conference room. “Guys, It’s time.”
Spencer put down his sandwich and put his hand on my belly. “Slow down little fella, we’ll see you soon enough.”


After 14 hours of painful labour, I managed to push out a little boy. I felt like I was on fire. Miranda and Garcia came in carrying “It’s a boy!” balloon’s and cute little stuffed animals. Emily brought a little tuxedo and J.J bought him a little leather jacket to match Henry’s. Spencer smiled at everyone.
“Thank you so much guys. This really means a lot to us.”
Spencer scooped up our boy and started to pass him around. I was exhausted. I leaned up against the pillow and Spencer stroked my hair. “You did great Kierra.” I smiled at him, “So did you.”
Garcia was holding him and he was squirming a lot. “Any idea on names?”
“Tyler Alexander” we both said at the exact same time.
Hotch smiled. “Tyler Alexander Reid, are you going to go to Yale or Harvard?”
I said “Yale” and Spencer said “Harvard” at the exact same time. Tyler looked at Hotch in confusion.
Miranda sighed. “Well, this WILL be one spoiled rotten kid.”


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