Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


4. Spencer Reid 2

~I stood at the coffee counter with Derek. "So have you two talked about kids yet?"He asked. "Not really.....I will when I feel we're both ready."I said. "It's been 3 years Aly. I think you two should go to the next level."He said. "I do too...I'm just not so sure he wants too."I sighed. "Well tomarrow is Halloween maybe you two can get some lovin."He said. "Maybe."I said. I felt arms around my waist. I turned around and scretched. The guy removed the clear mask to reveal my lover Spencer Reid. I punched his shoulder. "Damn it. Spencer what did I tell you about doing that to me."I yelled. My heart was beating really fast. He set the mask down and looked at me. I pushed past him and went into the girl'sbathroom. I wiped my eyes and tried to stop from breaking down. I heard the door open and I saw Garcia. ":Everyone saw what happened and we wanted to be sure you were okay."She said. "It just freaked me out okay."I said. "Still haven't told him?"She said. "No I didn't."I said. "When are you gonna do it?"She asked. "When this case is over."I said.
After the case ended I sat on the bed waiting for Spence to get out of the shower. I heard the bedroom door shut and Spence came into view drying his short hair with a towel. "Hey can we talk for a minute?"I asked. He noiddded and sat next to me. I took his hand. "Are you dumping me?"H asked. "No baby I'd never do that."I said. He sighed. "You know when I yelled at you on monday?"I asked. He nodded. "That mask it triggered a nerve becasue when I was 14 my parents were killed on halloween by a masked killer."I said. "Aly if I would've known."He said. "It's okay......."I said. "Did they ever find the killer?"he asked. "Nope."I said. "I'm so sorry."He said. "I'm changing this to a good subject."I said. He smiled at me. "What do you think of a baby?"I asked. His face tensed a bit. I gulped. He then smiled. "That would be perfect."He said. I smield. I kissed him. He leaned back and we fell onto the bed. I climed on top of him and started undressing.
"You seem so happy today."Morgan said. "Yep."I smiled. I felt a kiss on my cheek. I brightly smiled at Spencer. We didn't really get to talk much after we had sex But I could tell he was happy with it. "Did you two have...?"Moegan started to ask. I nodded. Morgan smiled. He patted Spencer on the shoulder. "My man."He said and walked off. I felt something in my stomache churn when I tasted my coffee. I ran to the trash can and puked. I felt someone pull my hair back.
I sat in one of the chairs in the conference room and held onto my big tummy. I saw Morgan smile. "How is Mini Reid?"he asked. "that's not her name."I said. "Then what is it?"He asked. "Alyssa Cary Reid."I said. "Don't make fun of the name Morgan."Spencer said. I smiled as he kissed my lips.
I held my baby in my arms as I heard the team come into the conference room. Spencer was first. "What are you doing here?"he asked. "I wanted to brighten up the ro with Alyssa."I said. She made a noise and Spencer came over to her. He smiled at her. Her blue eyes looked at her daddy. "Hey baby Alyssa."He said softly. She smiled at him. I smiled too. "Hey Aly.'Hotch said. I saw the team come in and they all shuffled over. I saw Hotch walk up. "May I hold her?"He asked. I smiled. "Of course."I said.

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