Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


3. Spencer Reid 1

~INFO- My name is Ashley Nichols. Im 25 years old. I went to colledge in Santa Montica, California. I got a 3.5 GPA in criminal justice. I was 22 years old when I joined the BAU.
I'm 22 years old and I'm starting my job at the BAU. I walked into the BAU and let me tell you I was physced. I had a big smile as I walked up to a very muscular black male. "Um/....excuse me but could you show me where I can find an Aaron Hotchner?"I asked. The guy looked at me up and down and smiled. "Of course."He said. I followed him as we walked past several of desks. He knocked on the door. I heard a soft comme in. "Hotch there is someone here for you."the guy said and left. I walked into the office. It was neat and nothing seemed to be out of place. Maybe he was a little uptight. "I'm Ashley Nichols. The new agent."I said. "Ahh yes nice to meet you agent Nichols."He said and shook my hand. "Ummm...We just got a new case so welcome to the job. When we get to the conference room I'll introduce you to the team."He said. I nodded and followed him. We walked into a room and people turned and looked at me. One of the people caught my eye. He was tall,skinny,and had curly brown hair. He was different then the others. They had been talking to eachother when we came in but he was alone. Hmm....I don't know how you could ignore that face.
"Ummm..this is AgentAshley Nichols.She isjoining our team."Agent Hotchner said. I smiled and waved. "I'm Derek Morgan."The guy from before said. I smiled and shook his strong hand. "I'm J.J"A blonde said. I smiled. "And this isEmily Prentiss and Penelope Garcia>"Hotchner siad pointing to a blonde and a women with dark hair. "I'm David Rossi."An older man said. "Yeah. Your books are fantastic by the way."I said. He said thanks and I turned toward the guy I had my eyes on. "Im.....ugh...I'm Dr.Ummmmmm.....Spencer Reid."He studdered out quickly. I smiled and shook his hand.
It's been a year since I joined the BAU. I've became good friends with J.J and Spence. Hotch was still uptight But I was used to it.
I was sitting at my desk as J.j walked up. "We are all going out for drinks you wanna come?"She asked. "Sure."I smiled.
Once at thebar I walked right up and ordered a rum and coke. "Hey sweet stuff my shift ends in 10 minutes. Do you wanna show me how to have a good time?"The bartender asked. "Not interested."I said. I saw Spencer who was next to me laughed and kissed my cheek. "There you are babe I've been looking for you."He said. I bit my lip and looked back at the bartender."Him?"He laughed. "He happens to be in the F.B.I and so does Moi."I said showing him my badge. He huffed and walked away. "Thanks for that."I said. "Any time."He said. "Hey....I'm kinda creeped out now and I was hoping you could drive me home."I said. "Um..sure."He said. I smiled.
When at home he walked me to my door. I smiled. "Do you wanna come inside and maybe have our own kinda fun?"Iaskedpressing my body to his. He nodded. (Andyou know what happens after that and if you dont lets just say that the people in the appartment under hers complained alot that night.)
I was pacing around my room and Garciaand J.J were sitting on the bed. "How long is three minutes?"I asked. "It's fine calm down>"J.J said. "I can't be pregnant. I just can't."I said. "Did Spence use a condom?"Garcia said. I opened my mouth. "No. Itwas un-expected though."I said. I bit my lip when I heard the timer go off. "Go on Ashley."J.J said. I walked into the bathroom and looked at the small white stick. I saw the two lines. My face was shocked as I walked out to them. "Guys...I'm pregnant."I said.
That day when I had to go in for a case I told Hotch and I stayed in the tech room with Garcia. The team was flying in after the case and I sighed and rubbed my belly. "When are you gonna tell him?"She asked. "I don't know."I said. "Well you have to."She said. "Have to what?"Spence asked and kissed my forehead. I stood up and put his hand on my belly. He gave me a weird look. "I'm preganant."I said lightly. He smiled and spun me around. He kissed me and ran into the office spaces with his arms up. "I'm GONNA BE A DAD! HELL YEAH!"He yelled.
I was sitting in the conference room as I fekt a cramp in my stomache. I grabbed my tummy and winced. "U okay?"Spence asked. "Nope."I said. I then felt somethong drip down my leg. "I think my water just broke."I said.
After 15 hours of painful laybor I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Diana Garica Reid.( Diana is his mom). I held my baby girl in my arms. Not even a day old and her eyes were a dark drown and she had fuzzy brown hair on her head.
Diana was now two and totally a daddy's girl. She looked like him and everythiong. Me and Spencer were married now and we had another baby on the way.

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