Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


38. Robert Downey Jr

Lynn, Robert and Jude had been friends since childhood and Lynn has kept a secret from Robert for quite sometime. But only Jude knows what it is.
(Lynn's POV)
As i worked on assembling my harness, since i was about to jump from a building for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, i noticed Robert looking a little down. I walked over to him.
"Something wrong?" He looked up at me. "No, nothing at all. Thanks though." I walked away with a brow raised.
'He doesn't usually act so... Blunt.' I thought to myself. I looked up and saw Jude.
"Hey, Jude. Is something wrong with Robert?"
"Not that i know of... Did you tell him?"
"N-no. Not yet."
"Lynn, we need you on set." The stunt director said.
"alright." I sighed and walked to the set.
(An hour later)
A bell rang, indicating that the day was done with.
"I'm going home." I said to Robert and Jude and they nodded. "Bye." I got in my car and noticed a rose on the dashboard.
"Who's been in my car?" I asked myself, a little creeped out. "Okay then." I started the car and pulled out of the drive-way
(The next day)
Today was a day off from making the movie and i sat in the park reading a book and drinking my morning coffee.
"Already on another book, huh?" I looked up and saw Robert.
"Hey. How are you?"
"Good. You?"
"Good... Robert... Is something wrong?" He looked at his shoes then sat beside me.
"Actually... I do need to get something off my chest."
"Are you sick?" He shook his head.
"Did something bad happen?" He shook his head again.
"Then what is it?" I looked at him confused. Robert took a deep breath.
"Lynn... I really don't know how to say this but if i keep it in any longer, I'm gonna explode."
"There is something i really need to say too."
"You first, Lynn."
"N-no, You go."
"Ladies first." I sighed. "I..." I started to blush, my heart rate began to go up. 'What if he doesn't feel the same? How am i supposed to look him in the eye then?' I asked myself.
"I love you!" Robert looked at me with wide eyes. Tears swelled in mine.
"I guess i don't have to come clean now." I looked up at him a little confused.
"You see? I love you too."
"Really?" He nodded and i smiled.
"Wait... was that you who put the rose in my car?" Robert smiled and nodded. "Sorry if that was a little weird."
"No... Thank you." Robert scooted a little closer and kissed me long and passionately.
(7 months later)
"No way!" I stared at four different pregnancy tests. "What?! How?! When?! Where?! Why?!"
"You forgot Who." Jude said over the phone.
"J-Jude! What's he going to say?"
"He'll probably be happy."
"How do you know?"
"Hmm... I'm his friend... I'm a guy... I have kids... I was happy"
"Oh... right. Sorry. But still." I looked around to make sure Robert wasn't in the house.
"How long?" Jude asked.
"How long have you been pregnant?"
"Only a month."
"Well, Lynn... Go tell him."
"Wait... now?"
"Yes." Jude said and hung up.
"Jude?!" I sighed and placed the phone back on the receiver and sat on the king size bed and fell asleep.
(3 hours later)
"Lynn... Lynn." I slowly opened my eyes to see Robert.
"Hi." I said quietly.
"Hey... Jude said you had something to tell me?" I sat up and looked Robert straight in the face.
"I'm... I'm pregnant." He looked at me kind of dumbfounded.
"No joke?"
"No joke."
"Is it mine?"
"Okay, okay." Robert looked down at the floor then suddenly picked me up and spun me around.
"This is great! Amazing! Spectacular!" I laughed and he put me down and kissed me.
"How long?"
"Jude asked the exact same thing. One month." Robert sighed.
"Eight more months."
(Eight months and one week later)
I finally gave birth two twins. A girl and a boy. We named them Rani and Axel.
Robert was very fond of them and would have spoiled them if it wasn't for me. When Axel was a teenager, Robert wouldn't let any boy near her. And then we had another set of twins. Rift and Rin. Rift was Robert's little girl. And Rani was Robert's buddy and Rin was his little man.
We lived a great life. Rani became a famous actor. Axel a singer. Rift was a veterinarian and Rin became one of the best doctors in the U.S.
Axel (Meaning: The meaning is unknown) Age: 15
Rani (Meaning: Queen) Age: 15
Axel: (Meaning: Father of peace) Age: 3
Rin (Meaning: Cold) age: 3

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