Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


33. Oliver "Oli" Sykes

You sung alongin unison with Oliver Sykes as the last song played for the night. This was the greatest night to you. Going to London, having a front row seat at a Bring Me The Horizon concert, having a backstage pass, it couldn't get better. You quickly made your way backstage and found out that you wasn't the only one who had a backstage pass."Oli!!!!", a bunch of fangirls screamed. "Fangirls.", you thought to yourself in annoyance. There was a long line and you thought it would never move for girls crying and kept asking Oliver to marry them. The last girl was in front of you, and said bye to Oliver and gave him a hug. "Sorry ma'am, but autograph signing has end.", a guard said as he got between you and Oliver. "I'm not here for an autograph. I'm here because I have a backstage pass.", you said as you showed him your pass. "Hey Jim let her talk to me. She have been waiting in that line for more then two hours.", Oliver said holding his hand out to you. You took his hand and followed closely behind him. "Hope you don't mind going to dinnner with me.", he asked you as he open his car door. "I don't mind.", you said in a high whisper. "So what's your name?", he asked as he pulled out of the parking lot. "____.", you said smiling. "Well I guess you already know my name.", Oliver said as he turn a curve. "Yeah I do.", you said still smiling. "So you're American right?", he asked keeping his eyes on the road. "Yeah and proud to be.", you said. "Nice to know.",Oliver said as he made a stop. "So why you didn't just sign my tee shirt or something?", you asked as the both of you got out of the car. "I knew there was something special about you, and I wanted to find out what it was.", Oliver said as he opened the door to the building allowing you to go in before him. You said nothing as you blushed a million shades of red, and just thought to yourself that this was really the greatest night of your life.

So you and Oliver have been going out for a year now, and the both of you was a perfect match. You couldn't get any happier. Today was your birthday and Oliver was no where to be found. He didn't even answer his phone. Since this never happen you decided to pay him a visit. As you made your way up the stairs thoughts came to you about why Oliver was avioding you today. Soon you found yourself at the door opening it. "Hello.", you said as you stepped in the house. No answer. "Hello.", you called again. Still no answer. You decided finally to give up and sat down on the couch. "Surprise!!!", people yelled from all around the room. You was so surprised that you nearly fell off of the couch. "Hey babe did I scare you?", Oliver asked as he came over to you. "No I was just going to go when you all screamed surprise.", you said getting off of the couch. "Well happy birthday____.", Oliver said as he pulled you in for a kiss. You blushed as Oliver started kissing you more. "Hey_____ wanna dance?', someone asked you. "Yeah sure.", you said breaking your kiss with Oliver. The party went great. You got alot of gifts too. So all the guests was gone and only you and Oliver remained at the house. "Hey Oliver you didn't give me nothing for my birthday.", you said as you picked a cup off of the floor. "I going to give you your gift just wait.", Oliver said as he walked out of the room. Weird you thougt as you followed behind Oliver. Oliver let you follow him as he went in his room. "Oliver when i'm gonig to get my present?", you asked as you walked closely behind him. "Right now.",Oliver said as he started kissing you. "Oli", you mange to say as he start putting you down on the bed. "You wanted your birthday gift, so i'm gonig to give it to you.",Oliver said as he got on top of you. Let's just say that things got steamy that night.

"I didn't want my birthday gift to be a baby.", you said as you got in your car. Suddenly your phone begin to ring. It was Oliver. "Hey.", you said as you put as you put your phone to your ear. "Hey___ I just wanted to know do you want to come over to my house today, and maybe chill or something?", Oliver asked in his regular cool voice. "Yeah sure I was on my way there anyway.", you said as you hung your phone up. When you pulled into Oliver driveway he was already there waiting for you.This wasn't a surprise to you. Everytime he asked you to come over he will wait outside for you to come. "Hey Oliver.", you said as the both of you walked in the house. The both of you just sat on the couch and watched your favorite tv show untill Oliver broke the slience. "So ____ what you wanna do?", he asked moving closer to you on the couch. "Not what you are thinking.", yuo said not taking your eyes off of the tv. "Hum so what do you wanna do?", he asked looking at you this time. "Talk.", you said as you looked at him. "Okay start.", Oliver said "What if I was pregnant Oliver?', you asked him with a curious face. "I will be really happy because I will be the father of your child.", he said with a smile on his face. "That's good to know.", you said plainly. "Why are you pregnant?", Oliver asked looking at you with concern. "Maybe.", you said taking your eyes off of Oliver. "Are you____?", Oliver asked with concern in his voice. "Yes.", you said looking back at him again. "Great I can't wait to tell everyone.", he said as he jumped off of the couch and running to the phone. 9 months later you and Oliver was clothes shopping for the baby when a thrusting pain went through you. "I think the blue look better what you think _____?", Oliver asked as he looked closely at a baby toy. "Aaaaah", you screamed in pain. "_____ are you okay?", Oliver asked going over to you. "The baby's coming.", you manged to say. 20 minutes later you found yourself in a hospital bed screaming as you give birth to a new life. "Ms.____ you have a new baby boy.", the nurse said handing you your baby. "I think I name him_____.", you said lookin at Oliver. Oliver nodded in agreement and took the baby away from you. "I think this is the beginning of a new family.", you said as you layed back in your bed smiling at your family.

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